(Closed) Words and Phrases that drive you crazy.

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Sugar bee
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Words/phrases I HATE:

– “Pacifically” instead of “specifically”

– When people spell it “definatly” instead of “definitely”

– “Alls I have to do is…” Alls is not a word!

– “No offense but…” and “With all due respect…”  — nothing nice comes after these and is almost a polite way to be offensive

– “A nother thing”… NOTHER is not a word

– “This thing needs washed.” Um, you’re missing a phrase, it should be “this thing needs TO BE washed.”

– “I seen that” or “We was going there” — learn the correct singular/plural version of the word!

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Busy bee
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I work with teens and for a while they used the phrase “legit” to describe anything they liked. I can’t tell you how much this got on my nerves! Not only were they using it incorrectly, it’s also only half a word. Thankfully that trend is over and I rarely hear it anymore.

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Busy bee
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@Mrs. Fireworks:

Oh yes, “seen,” kills me!  “I seen him yesterday.”  No, you “saw” him.

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Busy bee
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I also really hate improper forms of the past tense of “to take”.  As in:
Miss Smith, he taked my pencil!
Miss Smith, someone tooked my pencil!
Miss Smith, my pencil was tooken!

I just can’t handle it. Instead of finding the pencil I end up giving a mini-lesson on conjugating to take.

Another one that bugs me is “me and my friends was….” UGH. Thankfully my students almost always correct each other with this one.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I was speaking with my brother in law and this one came up; the extra “ed” on words also drives me nutty  – “I talkededed to him yesterday”

How does that even sound right to you?

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Buzzing bee
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@Mrs. Fireworks:  “- “No offense but…” and “With all due respect…”  — nothing nice comes after these and is almost a polite way to be offensive”


Most of this stuff I just kind of see as dialect-related and quirky, but that one just sits with me as snide and backhanded and passive aggressive.  Or “I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic but…”

Oh, the absolute worst is when people use “gay” to mean generally negative.  I know people who are huge supporters of gay rights and will call out homophobia when they see it, but still cling to that fratty, judgmental use of the word.

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@pccl:  Those mix-ups are the best part of games like that.  We once were playing Celebrity with a bunch of friends and the person was “Ghandi” and the guy whose turn it was kept describing him as “a very bad man… from Africa… killed a lot of people.”  He must have gotten him confused with Gadaffi or something, but 2 years later we still bring it up every time we play that game.

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Worker bee
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Love this post!  The three that bother me most are:


“Libary”  instead of “Library”

“Valentime’s” instead of “Valentine’s”

“Altimer’s” instead of “Alzheimer’s”

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Bee Keeper
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“Axe” is a big one around here…seriously if you axe me anything I am pressing charges. 😛 

Oh and it is “I am, you are, he is, we are, they are” NOT “I is, we is, you is, they am” ect. The same with “was” I was, we were, they were… not “I wuz…” drives me nuts!

I know it drives some people crazy but my personal favorite adjective is “epic”. Yes, epic. It is much better than “cool” “awesome” or “super” but tends to drive other people crazy. 

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Busy bee
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Oh my gosh, you guys! You’re crackin’ me up with this thread! I’m an editor for a living, so I see a lot of thiis stuff all day – in addition to the terrible spelling and grammar on places like Facebook and in texts, etc. UGH! Every comment on here has made me cringe, lol… I don’t even want to get started on what drives me crazy, becuase I could go on for days. But I will say that, as one PP already mentioned, that whole “I seen him yesterday” garbage REALLY gets under my skin. My teeth clenched just typing that! Yell

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