(Closed) Why don't/didn't you want a diamond?

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  • poll: What's your reasoning for not wanting a diamond?

    I don't want something expensive

    We couldn't afford it - plan to upgrade

    I love other stones more than diamonds

    I wanted colour

    I wanted to be unique

    For moral reasons (have you seen Blood Diamond?)

    Not me! I want(ed) one, diamonds are a girls best friend!

    Other (explain)

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    I currently have a small diamond as a promise ring, but I want my e-ring to be a sapphire (also considering morganite). I like color, and while my diamond is super sparkly, I still drool over a rich dark blue sapphire. Even more if it’s in a halo setting though there is also something about a sapphire solitaire that just slays me. 

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    @joya_aspera:  My ring was appraised by 2 independent appraisers, I received both information about the fair market value (which was higher- not 3x- then what we paid) and what was described to me as the most I could sell my current ring for (number was 3x higher than what we paid).You are dead onabout it being part of a ‘larger negotiation where the overall margin made up for it’. At least I think you were….

    The ring was likely sold to us at a loss (we also did not pay for the setting). The jeweller is my mothers jeweller and has been selling and making her pieces for years, as well as friends she has referred to him. We were given an incredible deal because of who my parents are and because he wanted to build a relationship with my Fiance and I to receive future business.

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    I didn’t know of any other options. I just always thought diamonds were standard. I have a diamond which I love to death but I love the person who gave it to me more. With that said, I discovered mossanite when I joined the Bee and I think they are gorgeous. Fiance thinks its a good ring to have as a secondary ring as we like to travel all over the place (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, Mexico, Jamaica) and I did not feel too comfortable with wearing my ring. We are going to Tanzania in two weeks and I’ve just opted not to bring it with me. Not saying I will get robbed there, because you can get robbed anywhere but I’m just being on the safe side. We are going to Thailand for our honeymoon and I’ll carry the mossanite there with me. 

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    My Fiance could have gotten me a diamond, and at first he wanted to, but I finally persuaded him to go with morganite instead.

    I like diamonds, but I just couldn’t personally justify the cost. I didn’t want my Fiance to spend over $1000 on my engagement ring, because I’d rather use our money for more important things. I found morganite when I was researching alternatives, and fell in love with the stone. I love pink, and to be honest, I loved the price! My Fiance got my engagement ring for under $400, and it’s perfect for me.

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    @missamysmiles:  I saw a 60 Minutes special on how diamonds are utterly worthless due to their high quantity and industrial use.  Furthermore, it exposed how DeBeers pretty much single-handedly created this concept of a Diamond being a symbol of timeless love and single-handedly created a monopoly on diamonds, holding back millions of them each year to artifically create demand so they can jack up the prices.  They were litterally dumping diamonds in storage units using DUMP TRUCKS they were that plentiful! Just like pieces of glass. Frown It was crazy.  Plus, many of DeBeers diamonds tend to be Conflict Diamonds as well. 

    Here is a great HuffingtonPost article that I think summed up a good amount of what was covered in the special as well.


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    @ComputerLove06:  OOps!  Tried to create link but it didnt work.  Maybe this will?


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    We didn’t pick diamond because of the cost and the industry. 

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    I would pay $10,000 for a beautiful diamond if the price was justifed by reality and not artificial inflation. It irks me that the diamond industry stockpiles stones to artificially inflatethe price. The supply of gem quality diamonds far exceeds the demand so they can’t let them all flood the market. Instead they hoarde most of them and charge ridiculous prices for stones that should actually cost a fraction of what you wind up paying.

    De Beers created the “A Diamond is Forever” ad campaign because diamonds have bad resale value. They decided the best way to prevent people from flooding the market with stones and realizing how they aren’t worth nearly what they paid for them, was to convince people diamomds should be heirlooms and kept forever. The whole damn industry is a sham that started with trying to figure out how to sell a,bunch of worthless stones (they decided to market them to young people as engagement rings and get celebs to wear them to make them seem special) and persists to this day.

    I don’t want to play a part in that stupid game. I just decided today I am getting moissanite. Why? Not because it’s cheaper, but because it’s not a rip off. If the cost of diamonds was justified, I’d want a diamond instead but I refuse to over pay for anything, even a stone that only has intrinsic value. 

    All I want in a stone is a relatively colorless, sparkly, round stone that will most likely survive daily wear for decades and is not a rip off, so the clear choice is moissanite.

    If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. I was offered $500 by three separate stores for a 1.2 ct, H, SI1 diamond in an 18k gold setting with a platinum basket. The ring was appraised for $7,000. If a ring costs $10,000, is appraised at $7,000, but you could only get around $1,500 on eBay, then you got ripped off. The person who buys it for $1,500 is also getting ripped off because even at the reduced price of $1,500 it STILL has less actual value than that. The artificially inflated retail prices even trickle down and affect the used prices!

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