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Busy bee
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I feel bad for doing this… But I do say you are so tall. A lot of important women in my life are 

6 ft tall And I just think it is a beautiful quality. My step mom is taller than my dad and wears they same size shoe and he runs around the house with her uggs on. My step mom a beautiful woman and she makes me wish I was taller lol

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Busy bee
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@nearlymarriedlass:  Oh believe me, being short doesn’t get you out of dodge from these people! It’s literally a WEEKLY occurrence for me. Whether I’m at work, meeting someone for the first time, or just politely standing in line minding my own business, people LOVE to comment on my short stature like I’m some sort of spectacle.

I also get the “you look so young!” comments, which might sound friendly to some. But there’s usually a fictitious age involved when people say this, and it’s usually “you look like you’re 12!”. Then they act like that’s some sort of compliment. Yes, at 25 I love being told I look like a prepubescent child. If you’re going to tell me I look young, please choose an age that suggests I MIGHT look like a woman, not a child in their awkward growing years.

/end thread-jacked rant =P

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Blushing bee
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My partner is 6’3″, and I convince a neighbour’s kid that he was the giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: February 2014

Telling someone they are tiny or skinny is, in most people’s eyes, a compliment.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2014

I don’t bother telling anyone they are tall, since I’m so short everyone is taller than me! Same goes for being short – though most people I’ve met who are shorter than me (not too many) are also much cooler than me haha

And I never comment on anyone’s weight. How is that any of my business? I actually get really uncomfortable when people point out that I’m thin, and/or ask me what size I am. I’m not skinny – this is my body type.

I am way more interested in bone structure and strange things like that, so I often compliment people on their prominent cheekbones, strong noses (ugh, love them!), or piano hands.

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Bumble bee
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I get called short all the time. I am 5’2″ so yes I am short but I don’t need it rubbed in my face.

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Busy bee

People tell me all the time how short i am. Luckily they do not tell me that I am fat.

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Bumble bee

@nearlymarriedlass:  I think when it’s the opposite like that it is usually meant to be a compliment although some people can really make it sound like it’s not!

I’m guilty of telling a girl I know “Wow you’re so tall!”a.k.a. I wish I was that tall lol

She is absolutely gorgeous

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Busy bee
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My Boyfriend or Best Friend is 6’7 and people say to him “Wow, you’re so tall!” I get so annoyed for him. 

My family STILL comments on it even though we’ve been dating for almost a year. Gah. 

And a customer at work and mind you, this was a fully grown adult, once asked him, “Hey, how’s the weather up there?”

Oh yeah, and you know how in high school, people get voted “Best Smile” or “Class Clown”? Well recently, his workplace did something similar to that.

He “won” this ridiculous award at work for being the tallest employee. They actually gave him a certificate for it! Wtf!

People are assholes. 

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Bumble bee
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I hear this all the time:

OMG! You’re left-handed! My (insert random friend, relative, etc) is left-handed too! You must be sooo creative!

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Busy bee

Hm.  I’ve been called tall before, althought at 5’6″ I’m not really all that tall.  Honestly, I’ve always appreciated it and just graciously said thank you.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t hear it that often – if people commented every other day, maybe I would think otherwise.  

This is sort of related.  I often get called out on my eyes – which I’ve always thought is strange – about once a week or so.  I have a small face/small features and very large, round turquoise-ish eyes…they can look gorgeous or make me look tired/like an alien (I think)…so lately when people comment I say either “thank my parents, I had nothing to do with them!” or “they’re beautiful but useless!” (I have a very high prescription and am basically blind without lenses).  

I think, regardless of whether the commenter is trying to be complimentary or snarky, the best response is always a smile and a thank you.  That way, if the person was trying to be an asshole, you look like the better person for letting their bomb just drop and stay there, you know?  

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Buzzing bee
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I disagree that people don’t say comments about being short, I get them all the time… I get:
– You’re so short (I’m 5’3″)
– You’re so skinny, try eating once in a while (I’m not even skinny!! I’m just small)
– Are those boobs real? (yes, they are)
– That must be your dad/boyfriend/husband’s car? (nope, it’s mine)
– You’re so young, how old are you? (29 next week)


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Bee Keeper
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I get “you’re sooo skinny” all the time. It’s annoying. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: February 2014

@nearlymarriedlass:  I get the tall thing constantly. I’m almost 6’2″. Yep, I’m aware that I’m tall!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I like to call those people “Captain Obvious.”

I don’t tan. I mean, at all. I am so, so, white. People will often tell me, “you are SOOOOOO white.” I really appreciate it, because I never would have picked up on it without them mentioning it.

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