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@FutureMrsSomeone:  Had three of mine out 2 years ago; still have the fourth. It actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. The Doctor knocked me out for the procedure, but there really wasn’t a lot of pain afterwards while I was healing. There was a bit of pressure in my jaws, but that wasn’t bad at all.

Just stick to soft foods, drink lots of liquids, and keep the holes really clean to avoid infections. I ate a lot of soup with tiny little star noodles, chocolate pudding, apple sauce, and ice cream – pretty much a little kid’s dream. Lol!

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  Yeah, all 4! Better than getting 2 out and then having to go back for the other two. I was pretty much awake for all of it too, they just gave me the gas and numbed up the mouth. I could hear the conversation going on around me, lol! Just another day at work for the dentists 🙂

I’ve had 3 other tooth extractions as well, two for braces and the other one was an extra tooth in the roof of my mouth. I’m practically an expert at having teeth pulled. 😀

Trust me, you will feel so much better in a couple of days.

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  They wanted to keep me awake during my second surgery, and I said there was absolutely no way. I hyperventilate under laughing gas just to prepare for the IV, so I couldn’t imagine what I’d do if I saw them working in there! Plus, you can feel the pressure, and that freaks me out!

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  I feel your pain! I had all four out on wednesday, and then had to go back in for an xray to check on a wonky one and there was a fragment left behind – back in the chair I went! 

I made a basic soup for my first night after the surgery. It pretty much the home-made version of liptons chicken noodle. I boiled broken peices of spagetti in chicken broth. It was easy to slurp down! 

My other fav recipe has been banana icecream! Literally just chop up some frozen bananas (or freeze pre-cut banana for a couple of hours) and hit it with a blender or handmixer until its creamy. I added a tablespoon of peanut butter too. Easy to eat, tasty AND good for you! 

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Ugh, you guys are all freaking me out.  I have one (only one!) to come out.  My dentist told me to go have it done in October and I keep putting it off.  I just don’t want to do it….

Fortunately, it hasn’t pushed through the gum and isn’t giving me any pain…yet.

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I had all four of mine out my freshman year of college over winter break. They were impacted so they put me out and cut them out. I didn’t have any major issues. For me the worst part was the feeling of my mouth going from numb to not numb and the pain medication made me sick (I cut it in half, that was better). I ate a lot of broth, applesauce, and chicken nuggets later in the week which I some how managed to mostly eat with my front teeth. I also got a huge bruise from the IV they put in my arm.

I looked a bit like a chipmunk, but I remember going to a concert the next day and by the end of the week I was okay. I was very nervous about eating normally again though since I had heard so many dry socket horror stories. But thankfully it didn’t happen to me.


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ughhhhh Im scheduled to remove all 4 wisdom teeth!! I’m terrified lol.. and seeing everyones experiences is freaking me out more.

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  Ensure shakes would be good. I drank those and Special K shakes too because they taste better than some of the other ones I tried. I also had a lot of those Campbell’s soup to go too. I also made the mistake of trying to eat bread probably before I should have. That was not fun. 

@dessilove:  It’s not as bad as I heard it was. All four of my teeth were impacted and I was put under to have them out. Because of that, I didn’t really have any pain for several hours after surgery. My best advice is to make sure you take your pain medicine before you start hurting. I made the mistake of waiting until I started hurting before taking a pain pill and I regretted that, but that was the only day I really had a lot of pain. Minus the day food got stuck in my socket (the nurse forget to give me a syringe but I got one). That syringe will be your best friend. Take it everywhere. I also suggest getting an ice pack from a pharmacy because your face is going to swell. 

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i had all 4 of mine taken out a few years back. i always hear that people come out of it either laughing or crying- i was a cryer. i don’t remember much because i was pretty out of it, i just remember wiping tears when i was being helped into the car. once i got home, i spent the rest of the day throwing up. and since i couldn’t eat anything, i couldn’t take any medicine either (i was given a generic prescription and generics make me sick if i take them on an empty stomach), so i just had to deal with it.

it was pretty sucky, but i’m glad that i had them all done at once. no way in hell would i want to go through that again. my doctor said that they don’t do it in phases because it’s so traumatic that a lot of people never come back to have the rest done.

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  When they first started administering laughing gas I was fine, but I became extremely talkative. Like they couldn’t get me to shut up. I remember giving the one girl who was the receptionist all kinds of career advice (I was like 18 LOL). I kept telling her she needs to go to school to become a dental assistant. After a little bit of time with the laughing gas I felt like there was a huge weight on my chest. I started yelling that I couldn’t breathe, but by then they were already injected the medicine into my IV! The second time I was literally dying of laughter until it felt like a weight was on my chest again.

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I guess I may be lucky where I don’t need them removed- I have enough room in my mouth for them not to cause any issues. But I tell ya!! When they come in… like poking in and out before making up their mind to stay in- it hurts. I can understand why babies cry when getting their teeth in. I have one more left to come in!

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@FutureMrsSomeone:  I hope you feel better soon. NO ONE warned me that after having my wisdom teeth removed (I had all 4…bottom two were impacted and had to be cut out), I might have severe nausea. It was two days of throwing up and barely eating.

I feel for you. Having wisdom teeth removed was one of the worst experiences of my life. I couldn’t go out for 5 days because I was so swollen and bruised it looked like I’d been beaten up.

Feel better soon. Your boyfriend did a good job on mentioning diamonds… 😀

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