(Closed) Will you vax your baby?

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  • poll: Will you vax your kids?
    Full vaccinations : (80 votes)
    61 %
    Partial vaccinations : (15 votes)
    11 %
    Non-vaxing : (4 votes)
    3 %
    Delayed vaxing : (11 votes)
    8 %
    On schedule vaccinating : (22 votes)
    17 %
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    @hotchild, I did that at first, too, but by the time i clicked on it i think id’ realized vax=vaccinate. lol

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    I was just explaining to ejs what some of the hype I had heard regarding vaccinations for babies.  Like I said in my post, I hadn’t done a lot of research or anything on the issue since I am several years away from having a child.  So while I have heard the Jenny McCarthy thing with vaccinations and autism, I have done zero research on the subject.  I was just trying to point out what some of the hype is about, that’s all.

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    I kinda wish I could remember correctly the names… but scientific research is essentially:

    Recognizing a problem

    Creating a hypothesis

    performing experiment or collecting data


    Statement of results/ is hypothesis right or wrong.


    There has been research done on it, however, maybe not everyone’s preferred method? Just like all things in life, One person could be extremely right wing telling left wing that they are killing society and the left wing is telling the right wing that they are killing society.  So people may believe after study a link exists, some may not.  

    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, as I said above, I think people just need to make sure they do research first… educate themselves, and make an informed opinion… just like they hopefully do when they vote.

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    okay, I don’t have a baby, but can I just say… every time Im skimming for new topics (yes, I’m being lazy and sitting home on WB today, haha), and skim over this one, EVERY TIME I think it reads “Will you wax your baby?” and EVERY TIME I do a double take and go “what the…?”

    🙂 hahaha…. thanks for the laugh, girls, every time!

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    Regardless of whether or not its been proven, for me its better to be safe than sorry. It IS a possibiltiy that having too many vaccinations at once may cause them to interact with each other or cause damage to a new immune system– it happens with medications all the time.

    I dont see how delaying or spacing out vaccinations between office visits has a negative effect besides having to tote your kid to the doctor more often. I’m okay with that.

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    @KLP–you’re right that Jenny McCarthy was promoting research that was done by others. However, by scientific standards, that research linking autism to vaccines was done really, really poorly. IIRC, it was a very small sample and the researcher may have even admitted making some of it up. The findings of a link have not been replicated in any subsequent study, and there have been many.

    The diet thing is a whole other issue that I know nothing about, so I have no input there.

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    This issue touches me deeply, because I come from a family with high incidence of autism.

    I honestly believe people who are pushing the supposed connection between autism and vaccines are misguided, and doing very real damage to attempts to find better treatments and knowledge of the causes.

    I plan on doing pretty much vaccine I can get my hands on for my child. I grew up in the Air Force, and they are big into preventitive medicine, and I’ve also travelled extensively in the 3rd world, so I have everything but anthrax, it seems like. The 1 in a million chance of having a severe reaction (yes, everything always has risk) is totally outweighed, IMO, by the fact that I am protected from a wide range of diseases.

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    We’ll be vaccinating on schedule, but using preservative-free vaccinations to avoid a lot of the “extras” that can come in vaccinations (like mecury).  After talking with our parents about family medical history and researching the subject, I feel pretty confident in our decision.

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    I will fully vaccinate, though I’m sure when the time comes, I will read up more on the subject that what I’ve read so far (which is basically nil).

    In My Humble Opinion, I feel like this isn’t really a personal decision or a decision that I/we should make a judgment call on, or do based on what we “feel comfortable with”. I’m not a doctor or a medical expert, and that won’t change no matter how many books/journals I read. I trust that the vast majority of doctors strongly recommend vaccinations for a reason – they are the subject matter experts, I am not. Of course I want to be an informed parent, I guess I personally just don’t think being informed means my opinion should (or will) outweigh that of a professional held to legal, ethical and professional standards.

    I used to be allergic to eggs when I was little, so I would like to allergy test my baby before vaccinating (if that’s possible) since some vaccines contain egg. But, I haven’t done any research about that either yet, as we’re several years away from babies!

    LOL @hotchild, I read it as “wax” at first too!!!

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    we aren’t talking about having kids yet, but i’m going to throw out a pro-vaccination argument: it’s a public health risk to children who have suppressed immune systems to not vaccinate your child. i read this news article a few months back and it’s really stuck with me: http://www.slate.com/id/2232977/

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    I will definitely be waxing my baby.  Body hair is so unsightly.

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    ejs…they do not nee dthem for school. That whole ordeal is a hoax to make parents believe they HAVE to vaccinate their children..there is no law in place saying they need to be vaccinated.

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    I voted partial, and I will definitely be doing research when the time comes.

    I’ve never gotten the flu vaccine, and I’ve also never gotten the flu- so had I gotten vaccinations, they would have been unnecessary.

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