Will you get paid maternity leave?

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Bumble bee

In Australia here, we get 18 weeks of paid parental leave at min wage $719 a week at the moment. Employers must give you up to a year off (paid or unpaid) for maternity leave. 

My current employer, in addition, also provides 14 weeks full pay maternity leave, which is awesome and certainly not done by most employers. So that means I get a total of 32 weeks (7 month and a bit) paid leave. 


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I know that people commend US women for “making it work”, but remember that WB is a specific demographic (mostly). 25% of women return to work by 2 weeks postpartum. It’s horrific. 


I work for a university, and all we get is FMLA, so 12 weeks, unpaid. If your department is generous, they may allow you an extra week or two unpaid. We don’t even get short term disability. You can use your vacation and sick time to get paid, but you’d have to bank it for 2 years without touching it to have enough. Salaried staff and faculty generally make enough to save up and make it through the 12 weeks. Hourly staff tend to have to back fairly quickly (3-5 weeks) unless they’ve been there for years/have a high earning spouse. I’m salaried staff and Fiance is faculty, so we’ll be fine when the time comes, provided we save in advance and budget. We’re immensely privileged. 

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Yes – I get 6 months fully paid maternity leave (4 months family leave, 6-8 weeks fully paid STD immediately after birth, and thre ability to use PTO to hit 6 months, no questions asked).  US Bee, US company. 

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Last baby I didn’t qualify for short term disability or FMLA so I took an unpaid leave. Next baby they will have me use my PTO and then short term disability.

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I’m in Australia and currently on maternity leave. Employers must hold your job for 12 months, and mine has granted 15 months. My employer gives me 14 weeks full pay which I am taking as 28 weeks half pay. I then take 18 weeks at minimum wage from the federal government. So I will make it to 10-11 months with some income.

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Not in the US, I get 4 consecutive months unpaid maternity leave which I can claim between 30-36% of my salary from the government (depends on approval) once the baby is born. 

It’s customary for woman to take off from 1 month before their due date, but then obviously you won’t be able to claim for that because you need proof of birth, hence I’m aiming to work until at least a week before my due date. 

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Bumble bee

20 weeks full pay, and I’ll take a full 12 months off with the remainder unpaid.

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Helper bee

I am so fortunate that my job is offering me 12 weeks fully paid. I work for a small company that had an extremely profitable year so they are well positioned to do it. I am the first person since the founding of the company to take a maternity leave so there isn’t really a policy in place, my boss just asked me what I wanted.


Also, my boss is very nervous that I will not come back and is throwing tons of perks at me like better insurance, flex time, work from home options for post-May leave. Not sure why he’s so worried, I love my job and I’ve assured him I’m coming back.

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I’m in the US. I’m due in July and will be getting 12 weeks fully paid and will be taking an additional 3.5 weeks paid using sick/vacation time. So 15.5 weeks total. 

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Worker bee

I’m in the midwest USA. I have an 11 month old and my company offered zero maternity leave. I qualified for FMLA, which is 12 weeks unpaid, so I went that route. I pretty much put all my loans into deferment during that time and saved as much as I could for Bill’s. My FH took 1 week off of work using his PTO, which he only gets 2 weeks total per year.


I will not be getting pregnant again because of the lack of good maternity leave, there’s just no way we can afford that. Not to mention that it was incredibly hard to go back when my baby was still fresh at 3 months old, I was absolutely terrified to bring her to daycare. Since going back to work, my breastmilk supply dropped drastically and I only got 1 pumping break a day (I was offered to split it and take two 15 minute breaks iinsted but pumping took me a while.) I ended up weaning my baby from breastfeeding at 10 months since my supply was so low and then I got a severe case of post-weaning anxiety.

Unfortunately jobs are pretty scarce where I live so I’m staying put at my company.

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I know I’m getting political here on a Wedding forum, but we have some family-friendly presidential candidates running in 2020, so if you have to see other families (and yours) suffer, vote in the primaries! 2018 was a great year for electing women into office, who are generally going to be more aware of issues impacting families. 


To answer your question, I’m going to be working for a school district, so my time off partially depends on when the baby is born. The state allows for 4 months off, with maybe half of it paid? Plus sick time that’s banked added to the paid time. Here’s to hoping we can plan the birth to maximize time off when it’s our time. 

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Helper bee

snatchingravy :  My heart hurts for you reading this, bee. I’m sorry.

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I’m in WA. I’m taking just over 6 months.. 4 of those paid, 10 weeks unpaid. I don’t think my superiors are thrilled, tbh, but it’s not really about them…and I took the job for it’s benefits..

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I’m in Australia and will get 26 weeks half pay from my employer and 18 weeks from the Government at minimum wage levels which is $700ish per week. 

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Usually I’m so jelly when you US bees brag about your cheap diamonds and savings.. but this is exactly the expense/experience you give up for those luxuries. In Canada we pay lots of taxes but can take maternity leave for 1-1.5 years, have our jobs protected & get paid the whole time.. partly from the employer and partly from the government. How sad that US bees have to apply for disability to get maternity or parernatiy benefits/support. I’d hate to think of my baby as a disability. 

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