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Awww!! Sorry you feel that way! I don’t know about weight loss shows, but How to Look Good Naked is a nice confidence booster about loving the body you’re in. I don’t think they make it anymore, but I prefer the UK version.

I think you know that waiting for a treadmill is an excuse! Buy a good dvd that you can work through. Should be cheap. I adore Michelle Bridges (she’s Aussie) and never get  bored with her (I have three that I alternate through). There’s also heaps of apps and youtube clips with easy, no equipment workouts.

Alternatively, get outside for a walk and get some fresh air (weather dependent). It’s nice and grounding and helps get those mood enhancing endorphins going!

Don’t think too much about it. The key is just to get dressed and do it!

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I recommend the My Fitness Pal app on your phone for losing weight, it’s calorie counting. While exercise is certainly important for fitness and strength, from what I’ve read losing weight is more about what you eat.

Back to exercise though, I don’t think you need money to get fit. You don’t need a treadmill if you can run outside. As PP said, look up exercises to do online as well. If you can save up a little bit of cash, you could buy say 3 x personal training sessions (and you can often get discounts on your first few) and use them to learn how to work out effectively on your own. 

Good luck and try not to talk yourself out of it with excuses ๐Ÿ™‚

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I canceled my gym member ship as well so i could save more money. It was a very expensive gym but i am either going to go with a cheaper gym or work out at home. See whe. It comes to workin out there are endless ways. Go take a walk and maybe start running for about 30 seconds then walk and run. Thats how i started to run and it worked. At first ot seemed as i would never get good at it but with time it works. Look at videos on YouTube there are many. Also look up exercises without using weights and machine.  Trust me you dont need fancy equipment to lose weight. 

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Glockbaby93:  I’m not sure what there weather is like where you live, but can you walk outside? That is as good as a treadmill. You can also look up excercise videos on youtube and follow along with those. Beginner’s yoga is good.

Keeping a food diary is helpful. I think it is good to look at making changes for the sake of wellness first, before you start serious dieting. It is easier to give up junk food and replace chips with apples or carrots if you don’t associate it with weight loss. It is too easy to say “I only lost a pound ths week? Screw it, give me the chips!” 

So start small. try slowly cutting out junk and replacing it with healthier food. Shoot for 20 minutes of exercise a day, even if it is just marching in place for 20 minutes while you watch TV. I know you said you have insurance issues, but once yu have insurance again, definately see a doctor and maybe a nutritionist. Both will be able to help you with an eating and exercise plan.

Good luck!

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Glockbaby93:  I started out at that weight last February and am the same height as you. I found a recumbent bike online for about $170 and I do that for about 10-13 hours a week (I know that sounds ridiculous…but hey, I can watch TV and do that!) I have also tried to limit carbs at least during the week…I’m bad on weekends because hey, french fries keep me sane! I also cut down on the booze during the weeks. So basically Sunday – Thursday it’s been salads and soups and being grumpy! But, I did lose 25 lbs. I’ve kind of leveled out now and am stuck at 215 but I know I have to look into changing up my routine and we’re thinking about a cheap weight/workout set for muscle toning. I have also added some arm workouts with some 8 lb weights now while I’m doing the bike and a 20 minute ab video.

You most likely will struggle at the begining. I unfondly remember the first 2-3 months of this. I would do all of this working out (maybe not quite as many hours at first) and see no results. After about month 3 is when it started happening so don’t get discouraged because that’s so easy to fall into! Just keep at it. I was exactly where you were, I didn’t want to have sex because of my body and I just hated myself. My Fiance ended up being right lol – he said “You can either be grumpy because you don’t feel good about yourself, or you can be grumpy cause you’re a little hungry and cranky!” Might as well give it a go! Not sure if these things would work for you but don’t give up, it’ll eventually start to happen! Good luck!

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Glockbaby93: I found that the 5 & 2 ‘lifestyle’ not sure it’s really a ‘diet’ helped me to move back to my adult set weight after I had gained roughly 10Kg over 18 months. It’s not for everyone, but I found it okay, fairly flexible…I had five days of normal, sensible eating (so my social life wasn’t ruined) and fasted on two (low energy) days.

Generally eating better and often eating less (though not always!) makes the difference. If you’re changing what you eat and adding exercise at the same time it can really help to measure your body in different places (thighs, hips, waist, bust, arms etc), not every healthy change translates to a change on the scales, you might get heavier before you get lighter if you’re building muscle but if you’re losing inches off your tummy you’ll know it’s still good. Don’t weigh yourself all the time (that’s the best way to get discouraged), just make healthy choices/changes and trust that it’s going to work eventually. After the first few bumps you should be feeling better either way, exercise and clean eating is good for the mood.

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Glockbaby93:  You may find this post on gymless exercises interesting http://lifehacker.com/5839197/how-to-get-a-full-body-workout-with-nothing-but-your-body 

Please don’t hate your body, it does an amazing job. If you want, work to support it in doing that job, by looking after it as best you can. Every body is different so there will be some trial and error. Just do what you can and hopefully you will have a healthier body and a happier you. Good luck! 

