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  • poll: is there any good reason to eat meat

    No! It's a silly thing to worry about - eat what you like

    No! It's a healthy and reasonable thing to avoid

    Yes! Boys need meat to stay fit

    Yes! Boys need meat to be happy

    Yes! If you are pre-TTC animal protein is very important

    Yes! It's the proper thing to do

    Maybe/This is dumb/Who cares?

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    I think you should just ask him how he feels about eating less/no meat. 

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    @mrsgroomzilla:  My husband’s cousin is vegetarian (no meat, but eats eggs and milk) and an older mom (first child around 38), but she had no problems with her pregnancy and her daughter is very healthy, happy, and bright.  I think as long as you eat a large variety of vegetables, beans, etc, you should have no problem getting the nutrients you need.  However, if you find yourself becoming a bad vegetarian like I was (all bread and cheese lol), you’ll probably need to rethink your diet.

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    I think you need to talk to him about it.

    That said, there’s nothing about eating a vegetarian diet that would make it difficult to get in shape. I think the biggest thing to think about is how to replace things like protein and iron that would be taken out of his diet if he stopped eating meat. It’s absolutely possible, it just takes a lot of research when you’re first starting out. A friend of mine decided to become a vegetarian to lose weight and she ended up gaining a lot of weight because all she ate was carbs. Be smart about it and it’s an extremely healthy lifestyle.

    My cousin is a vegetarian – she went through two pregnancies and is now raising her two daughters as vegetarians. They’re all fine – she actually looked and felt GREAT during both of her preganancies, although I have no idea if this was due to her diet. Her husband is not a vegetarian; he doesn’t eat meat at home (obviously, because she doesn’t cook it), but does eat it when they go out. Seems to work for them!

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    I voted maybe on the part of you eating meat. I also dislike meat because of the texture/taste/annoyance factors, but I choose to eat it because I don’t do a very good job of getting lean protien other ways.

    If you can substitute your diet in other ways (nuts, eggs, dairy, protien shakes) you should be fine. If you, like me, don’t like nuts, protien shakes, and eat very litte dairy, it may be worth having chicken or fish a few nights a week to complete your diet.

    As for him, lean protein is always a good thing to have when trying to lose weight, but he should be managing what he eats himself. It doesn’t matter how healthy dinner is, if he eats McDonald’s for lunch and has 3 beers with dinner, the weight won’t come off. When we decided to start dieting as a couple, we sat down and made the menus together so that we could each make sure our needs were met.

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    I agree, you should talk to him about it.

    While you may be totally fine skipping meat, it might be something that he’s not ok with. You can always make some healthy alternatives for yourself while still serving him meaty dishes.

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    Regardless of the TTC thing, if he wants to eat meat, he should. We are on a high protein, low carb diet right now to lose weight. I tried going vegetarian for a while, and I ate much worse. 

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    His stomach, his call. 

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    I’m of the opinion that as long as you’re being as healthy as you need to be, eat what you like. If you’re doing the cooking, you don’t have to cook anything you wouldn’t like to eat. If your DH really wants meat; he can make it himself ๐Ÿ˜›

    FI’s brother is a total carnivore and his SIL is a vegetarian, and they’ve been happily together for at least 7 years. Now they’re TTC and SIL has no intention to eat meat, but I bet she’ll be extra careful about making sure she gets all the nutrients she needs ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I agree with what others have said–he should definitely choose what he’s eating; however, if he says, “Mrs. GZ, I eat what you eat; your call!” then as long as you are still getting a nutritionally balanced diet then meat isn’t a necessity. Mr. H and I only eat meat about 1, maybe 2 times each week (and when we do it’s usually fish). The trick is to fill in that ‘meat gap’–eww that sounds gross–with something that has similar nutritional value.


    Pick a day each week and plan your menu/shopping list for the week. Throwing in some creativity and bonding time will make you excited about what your eating that week…see if you can convince him to cook with you too! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s become one of Mr. H’s and my favorite things.




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    @mrsgroomzilla:  My DH and I are both lifelong vegetarians and TTC. We simply prefer fruits/vegetables/legumes/dairy/eggs/nuts over meat (we eat fish occasionally) and we’ve managed to be quite healthy all this time on this type of diet. Populations in countries like India have exploded with huge portions of the population eating vegetarian for hundreds of years, so I’m not too worried about maintaining my diet while pregnant. I have no deficiencies and would continue to monitor my health if I became pregant. I would meet with a nutritionist if I was suddenly having issues while pregnant. 

    Eating vegetarian doesn’t have to mean eating boring rice and veggies every night. I suggest starting off by changing your mindset a bit. You don’t have to think of it as going “without” meat but instead, you are focused on adding MORE vegetables/legumes/dairy/eggs/nuts to your diet. When you prepare meals like that, it’s hard to miss the meat. Focus on replacing not-so good stuff with nutrient rich foods. Change your concept of a salad from iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing to dark leafy greens/spinach, topped with nuts, berries, hard-boiled egg and a homemade viniagrette. Instead of a potato with butter, cook up some quinoa or millet and mix in olive oil and herbs. Some great cookbooks include:



    This one is vegetable-focused with some healthier meat options: http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/book/

    If your husband wanted some meat in addition to whatever vegetarian dish you cook, it would probably be quite easy for him to grill some chicken or whatever for himself, right? 

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    Ditto. Why don’t you ask him? I know my Fiance would certainly have an opinion on this topic.

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    @mrsgroomzilla:  When you say he has “attitudes” about it, I’m getting that he already is not a fan of it. I don’t think this is something you can force on him. If you are interested in eating less meat, you can always do that for yourself. If he wants to keep eating it that’s his call though. 

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