Wisdom Teeth – one week before wedding!

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I was knocked out.  The mouth is the fastest healing part of your body but I think I remember being sore for longer than a week, maybe 2.  After 2 days I only needed Motrin.  I don’t remember any swelling past the first day or 2

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Hey Bee! Congrats and ouch! 


when I had mine removed I was fully sedated and swollen for two days. It depends on how your body reacts as my sister had no swelling after! I do think you should get it removed ASAP it is so painful! I recall waiting on insurance approval for 7 days! It was torture I was so close in just paying it in full out of pocket!

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@haleywolfe22:  I was under general anesthesia and I was bruised and swollen for at least a week and I talked with a bit of a lisp.  I would not have your wisdom teeth out within a week or 2 of your wedding 😬

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I don’t remember ever being really swollen but I had pain for awhile longer than I anticipated. I did IV sedation and I was fully under. I would never ever get my wisdom teeth removed 1 week before my wedding.

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@haleywolfe22:  I don’t think my swelling lasted more than a day or so, but mine weren’t impacted, just pulled out, and I was awake for it. I’m pretty sure I was feeling back to normal and eating normal foods within a week. The relief from that throbbing pain made it well worth it, but I didn’t really have any big life events going on during those times. I guess whether you end up postponing the surgery or not, there’s a chance that you might not feel your best for the big day. Only you can decide if you can push through the pain and then hopefully have the surgery immediately afterward or get the surgery, risk not feeling your best and possibly still being a bit swollen. I wish you the best as you decide! Tooth pain is the worst. 

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I was completely knocked out for mine. I have anxiety even at regular dentist appointments so they figure it was best just to put me out completely. I Don’t remember a damn thing, including how I got home! I know my mom took me home lol I just don’t remember it at all.

A week later I was definitely back to normal. I didn’t even have very much swelling but the slight swelling I did have only really lasted about 2 days. And the pain/discomfort didn’t last long either.

If you were actually experiencing pain and discomfort then I’d suggest just waiting until after the wedding but if you’re teeth are throbbing I’d just get it done as quick as possible. But as you can tell from these responses there’s a pretty wide range of reactions.

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@haleywolfe22:  mine were impacted on my right side. I didn’t have full sedation, turns out I didn’t need it. I had all 4 out and the swelling was gone within about 3 days. By day 7 I was eating steak, lol

Good luck!!


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I didn’t have any sedation, they just numbed my mouth, it was fine. I think I was recovered after a few days, but one week before your wedding really seems like cutting it close! Unless the pain is unbearable, I’d probably try to hold off until after the wedding. 

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oh honey, do not do NOT do this. I got mine taken out under full sedation, and I was swollen and bruised for WEEKS. It was recommended I take 2 weeks off work and my supervisors obviously thought that was ridiculous, but I went in to collect something the first day I thought I actually looked pretty good (which was about a week after the surgery) and they were horrified. I looked like I’d been assaulted.

If you can bear to wait a week, I would strongly, STRONGLY recommend doing so.


I should add – if you do decide you can’t wait, they told me if you are fully under, they tend to be a bit rougher with pulling on your jaw than they would be if you were awake, and that’s what causes more swelling and bruising.

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I previously had 4 teeth removed with no general anesthesia (which I did not enjoy at all), so for my wisdom teeth I got an IV and was totally out. It was weird af, and I don’t think my body liked it. I woke up startled and ANGRY. I did not want to do anything anyone told me to and refused to comply (which is very unlike me). I was also adamant that we go to Target on our way home, and I did NOT want help walking even though I was still pretty unstable. I felt kinda gross overall for a week afterwards.

My wisdom teeth had to be cut out, and I was very swollen for a couple days, and had slight swelling and bruising for just over a week. I was in a lot of pain and kind of out of it for at least 3 days. I also had trouble talking for about a week (partial lisp and pain).

I would absolutely NOT do it the week before my wedding, even if I was in pain. 

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Swelling didnt last long but I had yellow bruising that lasted a couple weeks.

I was totally out. Closed my eyes and woke up in a totally different room.

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@haleywolfe22:  everyone is completely different! I had an awful wisdom tooth recovery! I was only locally numbed and was not fully under. Also, it was only my bottom ones! Not all four. 

The swelling took about a week to heal, and one of my wounds ended up getting infection, which then took another two weeks to heal (no swelling at that point but it was hurtful) and they had to suck disgusting puss out of it. 

I would NOT recommend. Is there any type of numbing product they can maybe give you temporarily? 

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My friend was numb for 8 weeks after wisdom teeth removal. It’s a very small chance, but he managed to have it happen that the nerve wrapped around one of his teeth was damaged during the removal process. His face was still a bit droopy on one side for six or so weeks. 

Add in the risk of dry sockets, and I wouldn’t chance it right before your wedding unless you’re in excruciating pain. 

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Three of my wisdom teeth came through the gums and just got pulled with novocaine, no issues with any of them. My last one was impacted and I was completely out while they did it, it was awesome. I did get a dry socket through and that sucked hard. Had to keep going back every couple days for them to pack and unpack it with the clove stuff they use. But I had no swelling at all with any of them.  

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