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Jillian Michaels has some great videos you can easily do at home.

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Glockbaby93:  Losing weight is absolutely more about what you eat. I suggest using myfitnesspal to track your calories. You can even enter your weight, choose how much you want to lose a week, and it will tell you how many calories you can eat a day. 

I lost 20 pounds before wedding purely through my diet, with very little exercise. A treadmill wont be the magic answer if you continue to eat poorly. 

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Check out Blogilates! She puts out a calendar every month with youtube videos to do each day. You don’t need anything for 99% of her videos! (Except maybe a yoga mat which is inexpensive!) She’s really good at making it fun.  

Here’s the link to her beginner calendar. Her workouts are tough so you might want to start slow but just do what you can and follow the calendar as it works for you. 



On the other hand diet is really important. I like the app LoseIt for tracking everything and it has a nice community with challenges and such to help keep you motivated. It really has to be a lifestyle change… so do it slowly. Change 1 thing at a time – even if it’s just switching out soda for water and walking in place while you watch tv. 


You don’t need a treadmill or a gym membership, i promise. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Honestly weight loss / gain is at least 80% diet, maybe 20% exercise.  I second the recommendation for My Fitness Pal on your phone.  Get serious about tracking what you put in your mouth, keep your caloric totals below your daily metabolic requirement for weight maintenance, and I guarantee you will lose weight!  Turn your frustration into action!  Good luck  xoxo

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Glockbaby93:  i have been where you are and i absolutely understand how hard it is to even motivate yourself to change when you don’t love yourself, and you don’t feel like you have the resources. i have good news though ๐Ÿ™‚

you don’t need that treadmill, girl! start walking around the block, or use some online workout videos–just go on youtube and you can find zumba, yoga, cardio, stuff for every age group and level. totally free! and as another poster said, start logging your food with myfitnesspal. you can even add us bees (seriously, the bees are amazing and supportive and would be glad to help) as friends! 

i know firsthand that a lot of times it’s a vicious cycle when you’re feeling down about yourself–you eat some junk, then you start regretting it or feeling worse about yourself, so you eat more junk as comfort food, and it keeps repeating. it’s so hard. but start small. here’s what i did: i swapped breakfast for a smoothie. i still ate what i normally did for lunch and dinner, but i swapped breakfast and i started drinking a glass of water for every coke i had. pretty soon i wanted more water and less cokes. about 3 months later, i swapped junky lunch for a salad; i let myself have cheese and croutons and whatever veggies i wanted in it, and however much i wanted, and i even ate dressing! i figured that no matter how many toppings i put on that salad, it was still way better than the taco bell big box i would’ve eaten. after another 3 months or so (and i was losing weight by this point), dinner from burger king wasn’t nearly as appetizing when my first 2 meals were healthy and satisfying. so i made my last swap: dinner went from whoppers to a healthy lean meat, some veggies, and a starch. 

once i’d lost about 20 lbs literally just from eating better, i felt more able to exercise; i went for walks to start. i committed to 20 minutes a day (seriously, that’s about as much time as 1 episode of the office on netflix), and gradually increased as i felt able. after i lost about 60 lbs, i was much more in control. at that point i was able to get a job at a curves, and so i got to workout for free with my clients which helped lose the last 40; even if you don’t have that last little perk thrown in, you can still add some body weight exercises and higher intensity cardio to your routine by just sticking with the different videos available on youtube.

i know my post is probably really long, i’m sorry about that. but i know you can change if you choose to and we are here to help support you! ๐Ÿ™‚ just take it one day at a time.

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Losing your job can really hurt your self-esteem and motivation. Can you join/start a job hunting group, volunteer, or get a crappy temporary job until you find something better?

I find sitting around the house with nothing to do is so depressing.  Getting up, getting dressed, and routinely getting out of the house can make you feel better about life and about yourself.  

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You dont need a treadmill.  The thing to do is to change your diet and increase activity levels (gently!)

I follow these rules.  I have porridge for breakfast every morning with a spoon of honey and a glass of orange juice.  For lunch I have my main meal (its a good canteen buffet).  I only take one plate (unless there is fruit available I take a small! plate for that).   I fill the plate with half salad, some nuts and seeds and a bit of vinaigrette on that.  Then its one quarter carbs (usually the equivalent of a small potatoe) and one quarter protein (often the vegetarian option).  I take either potatoes/rice/bread.  I never take more than one of these carb options.  

I dont eat again until the evening when lately I am having a greek salad (feta, cucumber and good tomatoes) and I have either a slice of bread or a mince pie.  I have cut down the alcohol to once a week (but christmas will put an end to that!)

I also cycle to work.  ITs only 3km so its not much, but better than nothing.  I would like to tone up and build more core strength now.  

You will need to eat more than that now… but the rules will help.  Also, get/use smaller plates!  Eat clean food where you can.  Try cut back on the processed foods as much as possible.  

I am not saying it will work for you but its a routine for me and I have my rules eg, one source of carbs only in a meal.  Its the carbs and the sugary things that are the killer.  You dont need to cut them out but cutting back really helps.  

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