Women who prefer to date circumcised men: Serious question

posted 6 years ago in Intimacy
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Honey bee
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@galvatron:  That is very weird of her to ask you to find out.

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Buzzing bee
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@galvatron:  haha I’ve considered this before. What if I was dating some guy and had no idea what was down below! 

a) depends on what it’s like… I’ve never met one in person! 

b) definitely not, if I absolutely couldn’t deal, I’d move on. I would never accept a dude asking me to have surgery because some part of my anatomy was confusing or unpleasant to him. 

c) probably. like I said, I’ve never met unaltered man parts, but I doubt it’s that much weirder than what we all already have going on downstairs. (not that it’s weird, but you know what I mean…)

This is all purely hypothetical since it’ll never happen now, sorry I don’t have any experience to draw from. 

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Bumble bee
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some of the best sex I ever had was with my first boyfriend who was uncircumcised!  Don’t knock it!

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Honey bee
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Do some women actually have such strong preferences about this? I’ve never been with an uncut man  but I don’t imagine it would be that different.

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Bee Keeper
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My husband isnt circ and i wish he was, i think its a nicer looking penis when they are

Would you:

a) stop seeing him and move on. No
b) try and persuade him to get circumcised. Hell no
c) just accept it and learn to deal with it. Yes

maybe for your friend its an important cultural thing

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Helper bee
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@Cady:  +1


I would also assume that as an adult a circumcision surgery would be a very painful one and it would be hard to keep clean/heal

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Helper bee
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Here’s something that very few Americans know – most guys in the world AREN’T circumsized!

I’m American, but I’m marrying a British guy. And I can honesty say, they just don’t circumsize in Europe and other parts of the world. It’s mainly an American/Jewish/Muslim thing.

I’m not sure why it would matter to anyone, though! Sex is no different…and when the penis is erect, it looks exactly the same as a circumsized penis!

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Sugar bee
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@SupermarketGirl:  Ha I was thinking that uncircumsized is really no different from circumsized and honestly I’m not sure if I would want my boy to be circumsized if I had one. To answer your questions.

If you found out the guy you’re dating or the guy you want to date was NOT circumcised, what would you do?

Would you:

a) stop seeing him and move on 


b) try and persuade him to get circumcised


c) just accept it and learn to deal with it

Yes, and like someone else said it can be really fun.  If you date anyone not from the US then he won’t be unless he is Jewish or Muslim.

I once dated a guy from Russia whos family was Jewish so I wondered if he would be or not.  lol.  I found my answer out later.  I’ve been around a few who were not and it really wasn’t all that different.

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Helper bee

I’ve been with both uncircumcised and circumcised men, and I guess eloping is right when it’s not..you know hard…I don’t remember the difference in the way they look when the guy is hard..”(I don’t spend that much time staring Wink) But the sex is no different.

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Busy Beekeeper
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It’s about time for another circumcision thread!

I think the woman needs to get to know him before she knows about his penis to make the decision.

It would be terrible to pass up a potentially great guy over some extra skin ( that is there naturally).

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Busy bee
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I prefer uncircumcised and I’ve been with both. I wouldn’t not date a man just because he was or wasn’t, but I know I won’t be circumcising any sons I might have. Outside of America, it’s a very weird thing to do. I think a lot of American women say they prefer circumcised just because that is what they are used to seeing.

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