(Closed) Woman want to breastfeed 5yo girl until she is 10 or more…

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  • poll: When do you think is an appropriate age to stop breastfeeding?

    I have no opinion either way.

    6 months

    6-12 months

    1-2 years

    2-3 years

    3-4 years

    4-5 years

    Whenever they get too many teeth - ouch!

    Whenever the child decides not to.

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    @FutureMrsHallam:  I don’t see how breast feeding for THAT long is healthy when they could be getting nutrients from fruits and veggies! 

    And there is also the “yuck” factor here… 10? HELL NO. I think 2.5-3 TOPS for me. 


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    Quoting SATC: If they can ask for it, they’re too old for it.

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    @Pinkmoon:  That is EXACTLY what popped into my mind.

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    Between 6-12 months. I feel like at 1 year, it’s time to stop. Breastfeeding is for the nourishment of babies who are not getting that nourishment in another form of food. Once your child is old enough that they are eating solid food and getting their needed nutrients in other areas, it’s time to stop the breastfeeding.

    Personally, it speaks volumes about the parent. That kind of behavior is in NO WAY for the child, it’s for the parent. That mom needs to detach herself because she’s setting her kid up for a lifetime of riducule. 

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    The WHO suggests exclusive bf for six months, and supplimenting with real food up to two years, but no one says that when your toddler needs milk it cant come from a bottle still. I plan to bf then pump after about a year to suppliment solid food. There is. NO reason a kindergardener needs to suck moms boob still except mom has attachment issues. 

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    @BeachBride2014:  That was exactly what I was about to quote!

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    @chasesgirl:  Well said!

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    @FutureMrsHallam:  I would be concerned regarding possible psychological repercussions. 

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    Once your child is old enough to remember breastfeeding you really need to stop. I imagine that would totally mess with your head, especially once you realized it was not what the other kids were doing. Total ick.

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    @Bracelet00:  I pretty much agree with this.

    Not my choice to do it that long but there are worse things.  WHO organization recommends it up to 2 years (along with solid foods) so there’s certainly nothing wrong with it up to 2.  There clearly are benefits.  Of course, I’m not sure why a 3 or 5 year old would need to suck on mom’s breast when they could be drinking it out of a glass.  I find that part pretty strange.

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    3 years at the absolute max, but I don’t bat an eye at mothers who Boyfriend or Best Friend until two years of age. I’ll likely Boyfriend or Best Friend until my children are one, and then I may pump for a bit after that. We’ll see.

    Children need to learn to let go of mommy, and that certainly isn’t happening when BFing until school age.

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    As soon as my kids get teeth, they are no longer going to be breast fed.

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    @starfish0116:  I agree with this 100%

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    :S :S :S

    I think I’ll aim for a year, if possible.  But I’m Asian and I find that a significant (but small) percentage of us are unable to.  There are pro-breastfeeders who will argue with me until they’re blue in the face, but I know my grandmother and my aunt were unable to breastfeed because they were unable to produce (enough) milk.  My aunt tried and tried and tried for months to increase her production but she couldn’t make more than 75ml in a day.  There were no infections or blocked ducts or anything in her breasts – it was just all she could produce, so it just wasn’t an option.  I plan to keep an open mind and hope for the best.

    My other aunt though, had no problems in this arena and her kids at 2 always whine for the breast when they’re having tantrums because they just want an easy meal.  She’ll be Skyping my mom and I, and they’ll freak out over something, and just run over to her and lift her shirt up.  She will happily point the camera at them and…ick.  I have no problem with seeing other women nurse, but I don’t think anyone likes to see family members’ boobs. :S

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    I think breastfeeding up to toddler age is the max anyone should do. Once it’s stops be nourishing for the child it becomes more about coping. Case and pont, with my friend who only does it night, if her son falls, or has a tantrum he wants to breastfeed immediatley after.

    At a certain point children need to go throw different phases and learn new things, how to soothe themselves and other coping skills. This parent is doing a real disservice to her child.


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    Oh ya, I probably should have also written in my own experience (1980s Mom). 

    My kids were weaned before a year.  Breast milk was certainly better for them than Formula in regards to giving them immunity from some diseases etc (that info was out there then).  But I was also told that there was little to be gained after Year One. 

    And well quite frankly… long before Year One was over my kids were eating solids and I as the Mom was very much wanting to stop… the inconveniences of working & breastfeeding, their teeth, and the fact that at some point in time it all becomes quite tiresome (this feeling like a “human cow”… and the need to get back to a life that isn’t just revolving around a Child 24/7).

    I honestly could not imagine going on like this for years on end… I mean it would be pretty much non-stop if you wanted to have more than one child.  That would drive me nuts !!

    Just my 2 cents.


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