(Closed) Why is your ring important to you?

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Busy bee
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To answer the title question, it’s important to me because of the great person that got it for me. But reading everything you said, maybe she feels that it’s obvious that she’s happy to have gotten a great guy? I don’t really like to ever sound like I’m bragging, so I don’t run around telling people how happy he makes me, etc. I was pretty excited to get my ring appraised because then it meant I could get insurance on it (I already knew how much it cost, so it wasn’t like I was trying to “find out” or whatever), so I didn’t have to worry about something bad happening to it. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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If its an expensive ring, I can see why she’d want to run out and get it appraised an insured.  But I do think you’re over thinking it.  To me, it was already going in the direction of getting married and spending my life with this person, it was gradual and building to that point.  The ring and planning more sudden.. no ring one second, ring the next,and then real planning -> excitement.  Besides, how would you show excitement for your guy?  Brag about him?  Talk about your life together?  Not really, the excitement you feel about spending your life together probably comes through in the excitement of wedding planning and being engaged, which the ring is the symbol of.

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Sugar bee
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It’s important for sentimental reasons and I also like that its a way to visually “share” that I’m married. As far as your comment about her getting her ring appraised, I didn’t wear mine until it was appraised and properly insured. I would be psycho until I knew it was safe! 

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Bumble bee
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I love my ring because: 1. It is a symbol of our future marriage, and our commitment we made to one another even though we have a long road ahead of us to marriage, 2. I think it is the most beautiful and perfect ring in the whole wide world, and 3. It didn’t cost that much! (Relatively speaking)

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Honey bee
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I’m bad…  I’ve had my ring since July and haven’t had it appraised yet!  

I agree somewhat on what you say.  I see a lot of girls (on here and other places) spend too much time bragging about the carrot and size of their ring, or who are getting to annoyed that their SO who they love and trust isn’t propossing to them this second.  Personally I know very little about my ring.  It was my FI’s grandmothers and I plan on getting it appraised once we have the bands (one appraisal appointment!) and will be excited to learn more about my ring at that time.  I think shes just very excited about everything to do and about being engaged.  I love my Fiance and would be marring him even if I didn’t have a ring right now.  But if I’m taking about wedding planning I’m generally not going to talk about how much I love my Fiance.  He knows how much I love him and thats all that matters! 

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I LOVE my ring b/c

It’s represents DH’s desire to provide something precious for me (since a diamond is a precious stone) b/c I’m so precious to his life!

^what he told me about why it was important to him & that’s now why it’s important to me.

We got my ring through a wholesaler so I was excited to get the appraisal just to see how much we saved! lol

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Blushing bee
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I think you’re over thinking the situation.  I don’t think most people gush about the fiance if you’re talking wedding stuff.  It seems like people gush about the venue or the dress or other details.  Unless you were talking about the proposal or a marriage, I would be surprised if she was talking about how amazing it was to be engaged to the guy and how incredible he was, etc.  Maybe I’m just not very romantic or sentimental though.

I think getting the ring appraised and gushing about the fiance are totally separate things.  You said you didn’t have a ring several months into the engagement, but as soon as you got the ring, didn’t you appraise it so you could insure it?  My ring was insured immediately because my fiance was sure that it would end up somewhere in the garden before the first month was out. I would never wear my ring if it wasn’t insured.  It just seems like she’s being responsible to me. 

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Sugar bee
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I got engaged without a ring, so clearly, although I love my rings like no other, I would be content with a twist tie on my finger just so long as I could be with my husband, lol. I still haven’t taken my rings to be appraised…guess I should do that one of these days!

Has your coworker been with her Fiance a long time? Sometimes if people have been waiting ages for a proposal, they’re so relieved when it finally happens that they just go into hyper detail mode and gush about all the things they can finally do (and wear, lol) now that it’s official. Doesn’t mean she cares about her Fiance any less, just that she’s really, really, REALLY excited to be a bride.

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Sugar Beekeeper

@pinkshoes:  If its an expensive ring, I can see why she’d want to run out and get it appraised an insured.  But I do think you’re over thinking it.

I was just thinking this myself. My ring was appraised and insured before it even came home from the jewelers. It is the just the safe and smart thing to do and the sooner the better.

I have to say that you are overthinking it a bit. If she had been discussing the value of her ring, how much she thought it was worth etc that is one thing. To mention that she is going to have an appraisal isn’t really an over the top thing to mention within a conversation. I certainly wouldn’t have put any thought into it.

For me my ring is important because it represents how far we have come as a couple and as individuals. We both have worked hard and set a five year plan in motion that is paying off for us both with success at work and with each other.

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Buzzing bee

@soon2bnixon:  I don’t know if you’re overthinking things, but it was extremely important to my FH and I to immediately get my e-ring appraised and get insurance on it.  We’re pretty risk averse people, and I’d just rather be safe than sorry!  I’ve heard of stories of women losing their e-rings and I didn’t want to be without insurance.  Especially when you’re looking at the value of the ring that could very well be tens of thousands of dollars.  I don’t know what your co-worker was thinking, but I know that you can put a lot of importance and a priority on getting your ring appraised/insured, but still care upmost for your FH and the new life that you’re about to start together. 🙂

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Busy bee
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Well, some people want a wedding and some people want to be married.  There is a big difference.

My ring is special to me because it represents not only me, but our two children as well (it is a three-stone ring).  The fact that my husband put that much thought into something very simple not only astounds me, but reminds me of why we are married to begin with.  

I still haven’t had my ring appraised!

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Sugar bee

Some people want a wedding AND to be married. I mean, the reason I think we’re all on the Bee is because we want a wedding and want to talk about all of the details that encompasses. I am excited to be married to and spend my life with my Fiance for sure, but when I talk to friends it’s allllll about the details of the day! And I don’t think that means I don’t love him or have my priorities in the wrong place.

The ring is here and now. The wedding is here and now. You said it yourself: marriage is a lifetime. There’s a lifetime ahead of us to be married to our SOs and wallow in the happiness that stems forth from that. Right now? I wanna talk sparkly jewelry and centerpieces!

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