(Closed) Will be delivering at "Baby Friendly Hospital" – and Freaking out

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OP, I’m with you, the no-nursery initiative has me freaked out.  I’m having a scheduled c-section for baby #2 in a few weeks (I’m not a candidate for a vbac).  My husband will be spending nights at home with our daughter while the new baby & I are in the hospital.  Thank god my hospital has a nursery, otherwise I’m not sure what I’d do?!  Its not realistic to page a nurse everytime the baby cries for the 4 nights I will be in the hospital because I can’t get out of bed and lift the baby up.  

Our plan is to EBF (same as baby #1) and have the baby brought to me every 3 hours during the night so I can nurse.  It worked out fine with the last baby!  I don’t see the big deal in this and how its not considered baby-friendly?!

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solnishko1186 :  I think going into it expecting the worst “a nightmare” for the first few nights isn’t a good idea. You will have plenty of nurses and your husband helping you. You CAN page a nurse that often- they’ll probably be coming in often anyway to check on you (blood pressure, etc) and the babies. No nursery does not mean they throw you to the wolves every night- it just means the babies aren’t routinely taken away from the parents and placed in a room with a whole bunch of other babies to be taken care of by a few people. I mean, what if there were oonly two nurses on duty in the nursery and five babies started crying at once? See, you could freak yourself out about anything. Seriously, read PearGrey’s response again and try to relax! And, if you’re still worried, just a hire a night nurse to come to the hospital to help you for the first few nights. I think it will be completely unnecessary, but if it puts uour mind at ease then it seems worth it.

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solnishko1186 :  I agree about going into it with a positive outlook.  I delivered at a traditional hospital with nursery and while I was able to send my sons to the nursery the other parts of a baby friendly hospital were present.  I live in NYC so all hospitals only give formula upon request and they are very much against giving pacis unless you ask for them and even then the nurses were kind of against it saying it wasn’t the best thing.  I think what you said about the best NICU is the most important thing with twins.  While you never know what will happen, you are more likely to have a NICU stay with twins which would kind of preclude any worry about the baby friendly aspect since you wouldn’t be rooming in.  I did send my babies off to nursery because both were born between 4 and 6 am so I’d gotten no sleep for over 24 hours.  My hospital also did not allow spouses to stay overnight since rooms weren’t private.  Had my husband been able to stay I might have been more comfortable rooming in.

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with twins, i would say it is likely your babies will be in the nicu.

DS was born at 36w6d, we were in the nicu for 24 hours, roomed in 1 night and were sent home.  at our first pediatrician appt, we were sent back to the nicu for 4 more days because DS’s temp was too low and he was jaundice.

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I think the best thing you can do is be prepared to advocate for yourself and your needs! The Fed is Best Foundation has a feeding plan that can help you track your babies’ weight and weight loss to help you decide if and when supplementing is medically necessary. (https://fedisbest.org/resources-for-parents/feeding-plan/) At our hospital, as my son lost 11% of his weight over the first few days, we got basically zero support or guidance until all of a sudden it was, “If he doesn’t gain 2 ounces by 3 pm, we’re not discharging him. Here’s some formula, bye.” 

It sounds like you’re already really well-informed about the risks of rooming-in and the difficulty a new mom may have advocating for the infant feeding choices that are best for her and her babies, so you’re already doing a great job preparing to advocate for yourself! I think it’s smart to make a plan for what you’ll do if you are so sleep-deprived you’re worried about accidentally co-sleeping or dropping a baby, and for what you’ll do if exclusive breastfeeding doesn’t turn out to be the right choice for you and your babies. Practice making calm statements like, “This is what I have decided is best for me and my children. I don’t want to discuss it any further.” 

Wishing you lots of good luck!!

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Seriously the hospital is not going to be a “nightmare” just because it’s baby friendly.

You will be fine. You CAN page the nurses every 2 hours, every 20 minutes if you need. They have bassinets for the babies. Your husband will be there, no? Maybe I’m crazy but I’d be praying my babies didn’t need NICU time…not being mad I can’t send them away to the nursery…

The whole “baby friendly” thing came around partially because formula was pushed so hard on new mothers that the rate of breastfeeding plummeted. Many women didn’t even try because they were told that formula was better anyway. It has nothing to do with the cost.

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solnishko1186 :  My hospital is the same way however if you can’t breastfeed or stand your groud on not breastfeeding they will give you formula. MY Mother-In-Law works in the NICU at the hospital and told me they no longer give pacifiers to avoid “nipple confusion” so i’ll make sure to pack one!

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solnishko1186 :  I’m in Canada and all of the hospitals here are “baby friendly” and have no nurseries. I’ve never heard of a hospital not allowing formula though because that’s 100% that parents right to choose. I think it’s good to have the babies room with you, that way it’s not such a shock when you leave the hospital and don’t have a nursery to send them off to. Even though we don’t have nurseries, the nurses at our hospital were very helpful and would come in and hold him for us or take him out and rock him so we could get some sleep. 

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I just wanted to add that I really hate this term!  Our hospital is labeled this as well, and while I plan to breastfeed if I can, I certainly don’t think you are unfriendly towards babies if you use formula! LOL

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Mine was and I was thankful for the support and to have my baby in the room but, for twins I could see maybe needing a break.  I would also say bring formula if you are concerned.  Maybe also talk to the nurses ahead of time about your concerns?

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