(Closed) Why SHOULD childless women do longer hours to cover for working mothers?

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t have children but I do work in a school so the only time I can take holidays is during school holiday time. This means that some of the holidays my fiancé has to take is during the holidays. He can take holiday pretty much whenever apart from Christmas and over the Easter weekend. But it is probably still slightly awkward for him as people may question “why? You don’t have children”

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Helper bee

Im sure there are some business out there that pander to individuals but tht article is generalising.

My 11 year old was unwell today so she came to work with me and layed on the couch in the tea room all day (that said, if she was too unwell, Id keep her home so no judgement, Im a good mum).

We work as a team and HATE to take any time off as we know what it puts our co workers through.

If you cant work full time because of your commitments to parenthood well then dont. simple.


My ONLY gripe is choosing annual leave – ALWAYS trying for school holidays (obviously) and when childless co workers book out the same time frame without ANY need to do so (no neices, nephews, cheaper hols – as if during hols etc etc)

Think this is a media stir..

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Bumble Beekeeper

We are CBC and we both get the same assumption from our respective workplaces You don’t have kids so therefore you have last preference for holidays. You don’t have kids so you can work back. It is very annoying. My requests for leave at christmas time is always knocked back due to preference given to collegaues with children. It doesn’t matter if I put my leave request in first either.

If I turn down weekend/night work then I have to justify it or am made to feel guilty by both bosses and collegaues because they have families. I have a family too, my H and I and don’t we deserve to be allowed to take holidays when we want or not work overtime if it doesn’t suit

Also if your child is ill enough to stay home from school FFS don’t bring them into the office to infect me. It is bad enough with workers coming in when they should stay home.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t have kids, but if I want a holiday that happens to fall in the school holidays and I put my notice in first, tough titties, it isn’t fair if I have to give up my holiday for someone that chose to have children. 


As to working back, as long as everyone is working hard and pulling their weight…

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Bumble bee
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I havent had bad experience myself but a friend of mine in admin who was single at the time had it so bad like older married women with or without children ALWAYS had her stay later for odd jobs that needed to be done. They claimed that everyone else had families. It is a discrimination that one. She got sick of it and left eventually.

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Busy bee
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I have a similar experience. I have never been turned down for vacation time, but I get interrogated by my boss every time I put in for it. It’s especially true if I’m trying to extend a long weekend, IE this year I took off the Thurs and Fri before Memorial Day weekend. My counterparts with kids, however, automatically take off all school vacations without any questions. I don’t get denied time (oh the hell I would raise….) but it would be nice not to have to justify why I need it. I don’t want to be at work those days. That’s all you need to know. I have the PAL hours to cover it, that should be the end of the conversation.

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Sugar bee
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Oh gawwwd the Daily Hate Mail. I should have known.

That said, for once I think I agree with that awful Hopkins woman. I am a childless woman – I have absolutely no desire to give up holidays or to stay late just because I have made a choice not to pump out a baby yet.

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Worker bee

As a Canberran, I LOVE working school holidays… In fact I love working any holidays. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE EVERYONE ONE ELSE LEAVES! No joke, every long weekend, every school holidays, every christmas shutdown, Canberra becomes a ghost town. So my 45 minute commute becomes 25-30 mins max. Lines to buy lunch? Gone. Annoying people hogging the printer/kitchen/toliets at work? Gone. 


Its paradise. 




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Busy bee
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I think this is a pretty big generalization. I know lots of people with kids who work evenings, holidays, etc, and they don’t make a big stink about it. They take fair turns working those shifts like everyone else in their workplace does. I’m sure there are exceptions, but lets not treat this like it’s always true because some child-hating crazy lady is trying to make media hype about it.


Also, some people do try to give back. Once my siblings and I were in high school my dad started volunteering to work Christmas day and other holidays so that the younger guys at his work could have the day at home, since people were always helping him out when he had little kids. 

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Sugar bee
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@ZebraPrintMe:  Haha, no it’s fine! It’s a total guilty pleasure of mine! It’s sort of the Jeremy Vine of newspapers.

That said, I can’t believe my parents still buy it – they like the TV magazine on a Saturday – after they totally made up a load of stuff about a criminal investigation my dad was working on, and then refused to retract it.

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Sugar bee
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I haven’t had to experience this YET but I’m CBC so I’m quite sure I’ll have to eventually. I definitely think bosses cater to parents and it IS discrimination. I just hope I don’t have to deal with it for a long time! I have banker’s hours so I get pretty much all holidays off anyway =) But extending them and taking long weekends, idk how that would go.

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Busy bee
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I haven’t experienced this yet because I work in a small office of about 10 women and they are all older, like decades older. And I’m 25. Not only that but I am one of three people who have salaries. Everyone else gets paid hourly. I get paid more because I have a college degree and most of the women here in the office don’t. 

My point is, their kids are grown and they have grandchildren. So obviously they don’t need to take time off.

But if I did work in an office like some of the other PPs, I would be pissed. Why is your life more important than mine just because you have children? I may not have kids but I do have a boyfriend who I love very much and want to spend time with. I have friends and family that I want to spend time with.

Why should I give up my time just because you have a kid? A kid that you CHOSE to have. 

Ugh. I’m sorry. I just get annoyed with people who, just because they are parents now, think their lives are so much more important than childless people. Give me a break. 

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