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Birthday wishes. 

My birthday was yesterday – all wishes were via social media.  My heart hurt that I got no “personal” phone calls from family because they all posted it on FB.  Doesn’t bother me friends did it…but my family? My mom lives a block away, you’d think she’d stop over or call me…or even a TEXT? no…she used FB, the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! 


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I don’t want to read about the weather where you live, especially when it is better than my weather. 😛

I don’t want to see umpteen videos of your children playing with blocks every day. Or videos of them when they don’t feel well. Or pictures of them in their car seats twice a week.

Any lengthy, “lecturing”  status which ends with something like: “Post this as your status if you care about animals!” Of course I care about animals, but you can’t tell me what to do.

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@MsW-to-MrsM:  I love all of your points! I quit FB a few months ago. Mainly for the privacy reasons but also because people treat it like a competition at life and post every “amazingly wonderful lovely thing” that has happened to them.

And OH THE NARCISSISM…”Here’s a pic of myself after a run, gosh I’m so sweaty but really look-how-cute-and-good-looking-I-am”…honestly if your “no makeup” pictures actually made you feel unattractive you wouldn’t post them.

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I’m with many of you… a filter for the super religious and political posts or anything that is shoving someones opinion down your throat is not welcome. 

Game invites!  I don’t want to be invited to play any game, ever.  I wish they had a filter for that aside from having to block each application individually.  When I think I’ve blocked them all, another one appears!

My most recent peeve, my FI’s ex still being “friends” with his family and very close family friends.  Her signing their walls (she never did before) and “like”ing photos.  I know there is nothing I can do about it, but I long for the days pre-Facebook when she would have had to call these people up to contact them.  Facebook makes it way too easy to stay in touch.

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@Jams_: YES! I posted about this last week (on the Bee). I had FOUR Facebook friends wish Happy Birthday to my niece, who is 8 and not on Facebook. Then another friend commented on one of their statuses and wished her a happy birthday. Call the kid and wish her a happy birthday. She’s not going to see it on Facebook!

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So many filters.

– Religion filters. This includes comments on non-religious posts, as well. I have a friend whose mother comments on every effing post, “GOD is GOOD!” STOP.

– Bodily functions/injuries/etc.

– Your drama/dirty laundry.

– Anti-stupidity. A friend posted an article the other day about a school switching from burger patties that had 26 ingredients to 100% beef patties, and then back because kids complained about the taste of real food. Her cousin read ONLY the title of the article (not even the one-sentence blurb underneath) and went off on a rant about “libtards” and “fucking Obama/PETA/socialists.” I was like, “Did you even read the article? It has nothing to do with any of that.” He went off on me because he’s a farmer and is being ruined by OMGOBAMA/PETA/socialists! I replied that it’s totes socialists who are subsidizing food fillers and filling shopping carts with junk-laden food instead of real food. Oh wait, no, that’s food lobbyists. I got bitched at by the OP for “starting an argument” with her idiot cousin? Oh, okay.

– Those incredibly stupid “post this/like this and…” statuses.

– The hoax posts that people totes think are real. I’ve posted SO MANY Snopes links to disprove that bullshit. It literally takes 2 seconds to Google that shit and see that it’s not real!

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@CakeyP:  I see at least 5 pictures per week of someone’s kid all tuckered out in the backseat of a car.  Really, children nap?  I’d never have guessed!

Political posts – filter them ALL.  I don’t care if I agree with them or not, I just don’t need to see the extremeism on either side.

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@renwoman:  +1 on the stupidity filter!  


No freakin baby shots, baby news, what my toddler did today that was cute…etc, etc.

As someone TTC and it’s taking awhile I don’t want to hear about it.    :/

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The worst I saw so far was from a girl who posted a bikini photo of her ultra-skinny self tagged #selfie #NoCaloriesToday #EatingDisorder #HeartProblems #AllWorthIt

Um, what? 


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People who can’t get over their ex, and have to let everyone know what their thoughts and feelings are on the subject.

I’m still FB friends with my sister’s most recent ex (I never had any problem with him), and he is constantly posting about her and is so “hot ‘n’ cold” about it. One day he’ll post a zillion times about how much he misses her, he’ll never love again, etc., then the next it’s how he’s glad to be done, time to move on, she never treated him right, etc.

I don’t know why, but I always feel kind of bad when I delete people who I may run into in real life, and I’ll admit that part of me keeps on there to snoop, because I’m a nosy person like that. BUT he’s on the verge of being hidden from view on my news feed.

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I hate mothers who post all the time about their kids. Guess what? I DON’T CARE! NO ONE CARES!

Case in point? My second cousin, who is a Stay-At-Home Mom to her 3 year old daughter, apparently has nothing better to do than post pictures and statuses about her kid all day long, every day. Her first status this morning is and I quote, “(Kid’s name) chose our morning movie for today!”

Wow. That’s just amazing news, isn’t it? I’m so glad your kid can choose a movie to watch! THAT’S SO AMAZING!

I’m probably overreacting to this but oh well. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if she didn’t do it all the time. I want to comment and say something “Do you not have a life, your own identity outside your kid? I feel sorry for you. That being said, please shut up about your kid, no one cares.”

I know that’s mean but I’m feeling particularly grouchy and cranky this morning so meh. I should really hide her posts from my news feed…


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Absolutely nothing political! Since the government shut down all the republicans hve had a field day and are battling with the democrats. It’s driving me up the wall

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I have created a special filter. Its one of a kind and it works every time. 


Hahah i just dont go on there anymore because i dont need to see everyones highlight reel making me feel bad about my life. Cause actually, its pretty peachy right now. 

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@Swizzle:  Ha… I have definitely stayed off it more so recently than in the past.  I do a quick scroll through but really, it’s all same old same old.

Now when we get married, YBYA I will be posting a gazillion pics and then… going underground again. 😉

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