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@NLbride:  When I’m not home and it’s cold out, he takes extra good care of my greyhound by either letting him snuggle on the couch, putting him in his sweatshirt or making sure he always covered up in his bed…..I know Cairo isn’t his dog and he’s a bony pain in the ass, but I’m over the moon for that lanky hound and Mr. 99 knows it…when I catch him being sweet to him it makes my heart melt.

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This thread is a great idea, and I’m sad there aren’t more posts in it!


The other day I mentioned to my fiance that I wanted to get some of those frozen breakfast sandwiches at the grocery store so I’d have something warm to eat for breakfast once I got to work. Instead, he started cooking me breakfast every morning, putting it in tupperware, and sending that to work with me. This morning I got eggs scrambled with ham, onion, and tortilla strips. I am so lucky :).

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@NLbride: I was off work for several months and my Fiance supported me unconditionally throughout that ordeal. Now that I’m back at work, and he makes dinner every night and texts me throughout the day to make sure I’m doing okay. He’s the sweetest, most sensitive man I’ve ever met and I am so in love with him. I know what you mean about negativity, so it’s great to focus on the positives. I love this thread ๐Ÿ™‚

He writes me love letters at least four times a week; he always makes me laugh; he surprises me with sweet little gifts for no reason; no matter what, he kisses me in the morning and before bed and always tells me he loves me and why; he makes an effort with my family; he sings to me; he understands my moods better than anyone else and is so understanding; he always makes our family a priority; he looks absolutely adorable taking care of our puppy; he truly listens; he always tries to put my needs before his own; he’s affectionate no matter where we are…I’m realizing I could go on forever, lol. So I will stop ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Right now he’s picking up prescriptions for me and doing groceries so that I can go straight home after work and not make any stops. I find that all by itself pretty wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Oh man…. I could go on forever, but it’s the little things that I really, really love:

  • Early in our relationship he saw a twitter converations between my sister & I talking about how when we’re down or PMS-y our comfort “food” is mochas from the machine at 7-11. Now he brings me 7-11 coffee anytime I’ve had a less than perfect day (usually accompanied by a Lottery Scratcher ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • My 14 yr old cousin is really into K-Pop and Korean pop culture in general. My SO is a super-geek and happened across a comic strip that taught you to read Korean (phonetically) and posted it to my wall “for cousin”. I thought it was SUPER sweet he thought of her even though they’ve only met a couple times.
  • We’re both big readers and he’s forever buying me books he thinks I”d like.. especially if they are somewhat sci-fi, because that’s what he’s into and he wants to share his interests.
  • He remembers everything I say and askes follow up questions. Like, a few weeks ago I came home from a brunch with my BFF who was having SERIOUS issues with her Fiance. I was distraught about their issues and talked to SO about it. A couple days ago SO asked “Hey– how are BFF & her Fiance doing? Did they resolve (blah blah)?”

I just love that he’s always thinking about the things and people that are important to me. I really feel like my happiness is his number 1 priority and it really makes me want to be a better person.

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I got to talk to my Fiance today for the first time in 14 days. He is truly my everything he is such a thoughtful and loving man. He is in Afghanistan and still finds the time to sit down and send me an email that is usually 5 to 14 pages long. He said he does it because those are the days he was on patrol and cant contact me so for each day he was gone he writes a page.

They are of course mushy and loving but they make my day because he goes into how he felt, what his dreams are, how important I am to him, and how he thanks God everyday for me.

Of course, I am getting teary eyed as I am writing this because I cant remember what my life was like before him.

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@NLbride:ย ย My husband was gone for five weeks and finally came back on Friday for one only week. On Saturday morning he cleaned all of the the toilets and sinks for me, because he knows I think it’s icky. I didn’t even ask!

Oh and also he bought me a Star Trek mug out of nowhere a few days ago! My husband is mainly an “essentials” kinda guy and usually only buys things that are practical. He knows I love me some Star Trek and I thought it was so sweet of him to get me something silly.

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My man recently got me  a Car 2 Go membership so that I don’t have to walk to work in the cold and rain, and he always makes sure his credit card is clear for me to use it. That was so thoughtful of him!!

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My Darling Husband is a college professor/chef who teaches a cooking lab class every week. The students sell their meals to other students and faculty (along with the baking students), and if they ever make anything he thinks I’ll like, he brings it home for me… it’s mostly cake, but I don’t complain, lol.

He’s also the sole bread-winner for our family, while I am trying to pursue my passion for designing DIY printable stationary. I fell in love with it while designing things for our own wedding, and am actually contemplating going back to school for graphic design to make a real go at it. He’s be nothing but supportive, even offering to help me set up booths at bridal shows to get my name out there. He’s works HARD to provide for us, and I make sure to tell him as often as possible how much it means to me.

He also very helpful to family/friends. My sister went through a rough time a while back, and we took her in. My Mum has been sort $ for bills, so he’s paid them. If a friend needs help moving furniture, he’s there…

Oh, and of course being a chef, he makes me really wonderful dinners. I hate cooking (although, I’d bake every day of the week if I could), so it’s pretty awesome. :]

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I think I’m very lucky with Boyfriend or Best Friend, when we’re together he’s always very sweet and affectionate.


I think the cutest (and most unsual) things he does is occasionally dedicate parts of the games he plays to me? XD In minecraft he made a castle and out a sign on that castle nameing it “casa de Marian”, it was like that for a couple of weeks before he showed me. More recently he based the appearance of one of his guildwars characters on a photo I sent him of myself aaaages ago.


He’s such a sweet but strange man XD

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I’m so glad someone created a post like this! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wonderful idea.

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Darling Husband called a lady about a dog for me because I was too scared to, lol. She lives several states away, and I was too chicken, so he called for me and left a message. I told him I sounds like an idiot making him call, but he said he loves me and would do anything just so I can have this dog <3

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