(Closed) Why is it that people like cats?

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Sugar bee
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My cat growing up wasn’t really interested in me and when he was little he would attack me a lot while playing.

My cat now is a completely different story.  He doesn’t attack me, when he accidentally scratches me while playing he looks ashamed (he does play with my husband a little rougher). He’s around me quite a bit and snuggles with me all the time.  I don’t think he acts like a normal cat from my experience but I hope my experience was wrong because he’s fantastic.  He sits in my lap, he cuddles up to me at night, and while I’ve been pregnant he’ll snuggle with my stomach (and she kicks when he does this).  So with this cat, it’s been a great experience and I can only imagine there are more like him.  The only thing is that he’s friendly to other people but only after he knows he can trust them whereas with us, he always trusts us and is happy to see us. 


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Bee Keeper
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I loved having cats. Most of our farm cats were friendly, loved attention, and being pet. Holding a purring cat is one of my favorite things to do.

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Honey bee
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My cat is the love of my life!  When I get home from work he runs to the door to greet me with snuggles, kisses, and head butts.  He loves to snuggle, play fetch, and go for walks! I think you’ve just had bad cat experiences, not all cats are anti social a$$holes lol! 🙂

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I have 2 cats I have had them both from kittens, one of them is 14 and the other 10 – they give me lots of love and cuddles they dont really get involved with any visitors to the house as cats can be very untrusting with strangers but they know and love their owners.

I cant really give you for and against arguements as I love cats, but I think they’re definitely easier to take care of than a dog.

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Bumble bee
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We have a cat that pretty much sleeps all day but its because she’s quite old now. When she was younger, though, she was great. I got her not long after rescuing a couple puppies and she ended up training right along with them. She could sit, stay, fetch, lay down, roll over, etc. Cats are actually quite smart and easily trained. They are also much, much lower maintaince than dogs.

Like I said, our cat is pretty old and mostly sleeps. She’s still very lovable, though, and likes to snuggle. Even after all these years, she is still very well behaved.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I used to not really like cats.

I grew up with both cats and dogs. The cats I grew up with were a little crazy and would attack unprovoked.

About 3 years ago Darling Husband and I really wanted a pet and our schedules were way too demanding to get a dog. So we decided to get a cat.

I *love* our cat. He greets us at the door when we get home and then rolls over on his back for belly rubs. He loves to play with a laser pointer and a cat dancer toy. He is hilarious to watch while chasing (and catching) bugs in the apartment. He sleeps on our bed with us every night and will actually lay next to either Darling Husband or I like a “little spoon”. 

He will come and bring us his favorite toys while “talking” to us as he comes into the room. 

He’s got a TON of personality and is a really great cat. 

Look at different breeds of cats, some breeds are more social than others, then when you go to a shelter you can look for cats with those characteristics.

My cat, sealed the deal for us at the shelter when he came right out of his cage, crawled into my lap, looked up at me and touched his nose to mine. He knew just how to get me to take him home.

Also, if you do a little research on cat behavior you can learn why they do what they do and what it means. For example, cats will “head butt/bump” to show affection. So every time my cat comes up to me an head butts me in the side (or on the head) I know he’s telling me he cares.

Here’s our awesome monster:

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Bumble bee

Because they are cuddly and soft and purr when to let you know they love you! lol They aren’t as needy as dogs. Cats are pretty self sufficient and I just love them. I have a dog and I love her too, but she requires a lot more attention and walks when its really cold and i’m tired.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I never saw the appeal in cats until I got one for Dirty Delete. I adore our cat, like seriously love him, but I’m not like that with all cats.

I don’t get the appeal of keeping a cat who just hates you and eats all your food to go slink under the bed. Our cat is like a roly poly ball of love, he follows you around and purrs, sits on your laps, guards you at night at the end of the bed. I think he’s a great animal who makes our life better, and I never knew cats were like that until we got one.

But our cat is also very friendly with all people, not just us. He’ll walk up to anyone for cheek rubs and chin scratches. He has a good personality. Some cats are just cranky and antisocial. Like people.

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Helper bee
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We love our cat! She’s super playful though, and honestly.. she kinda acts like a dog lol. She runs when you call her name and we can pat our legs if we’re leaving the room and she’ll follow.

She also knows when it’s bedtime and she’ll hop up onto FI’s chest and lay there, then when he leaves in the morning and I’m still in bed for another 30 minutes, she’ll come up to me and cuddle… she even lets us “spoon” her. It’s freakin’ adorable.

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Buzzing bee
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I LOVE cats. If I could only ever have cats as pet for the rest of my life, I would. I think cats are a product of their upbringing. We got our cat 2 years ago and she is just awesome. She is lovable, she’ll curl up and sleep with you, and she is fun to play with. She just has the funniest and cutest personality. If you ignore your cat, eventually it will learn, and she will ignore you too. If the cat isn’t used to having people around, it will be scared and/or angry (thus hissing at people, swiping at them). I also think you need to pay attention to the cat you choose. Just like other animals, cats have different personalities. When we were choosing our cat, there were 3 options. 2 of them were very skiddish and not very warm. Our cat came right up to us and started rubbing against our legs. That said, they aren’t perfect. Ours cries when she wants attention which can get old after awhile, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Honestly, I’d get another one in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend it as a pet for your daughter. I grew up with cats and dogs, and never really bonded with the dogs, but I am forever a cat person because of it.

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Buzzing bee

I’ve had cats all my life and I love them. Darling Husband used to hate them but has come to love ours 🙂

Most of ours have always been sweet, although some were less friendly than others. The cats my parents have now are the like leaches, if they see a lap they’re on it. 

The cat Darling Husband and I have is a mixture between sweet and standoffish. There are days we hardly see her and others where she’s always underfoot and wants attention. Just depends on what mood she’s in.

I think the thing that has always attracted me to cats is that you have to earn their affection. If my cat comes up to me looking for attention, it makes me feel good. Compared to a dog that is just always there. 

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Helper bee

I have a female Maine Coon and she is absolutely adorable. She’s a house cat so she doesn’t go outside and only see us when she’s hungry. Her previous owners had a garden and she occasionally went outside but never went further than the fence.

Maine Coons, although not needy or demanding, do like to be around people. Ruby follows us from room to room and chills out with us on the sofa. if she lies next to us she has to put a paw out for a little bit of human contact. it’s the cutest thing ever.

She has a playful personality and loves to play fetch. she also likes things that move in the corner of her eye (her current favourite ‘toy’ is an old guitar string) and will give us a lot of entertainment when she backflips trying to catch something.

My parents cat is the complete opposite. she’s tabby british shorthair, and an absolute hunting machine. she brings dead mice into the house almost every morning and only wants their attention when they’re in the kitchen cooking. There is no way I could cope with that.

But Maine Coons I love. they have huge tails and are super cuddly. Ruby is 3 and a half now – we got her a year ago and she’s grown so much since then. they tend to be large cats, but females are much smaller than the males.

My SO wasn’t overly keen on the idea of getting a cat – but he loves her. I occasionally wake up on a Saturday morning, go into the living room and find them cuddled up together. Cutie pies.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@KatyElle:  My cat also loves other people. He’s very social with our friends and usually becomes the night’s entertainment when we have people over. 

He has really changed my mind about cats… but I still don’t like those cats that you never see and only know they’ve been around because the food bowl is empty and the litter box is full.

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Sugar bee

How could you not love something as cute as this?




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