(Closed) Why does No kids = hate kids?

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I found it quite funny that everyone has to say “I like kids, i juste can’t invite them” . Meaning, it’s not my fault / choice they are not invited. I dont see why I should justify myself. I don’t want kids at my historical home – full of artefacts wedding. Period. The fact that I love (or do not love if that was the case) kids as no bearing in my decision. For me, it’s not a question of love but more a question of choice. Some parents will make it and other won’t and there will be no hard feeling, just “I understand you / you understand me”! Anyway, I’ve never seen a 2 years old having such a great time at a weeding 🙂

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Any ideas from brides and family of brides and grooms who are doing an “adult only” wedding…..   It’s my best friends wedding, she is having an “adult only” wedding for ceremony and reception.  However there will be kids, under their restriction: her family and his family.  His family has only 1 niece, to be the flowergirl, I have 3 kids, one being the other flowergirl and my son the ring bearer, my youngest can’t come.  My sister who is over 18, not yet 21 can’t come but her younger brother who is not 18 yet is an exception.  I talked to her and she said for me to not be so offendsive, since it’s her wedding, she can have as many restrictions as she wants.  There are no bridesmaid or groomsman, although she wants all friends to wear her color, green, so we can all take pictures and it would look nice per the bride.  She says she wants the wedding to be all on her and him, well duh….  I think that she is rude, even though she is my best friend.  I would like to say some NOT so kind words to her but my husband says if I quarl with her, I would be the same as her so I should cool it.  I feel that if it’s an adult only wedding, then no kids and no exceptions.  Am I exagerating, as she says she and her groom loves kids, being this rude hopefully one day she will too be in these shoes.  Her reason is the she will have alcohol and do not want screaming kids, I am sorry but I don’t allow for me children to scream and for the most part, they dont’ scream and cry at a wedding they are wll behaved…she was kind enough to tell me if I wanted my younger son at the wedding she would make him a ring bearer, I just thought that was too ridiculous and not fair for our other families whom I have talked to and have decided not to come because their 16 year old can’t come.

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MISSFLIPFLOPS: Get a grip!!!  Just because unexpected things may happen and some ignorant mother who didn’t know better or who knew better but really didn’t give a rats ass, brings her child anyway does not mean “lets make it a free for all and have everyone bring thier kids”.  

You keep implying “wait till you have your own” well you know what, I do, I keep my child well behaved, and when there are functions that are more “adult appropriate”, I invest in something that is called a BABYSITTER and I go out and enjoy my night.  I will not judge the host of the function nor pressure them into allowing me to bring my darn kid.

You made a choice to bring another life into this world, so DEAL WITH IT. Why do you think your child should be anyone elses problem?  Kids are not allowed into night clubs, or bars… I dont see you going to Congress to try and change the law.  You decided to have it, so if you are offended by not being able to bring it, then dont go to the wedding and spend your wonderful evening sterilizing plastic nipples all night while you watch Barney Videos and the Disney Chanel…knock yourself out.  But dont put it on someone else because you cant bring your kid.

Dont be so sensitive because someone may not want to dish out another 500 to 1000 dollars for kids to ruin an evening and dominate the dancefloor by jumping up and down on it all night while the parents admirably look at them like “oh, their so cute”.  Its not cute….this is not a BBQ, a Kids B-day party or anything you are shelling money out for.  This is called a W E D D I N G…..usually pricey at that, for which you are not contributing any money towards.  Get over it. stop getting so sensitive about your darn child not being invited and just stay home.  I agree with MSMAMABEAR  you cant dictate to people what to do with their money, just because you want you kid to come.

The world, and every party and event in this country should not and does not revolve around your peoples kids unless its a Kid B-day party.  Stop expecting everyone to revolve their entire function around everyone’s kids.  Have your own wedding and invite all the kids you want and make up your own rules.  Ultimately Its not your function, you cant call the shots.  

Unfortunately people do think NO KIDS = HATE KIDS….but what about the people that think SOMEONE ELSE’S FUNCTION = MUST REVOLVE AROUND MY KIDS, THEIR PRESENCE AND EXISTENCE.

I really don’t get it.

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I like kids…in moderation. Too many give me a migraine. The truth is, kids tend to be noisy, rowdy…not to mention, they all seem to have sticky “jam hands.” I’d like to avoid that type of headache on our wedding day, but I don’t “hate” kids by any stretch of the word.

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