(Closed) Will people know her moissanite ring is not a diamond?

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  • poll: Can you see the difference between a Moissanite and a Diamond ring?
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    It’s easy to tell if it’s a moissy or a diamond because moissys reflect light differently than a diamond.  Every moissy I’ve seen (including amora gems) has a “disco ball” effect when they reflect light whereas diamonds have a sharper flashes of color (and usually whiter).  And yes, moissys also reflect more color than diamonds do (esp the greenish flashes of color) and they tend to have a buttery yellow tone to them in certain lighting.  

    I don’t think the average people will notice too much, but everyone I know in my area can always tell the difference (even if they first didn’t notice it) because moissys behave very differently from diamonds.

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    Unless you carry around a diamond tester, no.  No one will ever be able to tell.

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    Honestly, having both, I could tell the difference. But in the smaller sizes, i.e. around 1-2 carat mark I don’t think any layperson (not jewelry enthusiasts like us) will be able to tell. It’s a beautiful stone for sure, but my diamond def gives more white light return and doesn’t suffer any moodiness. The round brilliants do have a more splintery cut, my coworker wears one and it’s gorgeous from my view, I’m not pulling her hand up to my face to scrutinize (Who does?). I absolutely adore my OEC moissies because the cut is scrumptious, and well…I love the size. 😉

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    The differences… Moissy gives a green/yellow tinge and is double disco sparkly. I see the tinge in pics here on the new “colorless” one too…. There’s also the recurring rainbow oil stain phenomena you should look into.

    That being said, most people will assume it’s a diamond and plenty of people love their moissy. I would not find it fun to try and “pass” though, it’d make me self concious. If she wants an antique diamond anyway, I’d go the vintage/resale route for the real deal which is much cheaper than new. I’m sure it doesnt HAVE to be 1.2. 

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    NFLwidow:  Well said!

    AG/moissys/sapphires/diamonds/whatever are all beautiful in their own ways, and bees love them for those reasons. If your friend is worried about other people knowing it is “fake,” that means she intends to pass it off as a diamond. That feels gross to me personally.  Pretending something is what it is not is lying, and I would not feel comfortable setting myself up for that. If she is not willing to tell people what it is, then she shouldn’t get it in my opinion. Love the stone and get it for what it is then be honest about it.

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    Pollywog:  People say this a lot, and I can see it being true for, say, a 10 carat stone. But in less dramatic cases, like this, I don’t think people will be so judgemental.


    OP, in real life most people simply do not care, and they understand that stones can come from many places. Maybe it’s a diamond, maybe it’s another stone, maybe the fiance saved for years for it, maybe they didn’t, maybe the stone was a family heirloom… there are many different circumstances that contribute to the ring, and none of them are anyone else’s business.

    I have not seen a moissanite in person (or maybe I have and didn’t realize!), but from what I hear, it’s a beautiful stone. I would do a bit of research, because I think there was an earlier model that wasn’t quite as nice as the ones put out now.

    In any case, a ring is something that the wearer should feel good about. If she decides that this stone is what she wants, she should wear it proudly. But if what she really wants is a diamond, and she’ll always feel insecure about the fact that this stone is not one, it might be better to check out ebay and estate sales. Some people on these boards have found amazing deals.

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    Depending on the stone you get (classic/forever brilliant) you might be able to tell next to a high colour grade diamond. From what I have read the Forever One or the Amora Gem are a good choice if you want it to look like a colourless diamond. 

    I don’t think people will be able to tell because:

    a) moissanite are not common in your area so people will not be looking (and they don’t look like CZ)

    b) unless she volunteers to compare her ring, people won’t be holding up her ring next to a diamond and looking for subtle differences (I honestly don’t see what people are talking about when they say they are cut differently, but I know nothing about diamonds – like the average person in my area anyways)

    c) if jewellers have looked at and taken moissanites in to set and even test and still think they are diamonds then I think regular people will not be able to tell either. I watched a little clip on the news where 6 jewellers were asked if they were diamonds and some used the diamond tester. They all said yes it was a diamond and were embarrassed when they found out they weren’t. I read plenty of bees on here with the same experience.

    There are plenty of videos comparing the two, although I’m wondering if they might look different in real life. I honestly can’t see a huge difference from the videos. It’s mostly just a guess which one is which, however, like I said, I know next to nothing about diamonds and they both just look like beautiful sparkly stones.

