(Closed) Words that you crazy!?

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@Regina Phalange:  Yep, I’m with you…Cheers is like “bye” or “thanks” depending on the context, just something said at the end of a conversation. 

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I’ve commented on this thread twice already (OK, now three) and just realized the title is “Words that you crazy?!”   I didn’t even realize there is a word missing, I just felt the impulse to write when I read “words” and “crazy”!  Hahaha!

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I HATE when people say “Fam bam” when referring to their family. It sounds so stupid and makes me want to punch the person in the face!


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So this may not be specific words, but the way my Future Mother-In-Law talks makes me crazy. For example:

Every time I’m at her house, she asks me “Have you ate yet?” Every single time. In my head I reply “no, i haven’t EATEN yet!” 

She pronounces cilantro “cilan-throw.” There is NO “th” in there! 

“I seen Uncle Bud the other day”

“The oil needs changing”

“There’s always a cop on that road anymore.” What?

She also adds an  “S” to the end of most stores: “Rosses” “Victoria’s Secrets” etc…

Talking to her is a real test of my willpower!

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oh gosh.   after catching up i thought of so many.

supposebly for supposedly

din’nt or di’int for didn’t

seen for saw

luh for love

warsh for wash

ate for eaten

irregardless is a huge pet peeve. i always think of gretchen wieners saying it.

axe for ask

using whom when it’s who, trying to sound book learned i reckon.

people using “text speak” in conversations or when posting things.

adding an unnecessary ‘s’ to store names.  meijers is the biggest cringe worthy one for me.

atm machine

grocery store

coarse for course “of coarse!” whatttt?????

“alls you have to do is.”  my high school principal said that in a speach he gave.  immediate loss of any respect i had for him.


i’m sure i’ll think of more, i’ll just hop on facebook. 😉

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@iheartsquishy, i certainly hope you never come to my part of Texas! If those type of words irritate you, you would spend your entire visit ticked off! I dont know a single person who dont use the word “aint.” And there aint a single one of us who uses the word “seen” correctly every time. Thats part of living in the south.

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@sunflowerskies: Im not exactly sure what is wrong with most of your sentences. they sound like normal conversation to me

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I hate when people say “woof” or “woofs” instead of WOLF or WOLVES.  “I heard the woofs howling last night”.  No, “Woof” is the sound your dog makes when he hears the WOLVES howling …

“Warsh” just makes me twitch … how on earth did people start putting an ‘r’ in that word?  “Warshington” for the state of Washington is even worse …

“Text message speak” (I have no idea if that’s a real thing, but that’s how I refer to it), like “TTYL” or “BRB” or when people shorten all of the words to be things like “y r u mad @ me?” … well, because when you can’t write like a normal human, it tends to aggrivate me ;-).



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HAHAHAHA @mspanda ha i never thought about how gross the word “moist” is until now.

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Yins.  As in “yins want a cookie.” Seriously, what does that even mean? I had never heard it before I moved to Southern Illinois. Ain’t and y’all drive me crazy too.

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@stardustintheeyes:  I agree with most of your list!

I have to second:

  • YOLO ~ Sometimes I can appreciate the silliness of such trendy or slang-y words, and my boyfriend and I will use them in jest or in a joking manner. cray, finna, jelly (as a short form of “jealous”) all fall into this category. But I cannot even use YOLO humorously. It just annoys me THAT MUCH. 

  • “Panties” sounds odd to me, but am I the only one who is even more annoyed by the singular “panty?”

  • preggo, preggers, etc. There’s a word for the state of being pregnant. It’s, uh, “pregnant.” Not that I’m crazy about that word either, but the cutesy versions sound childish and immature. 


  • “axe” instead of “ask” 


  • “Q-pon” instead of “coupon”


  • “seen” instead of “saw”


  • Moissy as a short form of Moissanite (always looks like moist-y or mossy to me, lol. Neither of which is a quality most of us want in piece of jewelry…)


  • Uranus – This poor planet needs a new name. It’s most commonly the butt (no pun intended, hah) of “your-anus” jokes. But the alternate pronunciation, “urine-us,” sounds just as dirty. 


