(Closed) Why is New York so DIFFICULT?!!!

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@jayebaby:  Ah ok  I see. Yeah I think the closest you’ll get is Jamba Juice. Also, have you tried Tasti DeLite yet? Their frozen yogurt is SO good and low calorie. 

NYC does grow on you, it is amazing how accessible everything is, and how you can get almost any cuisine in the world delivered to your door at any time. I mean I was even able to order Ethiopian food when I was there!

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We just got back from our second trip to NYC, we love it. We went to Peter Luger, it was a very good steak, we didnt care for the potatoes.  We did the porter house for 2, it was good but my DH was a little dissapointed because we like our steaks cooked differently. The waiter said they could cook it to his Med rare and then pull a couple pieces aside on the hot plate and they would cook to my liking (medium). But the whole thing ended up being medium, so I would suggest if you like your steaks cooked differently get your own. And we did have to make our reservation quite a bit in advance.

We LOVE Lombarti’s pizza…amazing πŸ™‚

The subway is such a great way to get around. You can use those same Metro cards you got for more rides. We might have looked goofy but we always got out our subway map to make sure we knew what train to take and what stop to get off at. BUT we did end up in Brooklyn this last trip by acciedent…oops:) And we only had good experiences with the Ny-ers. A lot of people offered help with dirrections.

If you like meat I would also suggest Plataforma. It’s like a Brazillian Steakhouse. They have all kinds of meats that they roast on scewers and come around to each table and carve off pieces for you. It is delicious, just make sure to take an appitite.

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Don’t worry about the Metrocard – it’s actually cheaper to buy more trips at a time. I think you can use them on the bus too (never really took buses).

You should really blow your FMIL’s mind and tell her that the Statue of Liberty is actually in New Jersey!

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Native New Yorker here, but after reading this thread, here’s my advice- regardless of which city you visit do yourself a favor and buy a guide, get a map, get a map of the subways or metro and try to figure out where you are and how to travel within the city-your experience will be much more enjoyable. I happen to travel A LOT for work and find myself in foreign cities all the time, I follow the above advice and it takes away a lot of the uncertaintly and anxiety of being in a city you don’t know. Part of what makes an unfamiliar city familiar is knowing it! If I get off of a plane in Zurich or Munich or Milan- I feel good knowing how to get to places and where I should go or what I should visit. Someone suggested picking up a Time Out New York and I think this is good advice. Definitely get yourself a subway map and get a feeling for your location within the city- it’s pretty easy to figure out because it’s a grid!  Many of what the other posters said is true and I’ll admit that the cab situation can be confusing if you don’t realize they are off duty. Knowing is half the battle & you’ll feel more comfortable if you can figure out how to go downtown on your own without getting lost & be open to new experiences. It’s never a good attitude to resign yourself and say “this stinks”- realize that culture and lifestyle are different everywhere. Try to be adaptive.  ALSO, there are some great mobile apps that can help you find a good coffee shop or restaurant or store on the go- I like Urban Spoon, or even Foursquare. Google also has a walking GPS app- very helpful. Good luck! It sounds like you are fitting in already!

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Just like PPs have already mentioned – New York is fast paced to say the least, and for us taking things slow and being super-duper friendly to every living creature in this planet is just unnecessary. 

I almost jog walking down the streets because I feel like I am always late for something – work, lunch, train. Not to mention that 99% of the time I have my earphones on and either listening to music or talking to someone so I could care less about my surroundings. 

I personally get bored out of my mind whenever I travel outside of New York State. I remember a couple of trips to Florida and the cabbies would talk to my bf and I and ask questions and we were just thinking “ok, enough”. Unnecessary.

And don’t get too worried about others in general. Focus on enjoying your time here and checking out all the wonderful things NYC has to offer. Get a map and a guide and you should be just fine! Also if you find yourself in Midtown, check out Park Avenue – it is very pretty this time of year. I’m a little biased because that’s where I work πŸ™‚

I understand how all the rushing around and “rude” people can get to you but you’ll b e home safe soon. πŸ™‚ 


Good luck!

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I haven’t heard great things about the food. I heard that they use Ocean Spray juice for drinks instead of fresh pressed juices. Also, the brunch is in the lobby, and there’s no ambiance. Curt waitstaff, too.

I think the Waldorf is anti-climactic and overpriced, and there are way more interesting places to eat in the city (especially if you live here!).

By The Way I have a ton of friends in Glendale. I went to UCI for a year. πŸ™‚


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I don’t know of any all you can eat breakfast buffet’s in NYC. I feel like New York is just not that kind of place. The only buffets I know of are Brazillian ones for dinner. Maybe they do breakfast? If you’re ever craving a ton of meat, check out one of the Brazilian buffets in midtown. They’re delicious.

There are some pretty amazing brunch places in the city, though.

Jane on West Houston is pretty delicious. http://www.yelp.com/biz/jane-new-york-2

I’ve also heard amazing things about Calle Ocho, but I’ve never been there

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NYC is definitely a different culture. When I moved here, I came from the midwest. NY’ers are definitely always in a hurry so as friendly as I normally am, the one thing that does get on my nerves is when someone is walking very slowly or is not paying attention and I can’t get to where I want in time. But then again, I habitually run late everywhere so I always feel on the run–NYC agrees with  me in that way. NY has a different kind of friendly–some cab drivers will talk to you, others won’t. We’re in the Bronx now, but I’ve also lived on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and Brooklyn. One of my favorite cab drivers now actually remembers where we go when we manage to catch him. But especially in the city, I’ve noticed that a lot of them have such short fares that it’s more in and out for them and less conversation. I remember the first time I tried to get a coffee or sandwhich from the bodega and everyone kept cutting in line. It took me a little while to realize that I had to be assertive or I was never going to order–they don’t just wait for you to tell them what they want. But in many ways, it’s also a collection of very small communities. The guy who sells flowers at the bodega on the corner, the vendor at the fruit stand, the dry cleaner down the street–those are the people who would regularly smile back at me, give me a little nod, and at times pop their head out to talk. Sometimes, it’s those people who tend to be the friendliest in the city. I had a whole discussion with someone at a fruit cart one day shortly after I moved where he was trying to figure out where I was from because my smile and attitude was a clear indicator that I was not from NY. I love the city  now–I’m not sure I want to stay here forever because the cost of living is a little high once we have a family, but for what it is, I love it. There are a lot of really friendly people in the city and some great and very supportive communities–you just have to take a little time to find them and to adjust to a very big cultural change. Good luck and enjoy the city.

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I saw the name of this thread and just had to read it.  I’m going on my 8th year in NY, and while I love it, I definitely have those days where i just get so tired of fighting for every little thing.  I would like to just once commute to work without any other human touching me.  Way too much to ask, I know πŸ™‚ 

@jayebaby – glad to see that you finally found some good things about NYC mixed in with the bad. 

And I’m glad to see so much NYC love from my fellow NYers!

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