(Closed) What Factors Make You Lose Weight?

posted 11 years ago in Fitness
  • poll: What factors do you focus on to achieve your fitness goals?

    Healthy diet all the time

    Restrictive diets to get those pounds off at first, then a healthy diet to maintain

    Normal diet (eat whatever)



    Strenuous physical activity (exercising hard at the gym, high-impact sports)

    Moderate physical activity (walking more, taking the stairs, etc.)

    I don't pay too much attention to exercise

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    I’ve never been trying hard to lose weight or anything bc I’m kind of a string bean, but I find that when I’m running often (4 times a week) I just eat better naturally, because it’s what feels better in my body.  I get around toa point where excessive grease and fats etc just give me stomach aches and make me feel lethargic or something.  I could see how for some people excessive exercise might mean that they binge eat, but this hasn’t been my experience at all.

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    I think that the article may not cover everything that is crucial to “losing weight.”  While it focuses on the post workout hunger binge, not everyone who eats properly will have that problem.  My trainer and I worked out a 6 meal a day system that allows me to eat before and after the workout, preventing any binging after our sessions. 

    In addition, most people think of exercise strictly as cardio.  Cardio makes you “skinny fat,” which for most people consists of losing water weight.  Any weight you lose from just doing cardio alone will be gained back if you do not modify your diet along with the exercise.

    As you probably have read or heard before, weight training can be extremely beneficial to maintaining weight or losing inches(notice I did not necessarily say “lose weight” as muscle is heavier but is much tighter than fat on your body).  Of course, NO, you do NOT bulk up just because you weight train.  Those women who do so typically have a genetic predisposition to muscle gain, and are taking serious supplements to gain that weight.  Most of us(including myself) just get lean and gain strength.  Now, even though I have off days, my extra muscle and my metabolism are able to burn through the extra calories.  My clothes fit looser even though my scale weight has not changed more than a few pounds.  I dropped almost 2 dress sizes through weight training.

    The important thing is not to focus on the scale weight but rather your body and its signals.  When you do strictly cardio and do not eat healthy, your body tends to yo-yo in its weight.  Eating healthy is better, but it tends to just maintain your weight and does not improve your overall lean muscle mass.  I personally found that after years of strenuous cardio versus diet alone versus both, the last option has worked the best for me.

    Best of all, I get great cardiovascular and health benefits from weight training and cardio exercise(less chance of osteoporosis, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improved respiratory function, strength, metabolism – all just some of the benefits) without stressing out about the constant calorie counting or weighing.

    I know that was a REALLY long post, but I hope that helps!

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    I have to do both. In fact, doing one encourages the other for me. If i eat healthy, i work out. If i work out, I want to eat healthy. I can tone up fast with a restrictive diet and very intense workouts, but 3-4 pounds isn’t a big enough deal on my frame that i’m going to deny myself everything yummy. Working out makes the biggest difference on my frame. I can slim down, but man, do I tone up and get shapely with some weights and cardio!

    LOTS of cardio (60 minutes) takes the fat off, but yes, I was the “skinny fat” point where I go “hmm, my arms don’t look good” and then the weights make it so much better! But i like to blast the fat off, THEN focus on toning up.

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    I never exercise. I’m horrible about that, plus it gives me migraines. I swear it’s not just an excuse, it really does! But I just got off wheat for that same reason, migraines, and I lost 2 pounds in a weak. I think that it’s good to exercise to be healthy, but for me I can lose weight just by having a healthy diet.

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    I read that article yesterday and mostly agree with it. I have been working out long enough now to understand not to binge after a hard workout, but I know LOTS of people who get on an exercise kick, but chow down on some horrible things afterwardsbecause they’re just so hungry.  I’ve heard for many years that you continue to burn calories right after you work out, but I’ve been reading more and more that this is just not true. Here’s just one new study: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30826120/

    About 3 years ago I started working out hard with a trainer, but did not change my diet. The result: Lost virtually nothing! Gained some strength and toned up the areas that already carried little fat, but did nothing to the areas that liked to store fat.

    In January of ’08, I began a new diet, with more moderate excercise, and dropped 30 lbs and went from a 10 to a 4 in about 2.5 months. I have now kept it off for 1.5 yrs with just moderate excercise and a healthy balanced diet, which includes limiting of anything white (white bread, enriched pasta, potates, etc.).

    It has been really interesting to learn my body’s signals, and to learn how it reacts to different foods. As angeldoc mentioned, maintaining your weight is best achieved by finding out what works for your body, and by recognizing what it reacts negatively and positively to.

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    I find that if I’m serious about amping up my workouts, the weight will come off. I don’t really eat that terribly, although I admit I do like to snack when I get home from work. I try to come home, eat dinner, have my little bit of dessert, then brush my teeth and work out. By the time I do that, I’m too tired to snack anymore!

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    I heard about that article on the radio and thought, “What?!” It made me evaluate over the years what has worked for me. when I was younger I was so naive about diet and exercise. I’d stop at the gym after class, workout for about an hour and then pick up Wendy’s on the way home for me and my boyfriend. I would have a salad. A CAESAR salad! Can’t say that really did much.