  • We also need a new name for vagina. The term “vagina” sounds a bit clinical and un-sexy. But the nicknames are wayyy worse. I suppose penises have a similar problem, but cock/dick don’t bother me as much as pussy/cooter. I sometimes find “vag” or “vajayjay” funny~ they fall into that “funny to use in jest” category I mentioned above. But I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if, in the heat of the moment, my boyfriend said, “I want to pound your vajayjay so hard!”


  • woof instead of wolf (my mom does this all the time!) 


  • libary (Whenever I hear someone pronounce it this way, I’m inclined to think they haven’t spent much time in one.)

Other ones that I might be alone on…

  • What is the correct pronunciation of “grocery?” I’ve always pronounced it with an “s” sound, as “gro-ser-y,” and my family and boyfriend are with me on this. But I hear a lot of people here (in the midwest) say “grosh-ry,” which annoys me. Is either one definitively right or wrong?


  • Same question with the word “bouquet.” I pronounce it as “boo-kay,” and hear most people do the same. But David Tutera (bless his heart, because I LOVE that man) always says “bo-kay” on his show, and I’ve heard a few other people use the rhymes-with-okay pronunciation, too. For some reason that sounds wrong to me, but I have no knowledge of the French language. Is there anyone here that can weigh in on this? 


  • When people say “choclate” instead of “choc-o-late.” Yes, there’s a vowel in there.  


  • “melk” instead of “milk”


  • “pellow” instead of “pillow”


  • When people misspell “angel” as “angle” (or vice versa).


  • Tickle. There is no rational reason why~ the word has always just irked me or sounded… off… somehow. 


  • Horror. It’s difficult to enunciate all the R’s, so it sometimes comes out sounding like “whore.”


  • I don’t like when people pronounce “pianist” as “pee-nist,” instead of “pee-a-nist.” Yes, let’s take a word that already sounds suspiciously like “penis” and emphasize this fact. I play piano, and was very confused when I thought somebody called me a “penis” as a youngster, lol. 


  • “Guac” as a shortened form of “guacamole.” I love the food, but it does not have a name that sounds appetizing. 

Wow, I didn’t realize I had so many! I could probably go on, but I think I’m done for now. I’m also a grammar and spelling nazi, but I can at least take solace in the fact that the love of my life has this in common with me. We probably enable each other. Tongue Out 


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Howdy y’all!

Moist and pussy are words that do not bother me in the least. Actually I use them quite often. And I recently had a deep discussion with a friend regarding yonder, over-yonder and down-yonder. The word panties never bothers me because I never wear them.

Now the “C’ word for “lady parts” drives me insane.

Plus: Advise is a verb, advice is a noun.

And it’s etc., NOT ect.!

Your denotes ownership. You’re means you are.

Their also indicates something that belongs to a group of people (or non-human animals).

There indicates location. They’re means they are.

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay away for more than five minutes. I have a problem, I know…

Just thought of one more: I know someone who misspells “masturbate” as “masterbait.”

It drives me up a wall, because you’d think he’d know the correct spelling, since he does it so often! And I always use the correct spelling in my correspondence with him, but he hasn’t caught on yet!


Him: “How often do you masterbait?”
Me: “Well, I rarely masturbate these days. My boyfriend and I have frequent sex, so there’s not much need to.”

Yeah, goes right over his head. I’ve started to resort to trolling with responses such as, “We don’t go fishing, so no need for master bait!” I still don’t think he gets it, lol. 

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Holy cow this is a great (and incredibly aggrivating) thread!  

I super agree with “panties.”  UGH.  

Future Mother-In-Law, Future Father-In-Law, and Future Brother-In-Law ALL say “good for you.” All the time.  I’ve never told anyone in person how much it drives me insane, but it is AWFUL!  They mean the best, but it’s their go-to phrase whenever you’re telling a story or really, just all the time.  Thank goodness Fiance hasn’t picked it up yet…

“Of” instead of “have”, as in “I should of known.”  It is “I should have known.”  HAVE!!!

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The hubs ALWAYS says that something is “addicting.”  It is SO annnoying.  It should be addictive.  Although sometimes he doesn’t even use that right.  Like he’ll say “that is so addicting” when one dog shakes so the other one will too.  

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