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Wanted to gripe about a couple of FB posts I saw today.

I am FB friends with a grad school classmate and her 3 sisters. I was very close with this classmate at one point- which explains why I am friends with her sisters, and for reasons I don’t feel like explaining, we just aren’t very close anymore. 

Anyway, classmate’s uncle passed away like a month ago. So she and her sisters did the obligatory “RIP uncle Jim, we’ll miss you, blah blah blah”.

Saturday was Uncle Jim’s birthday. So what do they do (yes, all four of them)? They make statuses saying “Happy Birthday Uncle Jim! Hope you’re enjoying the big 6-0 up in heaven with Grandma and Grandpa!”.

OMFG. What is wrong with people?

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Wow this post is 3 months old…meh I’ll comment anyway. I want filters for the following things:

a) Vague posts – No one cares why you “can’t take it anymore”

b) Your kids’ bowel movements – I really don’t need to know that your kid pissed in the toilet while I’m trying to eat

c) Exercise accomplishments of any kind – You went for a run? Good for you, no one cares

d) Being sick – if you’re sick you should be resting. Get off the internet

e) “I hate drama” – no you don’t. Stop causing it and it’ll stop following you

f) I love you/I hate you weekly – also known as drama

g) Spelling/grammatical errors – SERIOUSLY

h) Guilt trip posts “repost or ur mum will die in 90 seconds” “this dog was tortured like this post” “if u don’t like this u hate war veterans” – um, no. To all of this.

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I mostly create my own filters! Anyone whose stream is mostly junk (aka 50 religious or cute puppy posts in a single hour/constant stream of duckface selfies), I hide from my timeline and manually check their page when I want to see how they’re doing. My feed is much more enjoyable now.

There are some people I’ve kept for entertainment. There’s one girl in particular who does the whole “post a really vague mellodramatic status –> reply to concerned comments saying you don’t want to talk about it” thing. From the ages 16-21, she’s been engaged to three different men. She used to talk smack about one of them all the time, and her “future mother in law” would obsessively comment on all of her statuses. I don’t know how some people can air their dirty laundry like that in front of their REAL LIFE friends and family, and not feel ashamed about it.

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This is an old post, but I would love to be able to filter out:

1.) Selfies. I have a 13-year-old cousin. She’s actively developing identity and is in 8th grade. It is normal and acceptable for her to post pictures of herself in new outfits, making silly faces, etc. It is NOT okay if you’re older than high school age and posting dozens of selfies every week. I don’t even understand the point of selfies. “Look, here’s a picture that looks exactly the same as the one I posted 6 hours ago, but I’m wearing a different top! Hooray!”

2.) Pee and poop posts. I do not care if your child pooped in the potty for the first time. Major gross out when an old friend from high school posted a PICTURE the first time her child had a bowel movement in the toliet. REALLY?? That should not be acceptable. Ever.

3.) Whining and complaining. It gets old. And usually the people who whine and complain post incessitantly about it. We get it that you think your life sucks. 

4.) Direct-to-consumer sales posts. I added you as a friend to catch up with what you’ve been up to, see pictures of your kids since I can’t see you that often in person, and chat occasionally. I don’t care if you sell It Works! (those stupid fitness wrap things), Scentsy, Origami Owl, Avon, Mary Kay, Thirty One, Tupperware, etc. It’s ridiculously overpriced crap, and no I will not “like and share” your status for a 10% off coupon. STOP! 

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@renwoman:  I’d have one against politics, one for no religious posts, and another that gets rid of people posting ‘spoilers’ for shows I am watching!

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