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@mrsmcho:  thank you for starting this.  I was planning to, but time got away on me.  Are you guys excited to get the ivf process going?



Your age/partner’s age:  37/44

Baby #:  2 (first was ivf baby)

Cycles TTC:  since 2017

Known fertility issues:  thin refractory lining due to extended use of mirena iud, otherwise unexplained.  Some clotting issues also.

Previous fertility treatment:  ivf cycle august 2019, several cancelled fet attempts due to my lining, fet June 2020 resulted in my son.  Fet Nov 2021 was BFN. One embryo left.

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)?:  our last embryo fet

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer):  waiting on CD1 to get started, fet should be first week of Feb

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be? Honestly it would probably be an RE, and I think I would have made a good one!


sorry for the weird formatting, I had to re-login and I copied/pasted and something weird happened

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Thanks for starting the new infertility board!  Hoping 2022 brings joy to all of us πŸ™‚



Your age/partner’s age: 43/48

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: 4 yrs

Known fertility issues:  low AMH/DOR, some MFI (morphology/motility)

Previous fertility treatment: Started ivf about 10 months ago, had a problem getting enough embryos so initially we just went with fresh transfer of our single embryo. After both failed we decided to bank a few embryos and do more tests before transfering again. 

1st tranfer (fresh 3day embryo) failed
2nd tranfer (fresh 5 day blast) failed
Hysteroscopy in 2021
1 frozen 5day embryo stored, hoping for 1-2 more before next transfer. 

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)?:  Retrieval and if it reaches 5day blast to do a transfer of this and our frozen one.  

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer): Retrieval will probably be early feb

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be?  I love movies and always would have loved to have worked in the film industry, making movies looks pretty cool

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Thanks for starting this, bee!  I’m hoping that 2022 starts us all off with some hope and positivity!

Your age/partner’s age: 

Baby #: 2 (first conceived 3rd cycle when I was 38; dealing with secondary infertility)

Cycles trying: 10

Known fertility issues: Low AMH

Previous fertility treatment: two cycles of Letrozole & TI, one failed IUI

What are you doing this month? This is our “Hail Mary” month.  Just had a failed IUI and had my mock transfer for IVF last week, so this is our last month of good ‘ol BDing before my ER in beginning of March.  Hoping to have fun, relax, and maybe even get lucky πŸ˜‚

Key dates: O should be the next two days (1/11 or 1/12) and POAS is around 1/21-1/23)

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be?  In another lifetime, I LOVED performing (singing, dancing, acting) so Broadway would be my ultimate dream job!


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@mrsmcho:  I remember the feeling of excitement to feel like we finally had a chance.  Hopefully the SA shows some improvement and enough to freeze a backup sample.  For me, I’m a bit excited but mostly terrified since it’s our last embryo, and my husband I haven’t really discussed a backup plan if it fails.  While technically my uterine lining may be healthier now, it seems super unlikely we could conceive naturally.  My clinic doesn’t offer pgs testing (although it was bought by another clinic group and pgs is in the horizon), I don’t think I would do another ivf round without testing my embryos.  Ultimately by the time my clinic may offer that, it might be too late.  So, nerve wracking yup.


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@latebloomerbee78:  I laughed when I read your first line about 2022 bringing joy.  For us it brought food poisoning to our house (although now we can laugh about the resolution to “lose weight” got checked off very quickly hahaha).  Have you started stims yet?

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Thanks for starting this thread! I had only joined onto the last one a couple weeks ago, so it’s good to roll calling again with new updates!


Your age/partner’s age: 32/35

Baby #: 1

Cycles TTC: 13 trying, with 1 MMC along the way

Known fertility issues: several MFI, our chances of conceiving again on our own are slim to none, which makes our MMC even harder to swallow some days

Previous fertility treatment: Just wrapped up baseline testing last month, in addition to a saline sonogram and HSG to check for scarring from our earlier loss. Thankfully, things look good there!

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)?: Our first medicated IUI cycle should be starting at the end of the month. Clomid, trigger shot, and supplemental progesterone for me, DH is getting a sperm washing step before the IUI itself. Our RE is giving us 3 IUI attempts before moving to IVF with ICSI.

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer): waiting for CD1 (and what feels like a million insurance authorizations) to get IUI #1 underway. So much nervous excitement… 

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be? I would LOVE to work for a vineyard, not necessarily harvesting grapes lol, but learning to make my own wine and the entertainment aspect of it!

