(Closed) Words/phrases your SO uses that drive you crazy?

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He says “drugger” instead of druggie which is like nails on a chalkboard for some reason.

He also says “supper” instead of dinner and “munster” instead of monster which aren’t annoying like “drugger” but it still makes me mentally go, “that’s not how you say it!”

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He calls tomatoes “maters”. For whatever reason, this makes me nuts.

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Bull-puckey. In lieu of bullsh*t. I hate it! Makes me cringe every time he says it!

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Mine says “Lets go have a catch” instead of “Let’s play catch”. I know there are others out there that say that phrase but it just drives me crazy!!! Im sure there are exceptions but I feel like “You dont “have” an action, you “do” an action!!!

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Ugh… mine says dammmiittttt… when he’s surprised by something.  Drives me up a wall.  And he makes fun of me when I say omelet!  He says it should be om-let, not om ma let…

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Hahaha I always say “you don’t have to throw things” or “you don’t have to get mad about it” anytime anyone drops anything.

Ridiculous and shenanigans are my two favorite words, so every time I say Ridiculous now he says “it’s better to be Ridiculous than dick-less.” Then cracks up. So dumb.

When we first went out he would say the F _ G word sometimes and I told him I wasn’t down with it, he insisted it had nothing to do with Gay people. O_- . But it bugged me enough he never says it now.

I had an ex that used to call his mom Mommy, and say potty, it was horrid.

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I hate to squeal on DH, but I cringe whenever he says the word 50. Except he pronounces it fiddy like the rapper, haha. I know he does it on purpose and knows how to properly say fifty, but I’m just waiting on the day he slips and says ‘fiddy’ to a client lol. He also calls other men ‘boss.’ I don’t know why men call each other that!

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He likes dramatic words.

“disgusting” “unacceptable” “horrendous” “pathetic”



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My Fiance says “yes dear” TO EVERYTHING!! Just now I said, “Hey, I am feeling a little low on kisses tonight ;)” and he said “yes dear” and then kissed me.

No, that doesn’t make me feel like a controlling bitch at alllllll. T_________T

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@savannahb:  hahaha love it.

My DH used to say toothels instead of teeth, as in, I have to brush my toothels. HATED IT! But he stopped now thank god probably bc I would cringe every time he would say it! He thought it was funny or cute. NOT.

Now though he still says he has to go “Boom Boom” – really? You’re a grown man! UGH hate it. Again, he thinks it’s cute. Nope.

The other thing he says is Happy Birrday! like in a stuffed up nose baby voice. He got this one from his Mother who does the same thing. Damn. That one’s got roots.


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@savannahb:  I can’t think of anything specific. DH uses a lot of baby talk and a tone of voice that’s very juvenile sometimes. His parents do it though so I gather that’s where he picked it up. Baby behavior is a huge turn off for me.

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My Boyfriend or Best Friend calls boogers (like the ones in your nose) “BURGERS”. I call him out on it every time, but he still does it lol. Makes me want to not eat another cheeseburger. -___-

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When we go to Dunkin Donuts my DH Always replies “that should do it” when they ask “will that complete your order?” It drives me crazy!!!! Why can’t you just say “that’s all” or  “yes, thank you”

Also when you ask someone  “how are you doing?” you are supposed to say “well” instead of “good” (personally I don’t care about this but it is one of HIS pet peeves). Well since he started pointing this out when others do it I notice he responds “I’m doing well” when people ask “how are YOU?” not “how are you DOING?”. I probably wouldn’t care but it irks me because he points out others’ faults when he is just as bad.

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