Wisdom teeth removal with only numbing shots and laughing gas?

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wisdomowl :  I had 4 compacted wisdom teeth out with just numbing. It was bad. It hurt,, and I felt a great deal of pressure. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear, but thats the truth. 

I have since had another tooth out, and that time I made sure that they continued to numb me until I couldn’t feel that they had poked me at all. I still felt some pressure that time, but not the painful kind, or extraordinarily uncomfortable type.

Headphones are a great idea, as you will hear them crack your teeth if they need to do that. I also think it would be nice to not hear them talking about it. 

Good luck, and follow your after care instructions!!


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wisdomowl :  I only had local anesthesia (numbing shots) and no laughing gas when I had my wisdom teeth removed–they were impacted, and it was completely fine. The pressure and noises (since mine came out in pieces) didn’t bother me.

Part of the reason I went with local anesthesia is because local anesthesia is safer compared to general anesthesia. General anesthesia involves a loss of consciousness (i.e. “going to sleep”) and is a more drastic measure that involves close monitoring, so obviously there are more risks and potential complications from the anesthesia itself.

Westwood :  I know what you mean, but just FYI, all oral surgeons are dentists who did a residency in oral surgery. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I had all four pulled with just numbing shots. It was honestly not a big deal. I went home and relaxed for a few days before going back to work. I had three that were straightish and peeking out, and one that was crooked and the gum needed to be cut open to get it out. I had dry socket on one of the bottom ones which was much more painful that the procedure and probably self-induced since I sipped a smoothie with a straw shortly after! Still, if someone told me I had to do that again tomorrow I wouldn’t be too fussed. Mine were done by my dentist.

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I got all four out with just the numbing shots and taking a Valium before the procedure. I put in my headphones and closed my eyes and didn’t really notice what was going on. The healing was easy and I didn’t have any complications. 

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I had my wisdom teeth taken out one at a time so I’m not sure if it’d be different if you do all in one go (I actually still have one– my previous dentist didn’t believe in messing with anything that wasn’t causing an issue.) Anyway, each time I only had numbing shots and an anti-anxiety medication (I think it was valium? Can’t remember.) I was drugged up enough where I didn’t care much either way and didn’t feel a thing except for some pressure but again, I was drugged up enough where it didn’t really matter much to me.

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Laughing gas doesn’t do anything for me, so I had 3 impacted wisdom teeth removed with just the numbing shots.  The dentist has a TV screen + wireless headphones over each chair, so I didn’t have to make any special arrangements to block out the noises.  The discomfort after the numbing shots wore off was worse than the surgery itself, but that’s what painkillers are for.  

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Have they already come through the gums (exposed), or are they still underneath? If they haven’t come through yet, I would definitely suggest being put under. In my opinion, surgery is way different than getting a tooth pulled. 

The only time I’ve ever heard of anyone NOT being put under is when the teeth have already surfaced, and they’re just being pulled. 

When I got mine out, they were not get exposed, and I was put to sleep. It was quick and easy (about 30 minutes), and I don’t remember anything. I also went to an oral surgeon, not a dentist. I’ve never really heard of anyone getting them taken out by a dentist, again, unless they’ve already come through the gums. 

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You’ll be fine! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been working in a dental office for over 7 years, 2 years assisting w/ procedures including extractions. I’ve seen and assisted A LOT of patients get their wisdom teeth out without being but to sleep and just being numb or having nitrous. I’ve seen some patients bring some headphones and listen to music if they were really anxious and it seems to really help. 

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I had only novacaine for mine and I had two that were impacted. I thought it was fine. They started with laughing gas but it made me feel very anxious so I asked them to stop. 

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I would want to be put under if I were you. When I had mine out they said it was an ideal case (straight, small roots, etc) I still had anesthetic. If I had to do over again, I wouldn’t have used anesthetic because I recently learned I have no nerves in my teeth due to trauma to my mouth as a child but that’s another story….  ask for anesthetic! 

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How many? Don’t do four without full general anaesthetic and/or the roots are really long. xo

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I only had local anesthesia for all four of mine being pulled and I hated it. Of course I’ve never had a cavity so I freaked the f out when my mouth went numb. Mine were pretty stubborn and I’ll never forget a piece of one bouncing off the roof of my mouth *shudder*

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My dentist was one who doesn’t put people under.  They just don’t do it.  My wisdom teeth had grown sideways.  They were working their way out horizontally from the sides of my gums.  They had to be sliced into pieces with tiny saws and then removed, chunk by chunk.  I was awake for the whole thing.  Yep.

No pain during the process.  They started with a numbing smear before they did the injections.  Then they injected the numbing solution, then they went in with the gas.  A nice thing – since they didn’t have to fully brace my mouth open, because I was able to hold it open myself for a lot of it, I had less bruising and a faster healing afterward.

Not gonna lie, though – although I had no pain during the process, the sound of my teeth being sawed in half was nightmare fodder for weeks.

I wouldn’t say it was pleasant, but honestly, if I had to somehow go through it again, I think I’d do it the same way again, just because I knew and trusted that dentist and it’s the only way he’d do it, and because I did have very little bruising in the aftermath.

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I had this done because the dentist I was at couldn’t get the IV to work with my small veins. ๐Ÿ˜  It honestly wasn’t that bad.  I didn’t feel much because of the laughing gas.  You will feel some things happening, but you’ll be out of it so you won’t care.  I had all four out at once. ๐Ÿ™‚

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wisdomowl :  Hi, I just had all four of my wisdom teeth out with just injections last week, two were impacted. The injections hurt the most, after that I was completely fine. Just be sure to say if you have even a hint of feeling when they touch around that you can feel it. 

You’ll do great!

Edited to add: My bottom ones also had to be chipped out piece by piece, so you hear cracking and grossness. I just kept comparing it to other sounds, “It’s just someone clipping their nails”. That seemed to help a little bit, also, try not to look at the thing that sucks the liquid from your mouth. 

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