(Closed) Wisdom teeth out tonight! What to eat/what to expect :(

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No big deal girl! I had both wisdom teeth out AND a back molar all in one whap. I am a super big baby who is terrified of pain. I don’t even remember a thing. I laid back, they stuck the IV in my arm and I woke up in my bed at home 2 hours later. A little blood and some icky gauze, but hardly any pain. I’d rate it a 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10. 

I had mine surgically removed with IV sedation which cost about 4 times as much, but was worth it in my opinion. I can’t speak to the pain level of people who have them actually pulled out at the dentist. 

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I had all four of mine out, and they were impacted.  I was under general anesthesia.  I’ve had it many times, you just lay back your arm starts to feel cold and you are out before you get to 10.  Then you want up in recovery and have to wait a little while before you are good enough to go home.  Just rest the first day, don’t do anything too strenuous since you are under the affects of the anesthesia for a full day or so.

I had a little trouble eating for a day or so and only ate soft and easy to chew foods.  The worst part was when I started to eat more, I had to clean out my incisions constantly because food kept getting in them.

As the doctor says, no straws.  I avoided them for a long time because I did not want to get a dry socket, I’ve heard they feel horrible!

Good luck with the surgery, you will do fine!


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I had all 4 out at once, 2 of which had broken through and were twisted, the other 2 were impacted.

The first night isn’t bad because you’re pretty much still numb. You won’t want to eat much but I’d suggest some soup – chicken noodle, something soft. But DON’T suck!! Put the whole spoon in your mouth.

The second day/night is the worst for pain. I cried the second night. Use your ice packs, only 15 on and 15 off at a time. I was eating mostly yogurt, apple sauce, jello, scrambled eggs, mashed potatos – things you can mush up without really needing to chew. Remember your jaw will be sore too – like muscle sore. And your face will be sore as well.

After the second day it gets easier. I started eating more eggs and mashed potatos and mixing in a few more solid things from there.

Good luck! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

ETA: I would avoid eating anything crunchy/chewy or with little sharp bits that could get in/irritate your stitches. Things that come to mind are popcorn, anything really chewy or crunchy (toast) etc.

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I’m sure that your oral surgeon’s office will provide you with specific instructions as to what type of food you would be permitted to eat following that procedure. I had my impacted wisdom teeth extracted many years ago and was in the hospital for three days following that surgery. Times certainly have changed since then.

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@bretonvirgniia:  Don’t worry, I’m a sucky baby too. And I only got Tylenol 3 as pain reliever which sucks for me. It was not terrible – I was eating solid foods a lot sooner than my friends said they did. The second day is really the worst, the rest is much better.

ETA: just don’t forget, your face will be sore too because your mouth is connected to everything else (sinuses, etc.) my eyes were pretty tender as well as my cheeks and nose. Just so you know what to expect.

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Do not drink or eat before your procedure if you’re going to be sedated — when my not-BF was going to have his out, they failed to tell him this and he had about a half a glass of water. He was supposed to be sedated, so they opted for general numbing.

He handled it like a pro — no pain, no bleeding, but I’m pretty sure he’s a freak of nature. Because he’s military, he needed an escort (me) so i got all the good details.

Eat soft things, avoid very hot and very cold. Don’t use straws or any sort of sucking motion as it could dislodge the blood clots in the wounds (Gross, right?)

Not-BF survived on soup, soft cereals (Oats, mash, stuff like that), milkshakes (He’s a freak, like I said.) and soft breads and small slivers of meat.


He got vicodin and didn’t even need it. What a pro.

If you’re nervous, you can ask for a generic valium beforehand. I’m incredibly afraid of dentists, so it may be a good idea if you’ve got a dentist/needle/surgery fear.

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Good luck! I am sure that you will be fine. Two people where I work had their wisdom teeth removed this week and they were stocking up on mashed potatoes, soup, pudding, jello, and ice cream. The first day you won’t want to eat and the next day you will only be able to eat soft foods that you do not have to chew. It gets easier though. 

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Don’t worry too much. Mine was a really easy experience. I had all 4 out when I was 17 and they had to cut into my gums and smash up the teeth to get them out since they hadn’t poked up yet. Sounds gross, but I was fine. I didn’t even come close to taking all the pain meds they prescribed me. I went back to school and sports the next day. I didn’t get swollen up but my jaw was kind of stiff so eating was a problem if I couldn’t fit in my small opened mouth. I had lots of pudding and drinks like Ensure, and canned fruits. 

Try getting your tonsils out as an adult… That’s a whole other story!

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I had my top two removed last year. I was a late grower apparently, since I was 32 when they came in, and my bottom two are entirely absent. One was impacted so they had to break that one up quite a bit, the other was not and was pulled out in one piece, and it was performed under local anaesthetic. The only medications I took after were regular Tylenol and I only needed them for a day or so. 

I ate a lot of soft foods for a handful of days – mashed potatoes, soups, eggs, bananas, apple sauce, mac & cheese (if you make sure to really cook the pasta it is pretty soft), smoothies (but make sure there are no seeds or anything).

NO STRAWS! I know a couple people who got dry socket from using straws and you do NOT want that.


Good luck!

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I only had two out recently at the dentist. They gave me sedatives, feel asleep in the waiting room. Couple of needles in my mouth and I couldn’t feel a thing. They came out really easily too. Unfortunately I had some minor complications and had to go backa about 6 days later, but it was easy fixed 🙂 

I lived on jelly, apple purée, Mac ‘n cheese, porridge etc. I also have these liquid breakfast drinks that fill me up in the morning. So I was drinking those out of a glass a lot. 

Do not use a straw. Dry socket is meant to be the most painful thing in the world. Follow the instructions the dentist gives you. Mine gave me a mouthwash to use and also told me to do salt water rinse. It’s disgusting but works.

Good luck!

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Download lots of movies for yourself!! Get a syringe from your doctor to fill with salt water to clear gunk out of the angry place where your theath were. And drink ots of cold drinks and eat lots of yummy soup!

DOn’t be suprized if you feal effing great the first and even the second day, it’s the third day that gets ya! Just it easy and enjoy the time off and all the ice cream you get to eat!

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