    When I get my Moissanite ring in a few weeks (Yayyy!) I will not be broadcasting that it is not a diamond. I will tell my close friends and family and anyone who asks because I wouldn’t feel comfortable lying about it and I’m not one bit ashamed about it. Your friend might want to consider how uncomfortable it might be if she plans on lying. I totally get wanting the look of a diamond and letting people think what they want, but I especially wouldn’t want to be lying to my friends and family.

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    vilo:  in a lot of pictures i can tell the difference, but have you told her about the amora gem ultra h&a? i cant for the life of me tell the difference. the forever one moissy is hard for me to tell as well! 

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    These poll results won’t be anywhere close to real life results so keep that in mind.  There’s rampant personal bias in many of the answers. 

    I have an Amora Gem and it passes for a diamond all the time.  No one has ever questioned it. 

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    I can tell because of the splintery cut (and the f1 doesn’t appear to have totally escaped that either) and the color but I own one and so does my bestie. They’re becoming more common so I think others can tell too.  If she doesn’t volunteer the info nobody is likely to ask but they may suspect! If he comes from a rich family the ring may be scrutinized more haha! I’m surprised a wealthy family doesn’t have an heirloom hanging around rather then her having to get a simulant?  One other thing, do the research about the dreaded stain some moissanite developes, best to know evrything going in to it.

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    Whether people notice or not kind of depends on how into gemstones they are. I’m really into gems.

    My teacher friend got engaged with a small moissy (I think around .5 carat), and when I saw it, I thought it was BEAUTIFUL but unlike anything I had ever seen before. It has more fire than rock crystal or white topaz and it sparkles in rainbows, unlike cubic zirconia, or white sapphire. It’s slightly moody looking with cool undertones (diamonds tend to look warmer-colored). 

    My friend was shocked when I said: “It’s so pretty! What kind of stone is that?” because most people on the street think every white stone is a diamond. So I think most would respond the same way. This forum has a disproportionate number of diamond and colored gemstone experts on it than the general population, so your poll results might not be the most accurate. 

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    I think that like any stone, they can be stunning or a dud. Getting someone to hand pick a stone would probably be the best route. She should look into Amora gems too! 

    As a diamond wearer, I pride myself in knowing an off putting amount about diamonds specs. However, I can’t always tell the difference between moissy and diamond. Sometimes I can, but most of the time, I look at the picture and think “holy cow that diamond is awesome!” Then realize it’s totally not a diamond haha they are gorgeous stones! I’d totally have gone for an Amora gem had I done more research. They are stunning! But to answer your question, I definitely don’t think the average person will be able to tell. In fact the average person will probably just be like “oh how shiny and pretty!” So I wouldn’t worry 😊

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    vilo:  Over here in the U.S., ABC news did a story on moissanite being passed off as real diamonds. They had people take moissy into jewelers to have it inspected and many of the jewelers thought it was diamonds.


    New Diamond Substitute – ABC News




    <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aV5PhQD4Ilg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>





    I think the key here is that there is low-grade, ugly moissy and then there is high quality moissy.


    If your friend wants to get moissanite she should buy from a reputable dealer who offers guaranteed returns if you’re not satisfied. That way she can order it online, check it out in person, and there’s no risk if she decides she doesn’t like it after all.


    I’ve also heard that when going with moissy, you need to choose a stone on the smaller side if you want to pass it off as a diamond. I’ve heard that the bigger the moissy is, the more color it shows.

    I’ve never seen a moissy in real life (that I know of) and I would be really curious to see a high quality one in person. 

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    I have a 1.25 ct fb moissy surrounded by f-g diamonds. It fits our “lifestyle” so I’ve never had anyone question it. But I also don’t hide the fact and I’m not afraid to tell people what it is if we’re in a discussion about my ring. Most people outside of the bee have never even heard of it. 

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    vilo:  Keep in mind that most people don’t even know what a moissanite is. The bees on here spend a lot of time looking on rings as well as seeing what different cuts in moissy/diamond look like. The only time a moissy looks much different than a diamond is in low light. Otherwise, it’s very unbelieveable to say they look much different.

    The oil slick another poster referred to isn’t common. Plus there is a warranty on the stone so it shouldnt discourage anyone from getting it.

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