Wisdom teeth removal with only numbing shots and laughing gas?

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I had numbing shots only, but a superb dentist, I never felt anything! After awhile, with my mouth open, I peeked a tiny bit to see what was going on, and he was stitching me up, never felt the extraction!

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Honey bee

wisdomowl :  I say it’s fine but that’s really up to you. I didn’t get sedated for mine either. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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I’ve had laughing gas for dental work before and it literally did nothing.  I think it depends on how well you tolerate it, and having my wisdom teeth out would not be when I wanted to test that out.

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Helper bee

I had a bad experience having a molar pulled with just numbing and laughing gas, so I opted to be sedated for my wisdom teeth. When I had the molars pulled, it didn’t hurt but I could hear it all and feel them moving my head around. Headphones were no help. I would go with sedation if you can. There was no downside for me, it was so easy.

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Busy bee
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I am beyond sacred of needles in my mouth and pretty much anything a dentist wants to put in my mouth (besides normal teeth cleaning tools) i don’t know what excatly they used on me. But I remember they put an IV in me. And then they put the laughing gas on me and I was knocked out in less then a minute. Didn’t feel a thing. But I did get dry socket. 🙁 That hurt like hell!

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Helper bee
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wisdomowl :  I would make 100% sure that they are straight. Make sure you look at the X-rays yourself and have someone else verify. I had one pulled with just lidocaine shots and it was fine, so much so I just went right back to work and only had a couple of ibuprofen just for swelling but I had no pain. My dentist said the other one was straight too and he could just pull it like the previous. I trusted him and ended up with the worst dental experience of my life. It ended up not being straight and since he had started already he didn’t feel like he could stop. I ended up getting like 11 lidocaine shots and watched him yank and sweat while I just sat there terrified. When it was over I wasn’t in pain because I was so numb but when he shots wore off OMG!!! I was in tears for hours. I had to have a friend drive me to cvs to get my prescription because I could barely see from the pain. Anyway enough of the torture part of the story! I say all that to say that you need to be sure they are straight lol! 

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Busy bee
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wisdomowl :  I had all 4 out at once with just the laughing gas and novacaine, and I don’t remember any discomfort at all. I was a little loopy! It seemed to go by really fast–I had brought headphones with music and it didn’t play as it was supposed to for whatever reason, and even without that I was fine. 

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Blushing bee
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I only had numbing shots and a Xanax. It was not fun but not painful. There was no popping and cracking noise because my teeth were straight, came out without any issues, but you can definitely hear the root ripping. If you take the heel of your hand and press it against your lower jaw as hard as you can… that’s the amount of presssure I felt. Uncomfortable but not unbearable. The worst part is they only did one side at a time and I had to come back two weeks later for the other side. My brother got sedation because his teeth were impacted, we were both in our late teens and I HOWLED about the injustice, haha. You’ll fare much better than I did if you get laughing gas!

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Helper bee

Hi Bee! I had multiple molars pulled with shots and no laughing gas. They did two shots per tooth and they worked really well on me; I felt nothing! But I hated the sound- it’s still clear in my memory 15 years later. If I had to do it again, I’d bring headphones to listen to music and try to drown it out. Would your dentist be cool with that?

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Bumble bee

I got all 4 out the same day, mine were straight like yours, and I only got numbing shots. I don’t recall any pressure but It’s very odd hearing your teeth being pulled out 😁 I didn’t even fill my pain killer prescription afterward and felt the pain was bearable. 

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Busy bee

I had mine taken out with numbing shots only. Yah the shots suck a bit but nothing unbearable. And I hadn’t been expecting the shots only since I am from america but was visiting a third world country and over there dentists don’t put you under for any wisdom tooth removal and I had no idea till I sat down in the chair! Mine was a total surgery as it was impacted and there were stitches involved and all. I kinda freaked out when I found out and was only 16 but it turned out just fine. I didn’t feel a thing after the three shots! But do keep in mind I’m not sensitive to pressure so not sure how that could impact your experience. 


ETA: my tooth has to be broken into chunks so that was an odd thing to experience cause you could hear it cracking and I could see my grandpa (who did the surgery) with a hammer type thing but again it wasn’t anything uncomfortable and there was no pain 

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Helper bee
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I had all 4 of mine taken out with just laughing gas and shots when I was 17. They were all impacted as well. I think they gave me more gas than normal because I was so out of it during I didn’t even know what was happening. At one point I asked the dentist when they were going to start and he reaches over and shows me all 4 teeth already removed LOL So I definitely didn’t feel anything.

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wisdomowl :  Because a dentist did mine and not an oral surgeon I did not get put under.  I had headphones, and the laughing gas really worked to make me super out of it.  I hardly remember a thing.  I think I felt pressure, but I was so dazed and sleepy that I certainly wasn’t bothered by it and the whole thing felt like it went by really quickly.  I also took something for anxiety before the procedure, so that helped a lot too.  

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