Why doesn't anyone tell you about first trimester cramps?

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Sugar bee
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Yeah! I constantly thought I was about to start my period. It was more like really sharp pulling pains with mild cramping. I have endometriosis so the cramps weren’t nearly as bad as a period, but I remember the first trimester being really uncomfortable. 

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Busy bee
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secretlifeofbees :  Yes cramping during the first trimester can be very normal.  Your uterus is stretching!! As long as you arent having heavy bleeding or the cramps are super painful then most likely all is well!! I experienced some cramping in the first trimester as well. I even had some light spotting and all has been fine. I’m 24 weeks now. Cramping can be scary but pretty normal. Hang in there….im sure all is well!!

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Sugar bee

Definitely had the gagging with tooth brushing, but no other morning sickness really. 

I had slight cramping every now and again. But I don’t have strong cramps during my period, so I guess I wasn’t really paying attention. 

My sister though has killer period cramps and felt like that for maybe 5-6 weeks during her first trimester.


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Bumble Beekeeper

I agree that cramping is not mentioned enough on pregnancy apps! I am 26 weeks and am still having intermittent cramping…last night I had horrible menstrual-like cramps for about 30 min and was back on Dr. Google trying to figure out if this was pre-term labor or just…more pregnancy fun! Turned out to be the latter, as it always does.

In the first tri, my cramps ranged from AF-like cramps to pinching/pulling/tugging type cramps, to sharp burning pangs radiating down my crotch…the works. All was well. With my pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, I also had on and off cramping throughout the 3 or so weeks I knew I was pregnant, but then I started bleeding and the cramps got a lot worse, and that was clearly a bad sign. In general I think cramps are totally normal provided they’re not strong enough to cause serious, debilitating pain and not accompanied by bleeding.

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Busy bee
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I’ve been experiencing the same. They’re very occasional and not every day but I get a little nervous everytime and would be lying if I said I didn’t check for blood! The massive amount of googling I’ve done has told me that it’s pretty normal as long as they aren’t too intense and accompanied by a bunch of blood.

My only other real symptoms have been breast soreness/heaviness and feeling a little more emotional than normal, so I think that’s what makes me so nervous about it – that all of the symptoms I’m experiencing aren’t too different from my period symptoms. I should be about 5 1/2 weeks along

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Bumble Beekeeper

ela0919 :  Lol I’m 6 months along and still check for blood every time I go to the bathroom! The fear never ends (although it def becomes less intense the further along you get). And early pregnancy symptoms do totally feel like AF symptoms, or did for me. Then the puke fest begins and it’s a whole other story lol…hopefully you’ll avoid that though!

secretlifeofbees :  Drinking water always helps me too! By the way, congrats on your pregnancy, so happy for you!

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Helper bee
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Yep! Have had cramps from the very beginning (am 6w4d now) with a definite pulling sensation. 

Only found out yesterday that hot water bottles are safe to use which helped loads yesterday evening!

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Worker bee
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I had TONS of cramps when I was pregnant with my son, and I’ve had them with subsequent pregnancies too. Know when a doctor first told me it was normal up front, without me having to ask? Last month. I’m 12 weeks into my third pregnancy. Thanks so much for volunteering that information *eyeroll*

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Bumble bee

I am only 4 weeks but have definitely had cramping. 

 It’s like mild period cramps. I have had no bleeding so I’m not concerned. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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secretlifeofbees :  you know, I had a decent amount of cramps too but I’d already forgotten about them and I’m only 25 weeks.

The morning sickness became so all encompassing I can’t remember anything else really.. maybe that’s why people forget to mention it?

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