(Closed) Why does my kitten drop food outside his dish?

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Its a cat. Probably, just to spite you. 😉

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EnglishGirl:  I have a couple of nine month old kittens. Our girl, Phoebe, likes to take one piece of food out of her bowl, throw it on the ground, and then chase it all around the apartment before eating it. She will proceed to do this dozens of times until she’s satisfied. I don’t have any concrete advice, but I think cats are just ltitle weirdos. 

For what it’s worth, your cat is freakin’ adorable!

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Aww what a cutie. Could be the bowl. My cat has a hard time grabbing food from certain bowls so we have a flat glass plate with a small lip that he does much better with. Before that he was flinging out of the bowl and eating it. Or it could just be that your cat is being a cat which means being a cute pest.

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Our cat does that, we put a place mat under her bowl and occasionally pick up the mat and shake it out in the trash. Every cat I’ve ever had does this. They can’t see the food past their noses and are terrible finders using their nose so they can’t find the bites after its fallen out of their mouth.

P.s. your cat is super cute!!

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My cat does this. He’s an old guy now and has done it for years. I’ve gotten him ceramic bowls, stainless steel, and a beautiful open faced petal bowl with a lower lip. Nothing helped.

My conclusion- He’s a slob and a beast. 😊

So now I just toss his stuff into the dishwasher once a week and sweep up what he’s spilled (since speaking sternly to him has gotten me nowhere. 😂)

Your kitten is gorgeous! 

Also- random aside- I read this book Wabi Sabi Love about the perfect imperfection of relationships. In it there was a woman who told a story about being driven crazy for years by her husband leaving sesame seed crumbs all over their house (he liked to eat bagels and wandered the house while he munched). When she changed her thinking and started to look at them as a sign of his presence in their home and her life- as a blessing- then her resentment went away. It helped me a lot because the litter crumbs on the floor and the food dropped really (I mean REALLY) work my nerves. But I try to think of them as a sign of my furry guy’s continued good health and presence in our home and that lightens my heart- while I sweep them up AGAIN.

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Both of my cats paw their food out of the bowl on to the floor to eat it and dip their paws into water and lick it off their paws. I have no idea why. I tried a wider bowl, but they still insist on putting the food on the floor and making a mess. 

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Is he eating it off the floor then after he drops it there? My mom’s one cat has always done this and vet says it’s their hunting instinct… they want to feel like they hunted the food off the ground.. LOL. I don’t know if it’s true but she hasn’t found a way for him to stop!

He is beautiful btw!

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Cats are strange creatures… Mine eats out of his bowl but refuses to drink out of his water dish… he will only drink out of our dog’s water dish.  Our dog does something similar with her food, though.. We have hardwood floors and she will take the first couple bites over to our living room rug and eat there.  Drives me nuts!  Maybe it is an instinctual thing.  Animals are funny that way!

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My cat picks up food and drops it in her water bowl, then laps up the water right next to the food.  I guess she likes it flavored haha.  It’s kind of a pain though because throughout the day the water gets gross, and she puts in more food as soon as I change it.  Silly cat.

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EnglishGirl:  my cat (now almost 5) has done this since he was a kitten and I’d like to know why as well! He gobbles up his food, so it’s not that he doesn’t like it, it’s just a weird thing he does. My other cat (1 year old) has never done this.

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My dog does this. It seems more prevalent when she’s stressed (like when we moved to a new apartment), but she will do it randomly too. Takes a whole mouthful and walks it to the carpet, spits it out, and eats it off of the floor. Animals are weird. 

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