    What has worked for me is eating a balanced healthy diet and exercising by doing cardio and ST througout the week. I have to agree with those that say it is more about hunger after you exercise. I have to eat a snack basically before my workout to sustain me until I can make dinner. In the morning, I don’t have that problem though. I can go to the gym on an empty stomach and make it home to shower and not eat my breakfast until I get to work. I think making sure you don’t binge after a workout is a mixture of convenience and fueling your workouts. If there are bananas sitting on the counter, then FH will reach for one of those than grab stale tortillas chips and salsa. Or if we haven’t had a snack before working out we are more likely to stp at Subway on the way home from the gym.

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    Ok, I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times per week for years, but once I hit the -8 month mark for my wedding, I increased to 5 days a week. I burn 700 cals on the Arc Trainer (or in a high intense. class), then add in about 15 mins of abs/weights. I am also following a really healthy diet right now and drinking a healthy ton of water. I feel really good and lost 10 lbs in 6 months. 2 months to go and I’d like to drop another 2-3 lbs. It’s really all about cals in/cals out.

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    Also, for those crazy insane hunger moments, the 0 grams of fat Greek Yogurt (Fage or Trader Joe’s) fills you up hard core. And skim milk will settle insane hunger too.

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    Haha, my cousin and I were talking about this article at the gym.  OF COURSE if you work out and then go eat a giant blueberry muffin you’re not going to lose weight.  Are the people you know who workout/go to the gym fatter or thinner than those who never go (who aren’t naturally predisposed to being thin)?? At a time when obesisty is such an national health issue I think now is hardly the time to say things like ” working out doesn’t work” in Time magazine.

    I’d venture to say that your diet is just as, if not more impt than going to the gym.  But I’d never, ever take fitness out of the equation.  Building muscle and endurance has made all the difference in my body.

    It’s all about cals in/vs cals out, and obviously working out helps with that.  To curb after workout hunger I drink a 110 calorie whey protein shake with 17g of protein.  By the time I make it home and being preparing a meal (about 45 min to an hour) I’m no longer ravenous and am ready to eat a full meal.

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    these are such interesting responses. I think it totally depends on what type of body you have and how your family genetics come into play. For me, no matter how much physical activity I do, I don’t just drop weight. i have to restrict my diet and combine it with going to the gym. I am also a fan of moderation and have to consistently remind myself that if i want something, having a little bite is better (for me) than having none because it prevents a binge factor later. 

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    My trainer’s “Rules to live by”:

    • Never eat fast food again.
    • Do not drink your calories. Juice, pop & alcohol are out.
    • Eat 80% of your food before 5pm.
    • Avoid anything from a package, if you didn’t make it: don’t eat it.
    • Avoid processed foods.
    • Read food labels: If you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.
    • Treat food as a fuel source for your body. Your body is not a garbage can.
    • Drink water all day long.

    Every time I’ve “dieted” or cut foods out, I’ve gained weight. What works for me is water, lots of sleep, a normal diet in fresh foods & TONS of hardcore physical activity.  I mostly take dance classes, spinning classes, yoga & PT. I go for a beat down with my trainer about twice a week.

    He trained me yesterday from 6am-8am. I puked, I cried (okay more like blubbered) and I’m walking around like a 90 year old woman today, but: pain is temporary, quitting lasts a lifetime!

    Just keep working at it until you reach your goal!!

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    Consistant exercise regime and not eating like crap. :p

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    It all depends on where you are at…if you have a lot of weight to lose and have had a poor diet and no exercise, any change you make will have a dramatic result…If, however, you already eat somewhat healthy and you are moderately active, your body is already used to that and is not going to pay attention to slight changes.  I lost 60 pounds 10 years ago by mostly changing my diet. I kept it off by exercising. When Fiance and I started dating, I gained about 12 pounds in the first few years–not because I was eating horribly, but just because I was “cheating” more frequently and definitely exercising less…I have tried to lose that weight for the last two years to no avail by doing what you suggest good diet and moderate activity. In March I recommitted to my good eating habits and revamped my workouts to intense! The 12 pounds are gone!!  While you may lose weight initially with good diet and moderate activity, you’ll reach a plateau that won’t budge until you step it up a notch…plus, remember that the more muscle you have the better your metabolism will be. It’s all about self control.  If you are working out thinking–Yeah, I can now have that pizza since I worked out–then you’ll see no results. 

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    I’m working on my diet and trying to buy only healthy foods but it is time consuming to prepare your own food all the time and so easy to go out to lunch with co-workers.I’m about 4 weeks into this plan and down 5 pounds. Thus far, I reduced alcohol consumption to special celebrations and monitor calories on http://www.caloriecount.about.com to keep myself in check and add in physical activity whenever possible (i.e. biking to work instead of using public transport). It is working slowly but steady and makes me feel like I’m doing something right. Last week I had a birthday and allowed myself to induldge in a fancy dinner out and then a BBQ on the weekend with beer but immediately saw that I didn’t lose any weight with these behaviors. I am also trying to seperate eating from entertainment- social dinners and happy hours are killer on the diet. My goal is one pound loss per week until I reach my goal weight and then reevaluate /maintain. Hope this helps someone else get healthy.

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