I really can’t believe we’re here sometimes. Definitely the worst club, with the most kind-hearted, warm members who make the journey feel far less lonely. 

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@penguin14:  welcome!  I learned so much back in 2018-2019 from the more experienced members on here, so by the time I did ivf it was pretty anticlimactic lol.  Hopefully the iui does the trick though!  

i just ordered $200 worth of vitamins for my fet 🀦‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦‍♀️

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@anev:  lol I wouldn’t mind shedding a few pounds but prefer not via the food poisoning route.  Hope you feel better! Waiting for AF first, then will proceed without stims this cycle to leave the option open for doing the transfer.  

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@curlygirlp:  Sorry ot see your Dec IUI failed (mine did too) — fingers crossed that this is the month for both of us!


Your age/partner’s age: 34/35

Baby #: 2 (#1 conceived naturally after 6 months)

Cycles TTC: 11

Known fertility issues: MFI

Previous fertility treatment: Dec IUI (failed)

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)?: IUI yesterday

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer): IUI 1/10; POAS 1/20

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be? Independently wealthy equestrian? I would love to just ride horses but to actually make your living from it can be a brutal lifestyle no matter how talented. So being independently wealthy and then getting to ride horses all day would be the dream! Aside from that…I actually love my job as a management consultant to non-profits πŸ™‚

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Your age/partner’s age: 31/31

Baby #: 

Cycles trying: 1, about to be on 2

Known fertility issues: Endometriosis, unknown infertility 

Previous fertility treatment: during my first  time ttc 3 IUI’s, 6 months of clomid, and surgery to remove Endo. 

What are you doing this month? AF is due any day now, but we are just BDing and hoping. All of the treatments were extremely hard on my mental health for #1

Key dates: AF is due soon, then hopefully I’ll O around January 24th. 

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be?  Some type of scientist, environmental probably. 

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 /Hey everyone!

Your age/partner’s age: 39/49 (ugh these numbers just keep growing!)

Baby #: 2 (son is 3.25)

Cycles TTC: oh god.  Since July 2019.

Known fertility issues: PCOS and resulting egg quality, MFI, oldness

Previous fertility treatment: 2 medicated timed intercourse cycles, 1 IUI, 3 IVF egg retrievals, 4 FET with 5 PGT embryos, 2 ERA, 1 lap that removed mild endo, etc etc etc

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)?: We are doing our fourth egg retrieval.  I’m trying a different protocol this time (lower dose stims, I’ve been doing keto for 6 months, using Zymot device for sperm, short refractory period between ejaculation) to try to improve outcomes.

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer): Not sure yet.  Baseline appointment is 1/13, so I’m guessing ER will be around 1/27.

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be? I’m a wildlife biologist and it actually is my dream job! πŸ˜€  Even though most of the time I am just stuck behind a computer in my office like everyone else.  But if we are adding in skills, I would be really good at statistics.  I have a mental block against everything stats related, unfortunately.

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@latebloomerbee78:  haha I know right, but I have regained all the lost water weight.  You will transfer on a natural cycle right?  I’m excited for you, we might be transfer buddies!!

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@Dr_dazzle:  WELCOME BACK FRIEND!  So happy to see you here πŸ™‚

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@KittyYogi:  would you consider a fresh transfer?  I know obviously can’t pgs test, but it might be refreshing just to feel you are moving the timeline forward if at all possible.  Hopefully this protocol is the right one, my fingers are crossed for you!

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Hello! I haven’t been active for some time, I was part of the original infertility boards and Facebook group (hi @anev and @Dr_dazzle!) but stepped away after I had a few miscarriages. We’re really just getting started but I’m anxious to get back into it.


Your age/partner’s age: 33/41

Baby #: 2

Cycles TTC: Just starting trying for #2

Known fertility issues: Lean PCOS, hypothyroidism, MTHFR, history of recurrent miscarriages.

Previous fertility treatment: Medicated cycles, IUIs, loads of vitamins/medications. We were in an egg retrieval cycle with covid first hit so that was cancelled and then moved across the country and didn’t end up having to do IVF for #1.

What are you doing this month (transfer, beta, IUI, retrieval)? We’re actively trying but mostly just getting established since we haven’t seen an RE in our new state. So we’ve got to establish care first and see where we’ll go from there. I don’t know if we’ll jump into IVF right away or wait a little while first.

Key dates (POAS, beta, transfer): Nothing yet!

Just for fun: If you could be good at anything, what would your dream job be? I’d love to write cookbooks! I like cooking but am not super creative with developing my own recipes.

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