(Closed) Why Moissanite over a diamond? Or diamond over Moissanite. Post your stone

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Helper bee

I’m glad you asked, I’d never heard of them before here so I’m curious too 🙂 

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1234sophia:  I don’t have a stone yet but I’m getting a Forever Brilliant moissanite because it’s much cheaper than the same sized diamond. It’ll take a few years to save and then we’ll switch it out for a real diamond. My friend got a moissanite for the same reason but she’s not planning on changing hers out. Hers hasn’t developed the dreaded! moissanite stain yet, if that happens she said she may want to, although she’d have to go much smaller. I know a popular reason people sayfor moissanite choice is ethics but I see ethical diamonds advertised all the time and moissanite is faceted in poor countries. Plus the jewelry metal has issues. Seeing those comments has made me more aware and when I get my ring, I may look for recycled metal and a used moissy so I don’t contribute.

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1234sophia:  I originally had a moissy in my ring. I choose it because I wanted a certain sized stone and I wasn’t comfortable spending 6-7k on it for the diamond. I thought if I could try it and pocket the 6-7k then why not try it out for the $300 it cost for a FB moissy. I also loved how much it sparkled. What I didn’t know at the time was that: 1) I am color sensitive and 2) it’s really easy to get your moissy to look like a diamond in some lightings, but nearly impossible in other lightings. <br />As friends that I worked with got engaged, I realized that my stone had a slight yellow tint  (equivalent to an I/J diamond) and lost its sparkle, where their F/G/H diamonds were bright white in the same lighting.

So after a year I switched out to a diamond. My setting was already recycled metal and my stone was sustainably mined so I don’t have any ethics concerns. I’m completely happy with my choice to switch. I don’t think one is better or worse than the other, it just wasn’t for me.

Here’s a close up before I got the stone switched. The one in the setting on my ring finger is a FB moissy and the one in the tension stone holder on my middle finger is a diamond (specs: G, 1.02 ct, IF, Excellent Cut, GIA). The lighting is horrible midwestern grey, sitting in my car about to leave work.

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1234sophia:  I have a 2ct. Forever Brilliant moissanite engagement ring with a 5 stone 3mm moissanite band. I too had found out about the stone on here and was thrilled! To me, I liked the cost, super-rainbowy-ness, that I could get a large stone for a good price, it’s flawless, and that it’s still a “forever” stone. So to me, it was just as good as getting a diamond…and I could have never gotten a diamond that looks like this! I don’t think I would have felt comfortable with him spending thousands on one stone and I really, reeeeeeaaally love my e-ring and wedding band. After these purchases, I don’t think I will ever go back to diamonds just because I love the shine of moissanites and that they are forever. I have experienced the “oil slick” on the top of my stone but I have the cloth from Charles & Colvard and clean it regularly. You have to choose what you’d feel comfortable with. I think some ladies just prefer diamonds and have a hard time of getting over the idea that their engagement ring is not, though you do see a lot more alternatives on here now adays!

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I chose a moissanite because I think the prices of diamonds are ridiculous, and I didn’t want to partake in an artificial industry arising from a clever marketing campaign. The only way in which a diamond is superior to a moissanite is in hardness – and that small difference to me does not justify doubling the price. Even if I were extremely wealthy, I just can’t see the point in dropping over $1000 on any stone. The $500 for my moissanite seemed silly enough, but Fiance is quite traditional, so having an ering meant a lot to him. And I do love mine, of course – even more so because of its practicality. I don’t intend to ever switch my ring for anything.

I truly don’t mean to cause offense to diamond lovers, or to sound judgmental. If a diamond means something to you, then it’s worth it to spend the money if it brings you joy. It just doesn’t mean anything to me. 

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Helper bee

I have owned a diamond wedding set for well over 10 years. In my search for a new wedding set for our upcoming vow renewal I came across Moissanite. Upon lots of research on the bee and other various sites I decided this stone was for me and my upgrade. I think it’s a beautiful stone and sparkles like crazy and the price is unbeatable so why not! We could afford another diamond but after ordering some loose moissy stones I totally fell in love !  🙂


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A diamond is just what happened to be in the ring he designed. I had no say in it, and I doubt he has ever heard of Moissanite.

ETA: I just asked him what he thought Moissanite was and he guessed a space ship.

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Yeah, I had never heard of Moissanite until I came here.. It does seem like a more afforadable option for many people.. I’ll admit I find myself wondering if rings I see on younger ladies are diamonds after learning about Moissanite. 

It doesn’t matter to me what anyone else has-personally I wouldn’t spend the money on a Moissanite if I were going with an alternate stone.. I’d go for an emerald or ruby.  But that’s just me! 

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I had 1.5+carat diamond.  Years ago my husband gave me moissanite earrings,  and I thought they were so beautiful. So much more fire than my diamond.   Fast forward, 20th anniversary,  husband wanted to get me a new diamond.  I said no, I’ve waited years to get a moissanite ring.  Got the first one,  then I bought the OEC cut, which I like even more.  I love moissanite. 

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I’ve known about Moissanite for a while, long before I joined WB. The first time I saw one I was completely WOWed by the sparkle. I remember calling my mom just to tell her about this gorgeous stone. I’ll always be a diamond girl though, because they come from nature. Man made anything, whether it’s Moissanite or a lab created diamond, just doesn’t hold equal value for me personally. I know a lot of ladies are madly in love with their Moissy’s and wouldn’t want anything else. It doesn’t matter what stone you have as long as you’re proud to wear it.

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I dont have a moissy or a diamond, but were I to get one, I’d get a moissanite. 

1. I like the fire power they have.

2. They’re cheaper (I find the price of diamonds to be absolutely ridiculous.)

3. I think the colored ones are prettier than colored diamonds. 

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molokoa:  lol, That is adorable!

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I’m pretty sure I want a sapphire, but if I decide on a clear stone it will be a moissanite for sure! SO is adorable, he thinks I deserve a diamond, but I’ve told him I won’t let him spend that much. I’d rather have a bigger stone than a real diamond 😉 Maybe a RHR in the future! I’m very frugal and the idea of spending thousands on a small stone is crazy to me (but no judgment to others – it’s just not my mindset!). 

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I didn’t have a ring and hubby wanted to get me one. When researching rings I fell upon moissanite and fell in love. I like it’s rainbow colors and how beautiful it is. Also how much more affordable it is.. I figured save the money we would spend on a big diamond for a family vacation! Here’s mine… It’s super white too! 

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