(Closed) WHY does he want to do that?? (A bit TMI)

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Busy bee
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@LadyBlackheart:  I love popping pimples. It is a disgusting habit but I can’t help it. 🙁

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Helper bee
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My H loves popping pimples as well, he always pops his and is always wanting to pop mine when I get them, hes pretty good at it so I let him sometimes haha.

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Buzzing bee
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@LadyBlackheart:  I can say Darling Husband and I never chased each other around trying to pop one another’s pimples. However, I have chased him down to pluck this one errant hair that grows on his cheek. It’s literally one strand of hair that grows right next to a mole so I think it’s so disgusting. Also, I chase him around to put chapstick and sunblock on him because he never thinks to put it on.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@LadyBlackheart:  no but my mother was like that!! My man doesn’t notice when I have GIGANTIC pimples on my face, so I’m safe! Of course, it does mean he will totally let me walk out of the house looking like a hot mess because he doesn’t notice or care!

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Sugar bee
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He’s never popped a pimp but has asked me to pop his. It’s gross and boys are gross and they like doing gross things.

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Buzzing bee
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Ahh, that’s gross.


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Sugar bee
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I always pop them if them come to a head because they go away SO MUCH FASTER!  When I was 21 and under, I never scarred.  Now that I’m older, it definitely takes a little bit longer for them to 100% disappear.  I’ve been using creams and lotions on my face now that helps diminish acne scars.  I can almost always cover them up with makeup better if they’re popped and the scars do fade.  Did you know that pimples actually eat away at your makeup and that’s why they’re so hard to cover up?  Everyone’s skin is different though, so I don’t know for sure how your skin would react to scarring.

Personally, I don’t understand his fetish with popping YOUR pimples.  When my husband gets one, even though I’ll pop my own, I don’t offer to pop his.  I don’t even want to watch him pop his!  And quite frankly, him having a pimple doesn’t affect me.  I usually look right past them and don’t even really notice unless he points it out.

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Sugar bee
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I always pop mine too! I know I shouldn’t! Even when I’ve wanted to pop FI’s I never said anything, I just thought that was going too far. LOL. He had really bad acne on his back and upper arms though…instead I finally got him to talk to his doctor about it. They gave him some prescriptions and it’s finally starting to clear up! Even without him ever popping them though his back is very scared from the acne. I’m hoping once it’s cleared up we can find him something to help fade the scars. It seems he’s noticing them more now and keeps asking me when those will go away too.

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Helper bee
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LOL!! I am like that! I know it’s gross but if I see a pimple on my SO- I HAVE TO POP IT. I can’t really explain it but I start to feel anxious or this huge urge to pop it, and it will not go away unless it is popped. Popping a pimple instantly relieves that anxiety/urge and everything is back to normal.

For the longest time I thought I was the only one who was like this but I googled it and there are several people that find relief from popping pimples. LOL. 

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Busy bee
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@LadyBlackheart:  HAHA – I am the pimple popper in our house.  My husband gets them alot on his back so in the morning when he is shirtless and getting ready I come up behind and just start popping.  At first he used to get mad – now he just gives in without a fight and laughs.

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Helper bee
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@LadyBlackheart:  I’m defintiely a face picker – on my own face, though.  It’s like some weird OCD thing where I CANNOT leave it alone. Every night I just stare at my face in the mirror and look for blemishes to bother.  It’s SO bad, but I literally can’t stop myself.  LOL

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Bumble bee

I don’t know if I could date someone who wanted to pop my pimples… I think that would be grounds to break up.. Not just the disgusting gross part but also the scarring thing.. Popping a pimple is literally the worst thing you can do. It pushes the bacteria even deeper. I would rather be single than be repulsed and have a face full of scars. 

Oh my gosh ladies!!! Don’t pick your faces, bee! I did when I was younger and one day I finally stopped, and my skin COMPLETELY changed. Touching your face spreads major bacteria and oil. My face is totally clear all the time now. Isn’t a clear complexion worth a few weeks of breaking an annoying habit??

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Helper bee

@LadyBlackheart:  I’m pretty sure we’re dating the same guy.  Like, it’s SO FUCKING ANNOYING.  I don’t want him picking at my face.  Like, I get it.  If it gets really bad, it needs to be handled because it could get worse.  But picking at it while we’re just sitting on the couch with his dirty hands is just going to get germs in it and make the infection worse so it’s more likely to scar.  Like, he can’t seem to understand that forcing it will cause the scarring he supposedly wants to avoid.  God.  I just want to punch him when he gets like that -___-

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My husband is all about popping pimples too, not sure why.  Fortunately, I will only get a pimple maybe once every 5 years.

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