(Closed) Will be delivering at "Baby Friendly Hospital" – and Freaking out

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solnishko1186 :  my best friend did and she loved it! Although she wanted the breastfeeding support and that her husband and baby stayed with her all night. I’ll be delivering at the same hospital next summer. Even if the kids went to the nursery you’d still have nurses poking in and waking you up all the time so I think that part won’t be much different.  

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I did twice, except ours allows formula if you say its ok and they will take baby for a little bit but encourage baby to stay with you. And they allow for pacifiers upon request (which comes in handy if your have a boy and do a circumsision…).  With my first we checked in on Thursday at 6am, he was born Friday at mindnight, we got to my room around 3am on Friday so we had been up for almost 24 hours (and I labored for 18) with no naps.  When we tried to doze off a nurse came in to check on me or the baby or take vitals so we weren’t getting any sleep.  They had to take my son to do a quick test and the nurse offered to take him for a little bit – “this might be a long test, we can keep him for a couple hours if you want to rest *wink, wink*” so we said yes so we could sleep.  I’m sure if you ask them for help they won’t deny you, especially with multiples.  Also, if you’re worried about formula just bring your own and bottles, and bring your own pacifier too. I brought pacifiers the second time just to have a different brand on hand because not all babies like the same kind.

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The hospitals around me have done this as well. I had an emergency csection at 1am after 36 hours of painful labor. I got back from recovery at 4am and was up at 6am.

I was so exhausted, I actually kept startling myself over the next few days thinking someone was standing in the corner of the room but no one was there.

The hospital didn’t have a nursery but the nurses actually urged me to rest and they took my daughter to the nurses station so I would sleep. They even put a sign on my door telling people to come to the nurses station before coming into my room to make sure I was able to get rest.

I did have to request a pacifier and while they do push breast feeding, it worked for me. However, one night I couldn’t get the baby to latch and it had been a few hours since she ate so the nurse brought in formula with these little tubes that attach to you. So they are very very for breastfeeding but they know that fed is best. Twins are especially difficult as well.

I absolutely loved my hospital and will go again if I have another

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Take a deep breath! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’ve had three kids, all in the same hospital, in between the first two they switched to baby friendly. It was a great thing. It made bonding easier with my baby and gave me more knowledge.

You are having twins and having a c-section. The nurses WILL help you. If you need anything, they will come, don’t be afraid to ask. You are going to be in bed for at least 6-8 hours after the operation. After you are able to get up, they will still help.

As for formula, they are not going to let your babies starve. If they need supplemental formula, they will encourage you to do that or pump. If you choose not to breastfeed at all, that’s ok too. Write a birth plan with your desires and write expressly “I have chosen to formula feed my babies, please do not offer lactation advice.” The hospital can choose not to provide formula for you, but they can’t stop you from feeding your babies. 

Try to get a tour of the hospital and talk about your concerns with a nurse and one of the staff pediatricians. If you have not selected a pediatrician yet, do that soon and make sure their practice will go to the hospital you will deliver at. A pediatrician is going To be more concerned about your babies gaining weight than about whether they have breast milk or formula.


Good luck and try not to stress tooooo much! 

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I did this. At my hospital, they took the baby for a little bit if you insisted, and they would allow formula, but you had to bring it and provide the bottles. I was breastfeeding at the time, but I wouldn’t do it again. I hated the judgement at this hospital, and if I ever had another, I’d look into other hospitals. But remember, it’s your kid, and they can’t keep you from formula feeding/pacifiers. As for the nursery, I’d look into having some friends/relatives nearby, but tbh, the nursery didn’t really give me much of a break anyway, because they’re always coming in to check your medication, etc. Baby or not, someone was waking me up every hour or so.

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Wouldn’t they have to have formula as an option? What if you are having difficulty producing milk? Not everyone can just magically breastfeed perfectly right after giving birth.

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My hospital did rooming in and only took baby to nursery for a few procedures then returned her right away. I…kind of hated it. My baby was born at night so the whole first night I got zero sleep. Then the second night breastfeeding gets a bit crazy as they start cluster feeding to bring in your supply, and so I didn’t sleep that night either. I just think these policies are stupid and unfair to moms who have been through something pretty major and could use a little tlc and rest while in the hospital! A kind nurse did offer to take my baby up to the front desk and I let her! Don’t be afraid to use that call button and get help! 


As for breastfeeding, I was happy to take advantage of all the breastfeeding help at the hospital since soon enough I was going to be on my own, but I’m sure they will not stop you from using formula! They for sure cannot do that! You may have to really be prepared to stick up for yourself, but eff anyone who tries to shame you if you find breastfeeding twins is too much!

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solnishko1186 :  I honestly don’t because I intend to breastfeed so it isn’t a concern for me. But no hospital will let your baby starve if you can’t breastfeed! Take a tour and talk to the nurses and pack your own formula if you are really worried about it. I’m only 9 weeks and I actually changed hospitals from the one that did my IVF to the one I will deliver at because I wanted to be guaranteed that Darling Husband can stay with us all night. Some people said I was crazy for caring that much about a 10% chance of having to share a postpartum room but we all need our thing that makes us feel calm before going in to have babies. I’m really shocked you can’t change hospitals at this point – you still have 14 weeks!

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ktsteimel :  mine required that you use donor milk (or maybe some other sort of milk substitute) first, unless you brought your own. They had formula onsite, but they wouldn’t give it to you unless the ped prescribed it. You could bring your own, but they wouldn’t provide it or the bottles without a prescription.

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Keep in mind that breast milk does not even come in until 3-4 days after delivery for a first time Mom. Babies put to breast will be getting some  colostrum, but in minuscule amounts, 7-14 ml per feeding, up to about 37 ml per 24 hours. That’s just over one ounce per day, so no need to panic and start supplementing or feeding formula.

it can be a difficult time because even baby-friendly hospitals who encourage breastfeeding, may inadvertently stress out new Moms when they tell you the baby is losing weight. Losing weight in the first few days is normal. A 7-10% wt loss is considered normal for breastfed babies. They normally regain this weight by days 10-14 of their life.


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I’ve given birth at two different hospitals, and neither of them had nurseries where you could send the baby if you wanted to sleep. I was personally fine with that because I would have had so much anxiety if my newborn was out of my sight. They only took them out of the room for a couple of tests, and that was nerve racking enough for me. The nurses will help you, and hopefully your partner will be there to help as well.

Also, they won’t let your baby starve. Bring your own formula, bottles, an pacifiers if you have to. I’m sure they’ll be even more understanding considering you’re having multiples. 

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LilliV :  the hospital I delivered at at had a firm policy of keeping the baby in the room. In fact it was stressed at no time would anyone take the baby away – I really liked this. We just wanted her close to us as much as possible. Her bassinet was right next to my bed and made it so easy to get lots and lots of skin to skin time and breastfeed on demand. We were very determined to  breastfeed and our hospital was definitely pro breastfeeding but when my milk hadn’t come in and we were dealing with jaundice they suggested supplementing with formula and even supplied it. By fay 4 my milk had come in and it was a non issue. No hospital will let your baby starve and in my experience the nurses in the maternity ward are so supportive – they want to help you!

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solnishko1186 :  Babies don’t really need to eat for the first 24-48 hours after birth.  I wouldn’t worry about them not getting formula and starving. 

If I were you, I’d splurge and hire a night nurse to come to the hospital and afterwards.  You’re going to have your hands full with twins.  

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