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wonderwedding :  I worked from home for a period of 18 months. My husband was transferred for work, and we knew it wouldn’t be a permanent move, with intention of being back in the town we transferred from in 3 years or less, so my company let me work remotely. 

Working from home has lots of perks, but has some downfalls, too. I loved being able to sleep in if I wanted to, or to enjoy some time to myself in the morning before starting work. I loved being able to prep dinner on my lunch break, or switch out a load of laundry during the day. We got a puppy during the time I worked remotely, and it made potty training him SO much easier. Plus, it was also awesome to get to cuddle with my pup while I worked 🙂

For me, the biggest negative of it was trying to do group work while I’m not physically there. I do a lot of group work, but I’m not the type to interrupt during a call, so there were times where my boss felt like i wasn’t contributing in conversations, when in reality I didn’t want to interrupt, and by the time I had a chance to speak, my thoughts had been mentioned by somebody else. I had to get out of my comfort zone on this, and I really struggled with it. 

I also felt very isolated at times. Most days, my husband was the only person I saw, other than strangers at the grocery store or gym. I needed to get out of the house more on nights and weekends, which was a shift for both my husband and I, because we were both home bodies before. It also got to where I needed to get dressed up and do my hair and makeup for no reason, because when you don’t have to make yourself presentable, it sometimes seems pointless to do your hair and makeup… but normally by Wednesday of a work week, I NEEDED to put myself together, even if it was just to go to the grocery store. 

You may not have to worry about either of those things since you said you will only be working from home part of the time. I would take advantage of the days that you are in the office, and plan any team required work for those days, and focus your work from home days on individual work. I would much rather work from home part of the time than full time like I did. 

Some other tips I have are:
-Have a dedicated work space. If you have an office, or a room you can make an office, take advantage of that. I was always much more motivated when I worked at my desk, than if I worked from the couch. Also, having an “office” makes it easier to shut off work when the work day is over, which leads into my next tip..
-Don’t allow yourself to over work. There were many days that I would get an e-mail in the evening, and if I wasn’t busy, it was pretty easy to head upstairs and work on something. It got to where I didn’t realize how much time I was working outside of working hours, until my husband pointed it out to me. 
-Don’t let people take advantage of/criticize the fact that you work from home. So many people told me how easy my job was because I worked from home, and didn’t understand that just because I work from home didn’t mean that I should always be 100% caught up on house work. Or that I had so much free time to bake (a hobby of mine), workout, go on walks, etc. 

To answer your other questions:
I normally wore athleasure type clothes. Leggings and a tshirt, hoodie, etc. There were some days that I did stay in my pajamas, and some days that I got dressed. It varied from day to day, and how recent I’d been out of the

For me, it wasn’t hard to stay motivated most of the time. My boss tracked my workload via a system we have that end users put issues into, so that was easy for him to track my productivity. I think knowing he could monitor that made it easier for me to stay motivated. As I said earlier, it was also easier to stay motivated if I worked from my desk, rather than the couch. 

I can’t really comment on your last issue, as there wasn’t really an opportunity for promotion while I was gone, as I’m in a very small department and none of my supervisors plan on leaving anytime soon. I do see how less presence could affect that, though. There were times that people thought I didn’t work there anymore, and were surprised when they saw me in the office (I worked in the office once a month to keep a presence, but that really was not enough). 

Enjoy working from home, it really is a great thing to be able to do! If I could work from home a few days of the week still, I definitely would do it – just not on a full time basis. You should have the best of both worlds with your schedule – congrats!

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My question is how do I get a work from home job?? It sounds amazing. 

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I work from home. I actually started out working in the office but moved after I got engaged. I was previously in a long-distance relationship. My boss offered to keep me on when it became clear that I was going to be moving.

1.  What do you wear? I’m going to be honest here, there are days where I work in my bathrobe. Most days I wear yoga pants and comfy tops, which is basically pjs for me. Are usually shower do hair and make up over my lunch break so that I can run errands right after work. 

2. Is it hard to stay disciplined? How does your supervisor overseeing your work? No, I don’t find that it is hard to stay disciplined. I never work from bed- I need all of my monitors. My job is pretty demanding, so it would be obvious if stuff wasn’t getting done. But my company is pretty lax about schedules. Obviously, I have to put in at least 40 hrs a week, but I usually go over that (everyone does). I do my best to get to work at the same time as my colleagues in the office even though we’re in different time zones. 

We do weekly check-in meetings with our supervisors which is mostly a way for them to gauge if it is feasible for us to meet deadlines. I also think it would be pretty obvious if I wasn’t available on IM like ever. 

3.  Is professional development hard? There’s not a ton of opportunity for advancement in my current role. My job is pretty specialized. My situation is a little bit different though because I worked from the office for two years, so I have a good relationship with my managers and supervisor. I do have to make an effort to reach out to new people. I also visit the office a couple times a year and we usually do happy hours and departmental lunches while I’m there.

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I work from home and absolutely love it. At first I was all into “dressing professionally” to “feel profressional” but that went out the window fast. I still feel plenty professional in my sweats lol. I do have a supervisor that I communicate with often. I also chat with co-workers on Skype daily. I still have professional development opportunities (conferences, etc.) that are paid for by my workplace. 

I am also able to get some household chores done during the day (on my lunch break I sometimes fold laundry, start prepping dinner, etc.) This gives me and my husband more time to spend together when we’re both home at night.

Good luck, Bee!


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