(Closed) Women cry around four times more often than men – Any input?

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I cry maybe once a month. It’s usually when I see something really sad and I’m feeling emotional. 

DH probably cries less than once a year. He only cries when something really terrible happens.

I’d say both the male and female stats are too high for us. 

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I cry all the time lol. sometimes it may be a few tears of frustration, but I’d say at LEAST once a month. Maybe men cry more often but are more afraid to admit it/do It in public?


ETA: it may also feel high because we are in a good stage of our life. I imagine a woman going through depression or exhaustion with a new baby or losing a parent may cry a lot more often, bringing up the average. Just a thoight. 

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I cry atleast once or twice a week.

I get so emotional over the weirdest things, happy endings make me cry happy tears, shows on TV where someone does something nice and heartwarming make me cry, when my fiance says sweet things it makes me cry.

Haha, I’m just an emotional person in general.

Since meeting my fiance I have not cried many sad tears except when my dog died.

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I have seen my Fiance cry maybe 3 times in the 5 years we’ve been together. He might cry more than that, but that’s all he’s cried in front of me

I cry significantly more than that as I am what I like to call a “rage cryer.” If I am extremely frustrated or angry, that tends to come out as a cry. It’s very annoying. 

I also cry at animal related things like aspca commercials and that “inside every good dog is a great dog” Purina commercial

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I have to say, since the beginning of last year, I’ve cried a LOT more [easily]. I lost love ones over the past year, and when wedding planning started, I cried over everything that stressed me. So I guess the study is about right for me. :'( 

As for my SO, well, I haven’t seen him cry much. Maybe just once or twice a year.

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I NEVER cired. I literally went almost 10 years. My eyes might well up, but then tears would never fall. The past few years, I get a little more teary eyed and the tears may fall, but not full out crying.

My Fiance cries more often than I do. Not all the time, but he’s much more emotional than I am.

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Do women really cry more, or are they just better at admitting it?

I only really cry when something really sad happens eg family funerals. I would say maybe once or twice a year, but there have been several deaths of late, so if you added up all of the last 12 months, it would probably be more.

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I am not super emotional. I would estimate I cry maybe 6 times a year. I used to work with a woman who cried 2-3 times a week. DH cries about once a year.

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Im an emotional person. I cry when i see something sad on tv, when we fight (almost never), when i see someone else feeling sad and crying.. And when Im extremly happy. So i may cry more than the stats.

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Hahaha I’m 26 weeks pregnant, so I cry at least once a day.  Sorry ladies, im bringing up the average!

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I don’t know that I cry that often, but in the five years we’ve been together, I have never seen my husband cry. Not even when our baby was born. He almost passed out, but no tears. 

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My husband cries way more than me, I rarely rarely cry. I assume this is “men who admit to crying” since crying is seen as “feminine” or weak to men.

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I’ve never seen my other half cry. 

As for me – I cry almost daily. Happy endings, sad endings, sweet YouTube clips, emotional advertising on telly, the works! It’s only heightened at the moment with family stress, wedding stress, money stress, and the loss of loved ones. 

I thought it was normal until I discovered it wasn’t. 

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I cry out of frustration which is super annoying. I also cry at emotional scenes in movies and tv shows. That’s normally just tearing up with some tears falling down my cheeks. I rarely have full-on “crying my eyes out” moments though. My husband rarely cries and if he does it’s out of extreme frustration (I’ve only seen it happen once in the 5 years we’ve been together).

Women tend to cry more than men because of this awesome hormone called Estrogen. Lol

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