(Closed) Why moissanite???

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Buzzing bee
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I strongly encourage you to search for some past threads and open-mindedly read the opinions presented there. These threads often turn into unpleasantness around page 2, so I’ll keep my own opinions out of this particular one. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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A) to get a bigger stone you couldn’t afford in diamond

B) because it is cheaper than a diamond. 

Also, some people say they like the stone better because it sparkles different.

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Or perhaps they just didn’t want and have no inclination to get a diamond engagement ring. I know I don’t and instead, I looked at getting lab-created stones for my two rings. Different strokes for different folks Smile

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I like the look of it better, it’s ethically manufactured, it’s a better price, it’s precision cut, no worries about clouding/inclusions, it’s super sparkly, cool origins. I had a diamond and sold it to get a moissanite, I don’t think I’ll ever buy diamonds again unless they are antique cut or fancy colored.

Plus you can love diamonds and still appreciate moissanite, vice versa.

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Busy bee
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Everyone has different opinions. I have moissanite and I like the fact that it’s something pretty and sparkly on my finger. It doesn’t look exactlty like a diamond, but it’s close enough for me. Personally, I like the fact that moissanite gives me more sparkle+finger coverage for my money, so I can get the look I really want without spending a small fortune.

Many people have very strong opinions on both sides of this topic. And that’s totally okay. But I think it’s important to accept that other people have different opinions from you, even if you don’t understand or agree with their reasons.

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Bumble Beekeeper

They’re sparkly.  Girls like sparkly things.  They’re less expensive than diamonds.  People like saving money.  I’m not sure what else you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around, here?

I have a hard time understanding why people like onions, but some people LOVE them and I’ve learned in my 30 years of wisdom that sometimes people like different things.

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Busy bee
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I share the diamond view with you… as do a lot of Bees. The Moissy bees tend to be very vocal but there are several threads, too about those who disagree with it (especially when people pass it off whether directly or indirectly as a diamond). Out of respect for all bees choices and the fact there are many threads on it I won’t go further.

Basically there are very strong opinons on both sides, and at some point you have to agree to disagree.

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@thenextmrsi:  Not everyone wants a diamond. Not everyone is willing to get a smaller stone just to be able to say it’s a diamond. 

The reign of diamonds was based on an advertising campaign. As someone who works in advertising, I am both in awe of this and simultaneously expect more of myself than to be suckered in by it.

For all practical purposes, moissanite is just as good as diamonds, assuming you like the aesthetic. They’re nearly as hard, tough, and durable. They’re nearly as white. And let’s face it, anyone who’s looking at moissanite or a sim for purely financial reasons doesn’t have a choice between a white, clear diamond or a moissy/sim. They have the choice between yellow, included, poorly cut and/or tiny diamond, and moissy/sim. Even a sub-par 1/4 carat in the simplest setting imaginable is $500 at Jared. That’s $400 more than some bees’ budgets. 

Just like we aren’t all willing to shell out for a luxury sedan when a Toyota or Kia will get us from point A to point B just as well, some of us aren’t willing to shell out big bucks for a diamond just because society/some commercials tell us we should, when there are certainly cheaper/more practical avenues to let the world know you’re engaged.

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@thenextmrsi:  I share your diamond loving view, but I am trying to be more open minded regarding moissy stones. I said something quite rude in a thread about a week ago, and felt bad for insulting moissanite (ergo lots of nice ladies and their rings). I still don’t quite understand why people would get it vs. a diamond, but I chalk it up to different strokes for different folks. I logically understand the reasons, but I am so in love with diamonds that I’d never consider anything but a diamond. And I have to admit moissy stones are pretty.

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Honey bee
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I would like a moissy because it’s pretty and sparkly, and because I’m not comfortable with how expensive diamonds are.

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Helper bee
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You can’t always guarantee that a diamond isn’t a blood diamond or unethical. The Kimberly process is not perfect.

Moissanite has more fire than a diamond. Some women like that.

What if a woman really wants a large colorless stone and can’t afford that in a diamond? 

The diamond industry is responsible for making women think diamonds are rare. They’re not rare at all, and the price is too high for a stone that everyone has. I think diamonds are beautiful, and own diamond pieces, but the price is pretty ridiculous (for me, personally!).

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Well for me there’s a C.) I think they’re prettier than diamonds.

Also, just because it’s fair trade doesn’t mean it’s ethical. Mining still does environmental damage. Some ladies want to avoid this and get lab stones with recycled metal.

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Sugar bee
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@Juliepants:  +1

I also agree with what @Taeyers: said.  Search here for some prior threads on this topic.  You will find all different opinions about moissanite on them.  These types of threads never end well.

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@Juliepants:  I feel the same way as you about onions

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