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lovekiss:  completely agree! We were at the beach last summer and went to lunch. There was a huge table with 4 families together and like 8 boys all the same age. They all sat there on phones the whole time playing games and barely said two words to each other! It was so sad and disturbing to watch. Human interaction with peers is too boring now that they need games to entertain them?! Ugh. 

At least if kids are coloring or playing tic tac toe or hangman on the menu there is interaction with others. You can’t interact with someone whose face is buried in a screen.

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OH and I have pretty diferent views on this but we have comprimised. Our children (when we have them!) will be allowed to use tablets, computers etc from a young age because at the end of they day they are the future and it is important to be able to use them. OH is also very keen for them to learn as he has a business in computers, apps and all things technology based so there is no way his kid isn’t getting their hands on some form of tech!

However, time on the devices would be limited depending on how old they are, they would also be closely monitered until they are about 16! Also, we would try and show them that they are for education and learning not wasting time. I believe OH wants to teach our kids his trade at a young age which will get them far in life if they did choose to use it later in life!

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I don’t think kids should play on iPads/iPhones until they’re school age. We have iPads in our classrooms (mostly for teacher use, but also use it with students who need some extra help in some areas). When children see these iPads they are constantly asking us to use them, which they aren’t allowed. I think children should learn their alphabet and numbers without an iPad because you don’t want to foster a reliance on a device in order for them to learn. Most of the children in my class have iPads at home and they get time to play on them there – I’m just hoping they don’t sit there after dinner and play on it until bedtime! If you have an iPad at home if you aren’t already limiting time on it I’d start. I don’t think children should have time on an iPad/iPhone everyday either….get them outside playing with other kids. You can’t learn how to interact socially/solve social problems or gain people skills through an iPad.

My nephew has an iPhone (I think he’s too young for it), but when we have family gatherings he sits and plays games on his phone from the time they get there til the time they leave. He doesn’t play with his cousins at all, and can have his phone for an unlimited amount of time. I think it could be hurting his social skills.

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We lock the internet and basically everyting besides her few educational games for spelling words, math, and puzzle games etc. She rarely reaches for it so I rarely think about it. But…

Here is the thing with technology: parents have all the control over what the technology itself DOES.

What the iPad DOES for her is give her a way of doing some reading/ math. Honestly, it’s a heck of a lot more interactive than the TV set. SOme of the puzzle games are literally the same thing as giving her a physical puzzle with to do and a heck of a lot more convenient for certain situations.

“Video game” types of things i.e. angry birds, candy crush, etc. are not something I would personally pick for her to access to, we would rather her occupy herself with something more substantive, so they ARENT ON THERE. It is that simple.  

And she will NOT have access to the internet recreationally (as she will likely need it for school research, etc. pretty soon) until she is much older

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This annoys the crap out of me. I know a couple of mom’s whose babies have ipads. Yes you read that right – babies. I am talking 3 years and under. I consider those babies. They play on them constantly and I just want to take the ipads away, put them in a crusher, grab the kids and run outside to show them things. The leaves were everywhere at the time, I thought – if these were my 2 boys I would be outside, grabbing different leaves and a box of crayons and chalk and paper and we would press leaves and rub them onto paper to create patterns and it would be so much more fun then that dammmm ipad. Ugh. So NO my children will NOT have ipads or iphones until they are old enough to understand “time management” – I understand not everything on ipads and iphones is bad, but it’s a NO NO NO if my child is under 3. Sorry – but we will go outside, to the park, on the boat, to the museum, read books, go for walks, play, and explore the world and learn first.

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^^I need to add that I am a teacher and in schools we do have access to ipads and use them occasionally with students. So I understand that it is important for children to have a basic understanding of how to operate technological programs on these devices. But when I am at home with any of my future babies and they are under 3 – I will not cave in to these addictive anti-interative devices. Ugh – it just bothers the crap out of me. I see mothers shopping too and the darn babies have ipads. One of them told me, “Anything to keep him from crying.” I don’t think that child will ever learn self control and that immediate gratification doesn’t happen all the time and when the child first goes to school – where there are controls and parameters – there will be plenty of meltdowns and talks with the parents. We see this all the time.

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