Why moissy?

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nous2 :  

I orginally wanted a colored stone, but FH didn’t think it was “weddingy” enough for his judgy family. I would have been content for them to look down their noses, but appearances are pretty important to him. 

I’ve never really understood the hub-bub about diamonds. Yeah, they’re pretty but, like.. not THAT pretty. Given my druthers i would far rather have a Tanzanite or Montana Sapphire. 

Knowing what I do about the provenance of diamonds, I just feel like I have no desire to participate in the diamond industrial complex. They have no greater inherent value than other gems, and the wildly inflated price is just absurd, in my opinion. 

Moissy is hard and has more of the fire that makes diamonds interesting in the first place. When I found out the original substance that spawned them came from space I was sold; my daughter’s middle name means “Of the stars” 

I love my moissy and would never even wear a diamond of equivalent size; it would just stress me out too much. 

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nous2 :  

Not gonna lie bee same as  most it cheap compare to real

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I have a diamond for my original wedding set so I’m like why waste money on one for secondary rings? I like jewelry and sparkle and moissanite scratches the itch with an easier price tag. I will never get rid of my original set but I like having options.

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nous2 :  I’m terrible at taking photos of my ring but will try and get a decent one

Moissanite is not common at all in the UK. It’s mostly diamonds and gemstones like sapphire, and CZ for “simulant. I tell everyone who ask what my ring is, and no one has heard of it

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nous2 :  after fi proposed with my mums ring (very 80’s) we bought the diamond (0.20ish carat?) we could afford but it felt too small on my finger and didn’t have the presence of an engagement ring on my finger.  Couldn’t afford a bigger diamond, and Fiance was dead set against coloured stones (i wanted sapphire) so i trawled the second hand moissy stores and found my beauty 0.75 equiv in 14k gold for $250 australian.  My wedding band was $150 so my whole set was $400 jewelry is not really my thing so i was very meh about the whole thing.

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I never heard of mossanite until recently. I wish I had, I would not have gotten a diamond. Marketing has created how we look at diamonds and made it a status thing. Diamonds are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but the cost! Yikes! So when looking to potentially upgrade, I heard about moissanite. I wanted something just as durable (moissy is 9.25 on the MOHS and a diamond is 10), has sparkle, and white/clear. A mossanite is harder than a lot of your other gemstones. It doesn’t bother me that it is lab created either and I would educate others on it being a mossanite, not a diamond, if asked. Yes, it’s true that moissy or anything lab created really has no resale value. A jewelry store won’t even entertain it. But recently I went around asking how much I can get for my diamond. I got anywhere from $500 to $1000 and it was appraised at around $3000. The Moissy I got was $200. So yes, if I want to upgrade I will lose 100% of that $200, but that is nothing compared to what you would lose on a diamond. Overall it is a completely personal preference as a diamond does have a different overall look than a moissy. Both are beautiful!!! Here is my diamond and the hearts and arrows moissy:

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Honestly, mainly curious. I already owned diamonds in various other gifts, my mom had diamonds, everyone had diamonds. I wanted to get some moissanite and verify with my own eyes how well they stood up!

When we went to try on rings, we both agreed 0.5ct was the best look for me. With this size requirement, price was absolutely not an issue. For less than $2000 you can get the very best diamond in this size (source: Whiteflash “A Cut Above” inventory – imo superior to Tiffany’s).

Also that year I just saw the “blood diamond” movie so, diamonds were a bit ruined for me… haha (I’ve since gotten “over” it when I realized how pretty much EVERYTHING we do ruins the planet ANYWAY, which sucks but I wanna live).

Instead of spending on the stone, we got a beautiful custom setting from the legendary Mark Morrell!

This particular moissanite stone itself is also meaningful to me, as it’s one of a limited batch that has the word “Mira” engraved inside, which happens to be the name of a dear friend of mine. I will never, ever replace any part of this ring.

For us, moissanite was not a compromise. I own bigger diamond rings (random gifts), but still reach for this delicate moissy most. I think it’s really cool that you have that connection with your FI’s bulletproof vests!

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nous2 :  20171227_17374120171227_17384120180110_154757Yes, I know I am driving in this pic. I’ve been heckled about it (rightfully so) and this is not a recent picture. I promise I am no longer driving and snapping pics. 🙂

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nous2 :  you’ve convinced me!! I will order it! It’s going to be an alternative wedding set as my fingers seem to react to my rose gold on and off. I would like a 3 stone bezel set moissanite ring as a RHR but will have to convince hubby to get me one as a birthday pressie in the future I think. He’s a bit alarmed by my obsession with rings……

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The ridiculous prices for diamonds is what originally turned me onto moissanite, and I’m so glad we chose to go that direction! Fiance took some convincing, but there were so many more pros to moissanite over diamonds, that he was easy to turn. I mean…the only pro to a diamond is the fact that it’s a diamond. And for what I wanted, we would easily be spending $15,000. I know some bees chose to do that, but to me…it’s inane to spend that amount of money on a rock. So we got the perfect ring for us and I’m beyond happy! 

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