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No, but I don’t think either should swear at work.

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Honey bee
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My office where I used to work was all women, and was littered with swearing all.the.time. Male or female, I thought it was incredibly unprofessional and very distracting, especially when we were dealing with FAMILIES on the phone who could hear an F BOMB at anytime in the background. I had people remark on the phone that it sounded like a party behind me…which was really embarassing, since they didn’t mean it in a fun way. I just think that when in a work setting, save the swearing for your lunch break or whatever, but not actually in the office with coworkers doing their work around.

ETA: I don’t care if I sound like a prude!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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In my opinion no one should curse/swear in the work place if you work in an office environment.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Almost no one in my office swears, male or female. When I started here though, I started as a temp (not in the department where I work now), and my supervisor at the time swore very unnecessarily – but only when it was just the two of us. She would give me a document to work on, and would say, “Here, take a look at this fucker” or similar, nearly every time we interacted, so several times a day. She was also very fond of calling company policy, “this fucking bullshit”, as in “can you handle this fucking bullshit for me?”

I was uncomfortable with it, but as a temp didn’t really think the situation was worth addressing. She was also just a bad supervisor in general, so I was really glad when I got transferred to another department.

After getting hired on permanently, I mentioned it to some of my colleagues who were talking about how nice she (the supervisor) is, and none of them had ever heard her even say “crap” or “shoot”. Made me wonder if she just let loose because she thought I wouldn’t stick around.

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Sugar bee

@PinkPinstripes: I think it’s sexist to label a woman aggressive, pit bull, pushy, whatever it may be over a few swear words. We are in a day and age where women are no longer meant to be “seen not heard”. I do swear often in my daily life. I try to keep it at a minimum at work. If someone decided I was being to aggressive just because of a few swear words I would be irritated.

I don’t think a woman should make an effort to be anything but herself. Whatever that entails or whatever leaves her mouth because of it. Swearing should not be another one of those “men things” just like cooking shouldn’t be considered a “women thing”.

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Bumble bee
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I usually gauge the office vibe and go from there. My current office is very conservative so I never swear (I am very salty IRL so it’s tough!!)–but when I worked at a newspaper, yikes. To me it’s less of a gender thing than an environment thing.

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Bumble bee
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I worked in a customer service call center, and I saw a co-worker get fired, when she was swearing while talking to another co-worker, and a customer overheard her in the background on a call. Personally, I don’t feel it is professional behavior for women, or men to swear in the workplace, I know I never swore while I was at work. You never know who is listening, or who might be offended.

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Bee Keeper

@MsJeep23: Pretty much this. Everyone where I work now swears almost every other word. Other jobs I’ve held I wouldn’t dream of swearing. I don’t think it’s about the gender as much as the enviroment for a typical person.

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Sugar bee

I think in every situation there will be a dominant and submissive personality. I don’t think women should be labeled as anything, but fall in one category or the other depending on personality. However, cursing in the work place is not ok in my book.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I don’t think swearing in the workplace is ever accetable, no matter what your gender.  It just comes off as unprofessional, IMO (and I swear plenty away from work).

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Sugar bee
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Swearing is not acceptable in the workplace at all, in my opinion. In a professional setting, employees should speak, dress and act appropriately.

But the idea that women should be more polite so that they’re not viewed as agressive? Please. If I wasn’t “aggressive” at work then nothing would get done around here. “When you have a minute, if you don’t mind” gets me approximately diddly squat; “please” and “thank you” accomplish nothing if there aren’t assertive words behind them. I’m not a crazy PMSing monster for expecting people to do their jobs. If they’d actually do them without needing to be smacked around with reminders then my authoritative attitude wouldn’t be necessary.

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Sugar bee
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i work in a law office and swearing goes on like crazy.  mostly from the top bosses

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