(Closed) Why does everyone ask me if my husband & I argue?

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Sugar bee
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Haha people are weird. I don’t know why FB should be an indication of whether you fight or not. Maybe your friend is used to seeing updates from the types of girls who air all of their dirty laundry on social media for attention.

Like you, yes sometimes we fight. Do I post it online for all of my friends and family to see? Hell no. Haha

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Busy Beekeeper
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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: I just lol’ed at the thought of having a camera when we argue hihihi, that would make for some funny pictures as being Portuguese we are loud and move our arms alot lol

Fiance and I always get that, people see us play around all the time and they don’t think we argue. We have never had a huge fight but we do bicker back and forth. We can’t fight to be honest we have tried and we just look at each other and smile and laugh lol

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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: Totally agree. When SO and I are in an argument my first thought is NOT to post on facebook. I dont understand when people do that. When the argument is over, that post will still be there. (Unless its deleted, which most people dont do) lol

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Busy bee
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I agree with not posting about and documenting agruements on facebook. I never post when me and my SO fight, that would be weird I think. I remember back when I first got on facebook a friend asked if me and my SO had broken up because he was not in my profile picture. I thought that was a pretty dumb assumption, he doesn’t have to be in all my pictures. He currently isn’t, in fact I think another guy friend might be but me and my SO are fine. Facebook makes people cray cray

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Sugar bee
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@newenglandgirl: Lol, I’ve gotten that too- when we both change our profile pictures we’ve been asked if we broke up. Um, no I just got bored of my last picture, lol.

@Mrs. Estep: I’ve noticed that a lot of couples go to FB with their relationship problems before even mentioning it to their SO- their SO has to comment on their FB status, “What’s wrong? What did I do?” These are also the couples that tend not to last, at least from what I’ve seen.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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That is really odd, that someone would actually ask you that

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Bumble bee
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I actually hate seeing people “fight” on facebook. I have a friend who ALWAYS posts things like “well I guess SOMEONE won’t be the first person to wish me happy birthday this year. Thanks to those of you who texted me tonight before bed. No point in waiting up for SOMEONE to call if he won’t be the first!!!!”…..and this was the night before her birthday so basically she was penalizing him for waiting for her ACTUAL bday!!! And did it in a way so a whooole lot of people knew about it.  Passive aggressive much?

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Bee Keeper
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@Sweet.Sugar.Rose: Ugh, I know the feeling.  I have had some snide little comments about how we seem SO happy.  It is annoying, yet funny – like yes, we are that happy.  Everyone bickers sometimes, but not having big blowout fights (and moreover, having the tact not to post about disagreements) is definitely not a bad thing .  I think a lot of these weird type of comments stem from people trying to make themselves feel better about their own crap. 

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Sugar Beekeeper

The very nerve of you to not air your dirty laundry to the cyberspace public!!!

My Fiance and I bicker, like sarcastic back and forth, but rarely full out argue. We are just that sort of people. We tease, we push but don’t explode.

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Buzzing bee
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LOL, people are ridiculous sometimes.  I don’t like it when people post their life story on FB for all the world to see…why do any of us need to know any of that?  FI and I bicker.  Constantly.  It’s funny, we laugh, and I’m sure people think we’re serious but we’re not.  We have gotten into ‘spats’ a few times, but nothing major, where we don’t speak for days or scream at each other or anything.  Even if we did fight all the time, I wouldn’t put it on FB.  If I need to vent, I text one of my friends or he’ll do the same. I never try to make our life out to be perfect either, but some things are not meant for the world to know.  

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