(Closed) Wisdom Teeth Coming Out…..15 days before we leave for our DW!!

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Fifteen days before you’ll be fine – I’d just get all four taken out so it’s over with at once. But be sure that for around 5 days after the surgery someone else can handle all the wedding crap, cause you probably won’t want to.

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@IUrebekah3RT:  Just get them all out! It’s not that bad. Make sure you follow the instructions to keep the sockets moist – they’ll give you something to spray them with – because that’s apparently the worst feeling in the world and can really draw out the process.

Aside from that, make sure you rotate heat and icing on your cheeks and swelling should be minimal. I had all four of mine out (1 was through, 1 was impacted and 2 were almost through) and I had almost zero swelling and definitely no effects 15 days later. 

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I’d have them all out. The teeth aren’t impacted, so the removal and recovery time should be fine for when your wedding is scheduled.

FYI all 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted. I had them out when I was 15-16 and only missed 3 days of school. So you should be fine.

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do all 4 at once… why go through something twice!?! you’ll be fince since they’re all in. Just take really good care of yourself before and after.

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My wisdom teeth were impacted when they were removed. I had a week off but, honestly, I was up and about after a couple days and by the end of the week I was totally fine. You have time. May as well get it over with all at once. 


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I’d just do them all at once.  I had all four pulled and was up and around and off pain meds (but a little bruised) the next day.  All trace was definitely gone well before 2 weeks.

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I think it took about 5 or so days for my sister’s swelling to go totally down when she got all 4 of her wisdom out. Hers were all completely under the gums though. It wasn’t like a nice simple yank and you’re done.

She was fine a few weeks later – I think the sooner you do it, the better.
Do all four at once – you’ll never want to do it again when you go through it (I say that from observing my sis’s… cheery disposition after the teeth were pulled). But once again, hers were all under the gum. Yowch! :/

Just keep a lot of liquid meals around, you aren’t going to want to chew for a few days (I think I picked up a case of Ensure or like liquid meal replacement shakes for her, she outright refused to eat anything but those)

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@IUrebekah3RT:  When I had mine removed it is because the solid root bit of the teeth under the gum grew completely horisontally. It was extremely painful. I must be honest I had no major swelling and it healed up fast. Just make sure you follow ALL the aftercare instructions to a fault to avoid the risk of infection afterwards.



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You will be completely healed in plenty of time!

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I’m going against the grain here and say just get the one tooth out now, and do the others later.  I had all 4 of mine done last June and got 2 dry sockets even though I followed the instructions to a T.  It was awful and I was off work for 7 days and was numb on my lower lip, chin and whole left lower jaw for a few months.  The surgeon did say the lower 2 were more complicated than he expected.  The upper 2 came out easily and with very little pain or swelling….but even still to have stitches and gaping holes in my mouth…yuck.

I think if you consider the worst that could happen (dry sockets, swelling, bruising, numbness inability to chew food regularly, infection risk) and still want to do all 4 before the wedding, then do it.  Otherwise, do just the one that’s necessary and wait for the others.

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I would do them all after the wedding personally. If you’re in excruciating pain and can’t wait, then I would probably just do that one now because it would be less risk of ruining your wedding if you had any complications, but assuming you can function as is, I would choose to wait. 

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@cdncinnamongirl:  yep, this happens to me and I had additional complications that resulted in several months of pain and swelling, even though going in I was told it would be simple. I also felt like crap for a few months as they tried to fix the problems and ended up having them tell me to go to dental ER twice.

OP, Id just pull one now, but statistically you’re probably not going to encounter problems. However, if you do, they would seriously ruin your honeymoon. It’s worth going in twice, IMO. 

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Just get them all out at once!  I only had 2 out (and still need my other 2 out) and I regret not doing it all at once.  Honestly, my swelling wasn’t noticeable after like, day 2.  I pretty much lived with ice on my face for the first 24 hours (15 minutes on, 15 minutes off).

Just follow your care instructions for after surgery and you shuld be fine.


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Get them done at once! I had all 4 impacted (out) and they took all of them out at once. It hurt like a mofo. But I was functional after 1 day and able to do things and was back to normal (including eating without worrying abotu things getting in the holes!) after about 5 or 6 days. You should have plenty of time to heal and recover beforehand.


I spoke with a lot of people who have had their wisdom teeth removed and almost all of them did it at different times and regret having to go through it multiple times. Do it like a band aid and good luck!

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