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Do you have it in writing that the days off were approved? I would go back to them and be like “hey…you approved these as days off, I wont be able to come in”

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Kslim13 :  I have to agree with the PP.  If you don’t have anything in writing you may be stuck.

And I get it about being fed up.  A friend of mine works for a company like yours.  She goes above and beyond all the time while she has coworkers that do the bare minimum.  Her company does employee reviews all at one time instead of spreading them out when it’s your work anniversary, and they were told they were all getting the same percentage increase.  So all of her extra work wasn’t even recognized.  It made her so upset.  She started to look for another job immediately and her company was shocked when she gave her notice (after finding a new job).

I understand you can’t quit; can you start looking for another job?  Many companies start opening up positions after the holidays.

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Absolutely tell them you cannot work those days as you put in requests over a month ago that were approved and you have already made plans. Tell them they will need to find cover for you on those days. If they cause a fuss or try to deny it look for another job because this company is not giving you the respect you deserve. I hate when companies do this. 

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Kslim13 :  Do you have anything in writing/email about them already accepting the days off? I’ve had previous employers do the same thing to me and it is so frustrating. At my last job I had an important doctors appointment that had to be scheduled three months in advance. I put it on the calander, it was approved, and my boss literally told me the week of that I really should reschedule and miss a day of school instead of a day of work. I flat out told her the day was approved and I cannot work that day. She let me have the day off but never got over it and would “punish” me whenever she could so I ended up leaving that job. If they previously accepted the days off try your best to get them to enforce it. If they are unwilling to be flexible I would try to find something else. 

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I would go back and speak to whoever initially approved your days off and let them know you’re confused to see yourself on the schedule based on the previous conversations and that you’ve already made committments those days.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is setting boundaries.  It’s good to be flexible and helpful when you can but if you’re not careful it can get taken advantage of because employers know how flexible you are and that you’re generally one to take one for the team.  It may be they are taking advantage of you.  But, assuming positive intent, they may also (mis)assume that if you’re generally flexible it’s easier for you to switch your plans around than other people and you need to speak up so they know that’s not the case.

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Kslim13 :  I would go in with the assumption this was a miscommunication and is a mistake. So simply remind them that this was agreed to and you planned on it with people visiting from Out of Town. 

If they give you a hard time, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself by reminding them of the extra work you do and how you are always there when they need something and you would appreciate having those efforts respected by honoring the time off you requested and was approved. 

As an employer myself, those words would signal that this matters to you and if I don’t want to lose my reliable person, I’d better focus on this issue. Remember employers have a LOT going on right now, end of year taxes and health insurance and benefits to organize on top of their own stuff, so you need to speak up and let them know this is a priority. 

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I’d first make sure there wasn’t a mixup and they just didn’t overlook the fact that you had this all pre-approved.

If it’s not a mixup that they can work out, then I’d def be pissed off and if you have to change any of your plans because of it, I’d at least ask them to reimburse you for any tickets and such that you may have bought after the time off was approved.

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Do the two employees with the full week off have higher seniority than you do? If not, play that angle, if they do have higher seniority then you might not have much recourse. 

I also work all holidays, so I feel for you. Good luck xx

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Agree with the pp saying that this is a big opporunity for you to set boundaries, establish right now that you will not be taken advantage of.  Do not be too scared to speak up for yourself.  And don’t make it a question this time.  They already approved the time off, you already made plans, you won’t be at work those days, the end.  If you’re as valuable of an employee as you’ve stated then they have no choice but to deal with it, and they won’t make this mistake again because now they’ll know you’re dead ass serious when you ask for time off.

But it also sounds like this is your wake up call to start looking for a new employer.  I also work for a big company that is open every holiday and I couldn’t help but notice that every single manager got every single holiday off while the rest of us minions are holding down the fort.  I do not agree with the theory that those with seniority get preferential treatment when it comes to these “blackout dates”.  If you’re a top dog at your place of employment then you should step the fuck up the way a good leader does and set the same example of commitment you expect from your employees.  I put in my two weeks last weekend and it feels so beyond liberating.

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I would just be like “Yeah, remember the conversation we has last month about my family being in town for Christmas? I can’t work, you’ll need to find someone else.”

They’re options are to: A: Let you take the damn time off. B: Write you up if you don’t show. C: Fire you. 

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Go to whoever makes the schedule and tell them “I’m sorry, there’s a mistake on the calendar, I’ve gotten approval to be off these days and will not be in. Could you please correct it?” And then remind them you’re working the day after Christmas. It’s probably a stupid mistake, and they’ll have to scramble to fix the schedule, but there’s still time.

And if they tell you that you were approved but not really approved, what have you got to lose by asking sweetly if they’ll reimburse the expenses you’ve incurred thanks to this misunderstanding?

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