(Closed) Will I regret buying a shallow diamond?

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Helper bee
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You will probably only notice until the excitement of getting engaged wears off. After that it will be your engagement ring. I swear I forgot the exact size of my diamonds, colour ect after I’d been wearing for 6 months. 

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Sugar bee
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Go with the feeling when you are there. While I waited for my ring to be set I was nervous. Out of sight you forget things it gets fuzzy. If you love it in the store then you’ll be fine I think. I cant wait to see photos I love heart stones. I’ve got a spinel to be set and seeing all these fantastic heart stones lately makes me want to do it soon.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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you love it every time you see it in the store.  if you prefer the size over cut, do it. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Is there a place inside the store where you can go and stand next to a window to see the stone as best as you can in natural (not jeweler’s) lighting? I definitely would make sure to do that before purchasing the stone.

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Bee Keeper
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The cut was the most important thing to me.  The fact that my diamond has amazing sparkle and fire is what makes me love it most.  I would definitely notice the difference.  I’m not sure why you’re on a time constraint, but I wouldn’t rush such an important purchase – it’s the ring you’ll wear forever.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Buy a diamond for its beauty, not its specs.  If you find the .8 to be most beautiful, go for that one!  

Inspect it in natural life if you can. My jeweler let us take the diamonds outside, and into different parts of the store with different lighting.

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Sugar bee
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Yeah, I’d definitely try to look at it in other kinds of light. And rub your fingers over it to get it dirty — diamonds get dirty REALLY easily and that takes away a lot of sparkle and brightness. The majority of the time you’ll be looking at it, it won’t be freshly cleaned.

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Bumble bee

@FutureMrsBH:  After you have it for a while I doubt if you will remember. As long as the cut is not terrible you will love it forever.  

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Bumble bee

My heart is .81.  Looking at it, I feel it is shallow, but I think it’s 6.?? x 6.?? (not the ideal ratio, but not terrible?), and really not shallow.  Maybe it feels like it looks larger.

Anyway.  If you really like the .8, go for it.  Only you will know that it’s “shallow”, but if it gives the look you want, who else is going to be up in your ring measuring it?

I know for mine, it’s taken people several looks to say “oh, it’s a heart!”  Most people seem to see diamond, assume round if it’s obviously not rectangular, and go from there.  

I don’t really like the look of smaller hearts, I feel like it’s harder to get a good proportion in them.  The ones I’ve seen are usually too tall from lobe to point, and narrow from side to side.

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Bumble bee
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My husband is in the process of having a new ering made for me, with a heart shaped diamond. I’ve not seen the diamond yet, but Darling Husband, the people at White Flash, and the gemologist have all said it’s a nice stone with great fire and sparkle – it is a little bit over a carat and has slightly smaller dimensions than the stone you’re looking at (not depth-wise, but face-up size). I wish I had the GIA papers to tell you the dimensions of it, but I don’t know what Darling Husband did with it – it was in my jewelry box :/

If you’re already asking yourself if you’ll regret the stone, perhaps you should look around more. Have you asked the salespeople to take you outside to view the stone in natural light? Because it will definitely look good under the lights of a jewelry store. I’d say if you are able to view it in natural light and you still like it, then go for it. It is a pretty good size and if you like the color and shape, then it might be worth it for you to sacrifice a little bit of sparkle.

I’m looking at smaller heart diamonds (.20-.35) for the band I want to have made, and I have been advised against several stones I’ve been interested in because they were very shallow – I was going for size/spread. I’m not sure if I’d rather have a stone that was a bit smaller and sparkled – a good cut and sparkle will make the stone appear larger than it is anyway – or a larger, more shallow diamond for the band, either.


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Honey bee
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@Brielle:  This. It will look way more sparkly under the display lighting, so walk around the store with it and stand by windows and other lighting to see if you still love it and can be happy with the sparkle is does have.

If you’re not, then I’d have them order some more stones to look at.

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Buzzing bee
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IMO, you should ask them to order in more stones to look at- don’t settle!

Remember that the lighting in the jewelry store is specifically designed to make diamonds sparkle as much as possible- it won’t look like that in normal lighting. Also when it’s in the store, it’s going to be immaculately clean. Most of the time your stone isn’t going to be spotless, and that will cut down on the sparkle as well.

If you’re already concerned about the sparkle when you’re in the store, I think you might be a little disappointed after a while when you’re wearing it every day.

So even though you’re on a time crunch, I’d ask them to order in a bunch more stones- you’ve gotta wear that ring forever! Better to take a couple of extra weeks to make sure it’s *perfect*.

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Buzzing bee
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Why is there a tight time constraint if you’re going to have it forever?

Cut is king. If you can already see less sparkle and fire in perfect store lighting it will look extremely poor when it’s under real life conditions (slightly dirty, different lighting, in a setting, etc. 

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Bee Keeper

I would keep it within ideal proportions if you like the way a diamond traditionally sparkles. If it’s shallow the lightplay will be affected and it will look different. Jeweler’s lights make everything sparkle a lot (even CZ) so I wouldn’t judge it by how it looks under that lighting at all.

I believe it will be darker but with more fire (colored rather than white flashes). I think it really depends HOW shallow we’re talking. The ideal proportions are really there to maximize beautiful light play, so I wouldn’t go out of their range, myself.

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