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I am tired of people gossiping…I mean everyone does it once in a while but geesh give it a rest! I am also tired of one fellow manager that thinks his staff can do no wrong.  I mean when we have worked on a project for almost TWO years and the company wants to thank us by taking us the the Cheesecake Factory, his staff wants to know why they are bothering them and interfering with their personal life!!! I am so glad to be moving out of my cube into an office far away tomorrow!!

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I dont have any really bad stories, but I think it’s interesting that you both have complaints about cubes…I’m in an office for the first time at my new job and I feel so lonely and isolated being here instead of cubicles!

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That stiiiiiiiinks! I would make a quick sign with tape and a piece of paper going across the door that says “out to lunch” and stick headphones in my ears. Even if you don’t have anything playing and hide the end where a media player *might* be hiding, at least people would hopefully get the idea that you are taking some down time. That way, if someone is calloused enough to STILL bother you, you can not take your headphones off, look at them and say “did you see my sign?” I really hate being bothered on *my* break, so I totally feel you!

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@Kittyachi: is there anywhere else you can go to eat lunch? Like a cafeteria or something? Or put up a sign on the front of your cube that says “Kittyachi is <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>OUT” 😉

I don’t have any real complaints about my current job, except that I have to pay $35 grand per year to attend it. 😉 In past jobs, though, my biggest gripes were nearly ALWAYS with the temperature. At one job, I had to work in turtlenecks and scarves, and sometimes even GLOVES, during 90 degree summer days. It was so cold!!

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One of these signs should be helpful.

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I have so many office annoyances, it’s not even funny:

1. NO ONE takes a lunch! Everyone eats at their desks, which is fine, but we all work in customer service, and even though I’m a manger, I still have to answer our phones, even when I’m eating. We don’t have an eating area, and I feel guilty when I leave for a half hour, which I know I shouldn’t. So, since no one else leaves for lunch, I never feel like I should, either.

2. We all work in an open office with no cubes, just desks. I have one coworker who continually takes lengthly personal calls that are not emergencies. Fine, talk all you want, but leave the office and talk on your cell because I don’t care about your blood pressure or your Vitamin D levels or that your golf score was off this weekend.

3. I’m in charge of our main phone at work, and so when it rings, and I’m not here, someone else has to answer it (it’s ridiculously archaic, and we’re getting a new system). But when people answer the phone at my desk, they totally mess it up. Pens everyone, stealing my post-its, writing on papers, I’m, I dunno, USING FOR WORK, and sometimes, they plain knock stuff over, like my pencil cup, etc. It’s so annoying, and rude.

4. Our CEO always makes our holiday schedule “tentative” until a few weeks before the holiday, which is annoying because we never know if we can travel or not. This includes Christmas and Thanksgiving. We’re really pushing him to create one at the beginning of the year, and then stick to it because it’s created a few problems in the past.

It sounds like I work in the worst office ever, and sometimes, I feel like I do. But actually, it’s super casual that most of the time, I’m happy. We have a lot of great company perks and bonus programs, too. But gosh, it really drives me nuts sometimes.

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This could make you laugh or throw up in your mouth…But someone in my near cubicle likes to chair f*ck people. He literally stands behind your chair with his lower half of his body up against the back of your chair. Sometimes he even moves our chairs with his hips (UGH) swaying side to side… None of us have said a peep but we have purposely moved our chair back to give him a hint and NOPE, no reaction. It just continues. Now, I never have my back to him. If he is helping me with a problem, I just turn my chair to the side.

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Well, I could start with the fact that my job bores me nearly to tears and is probably killing off my brain cells, but other than that…

I don’t even have a whole cubicle; I have half of one that only covers the back of my desk.  My computer screen faces a central area of the office through which people walk all the time.  If I’m doing anything non-work-related (like I am right now), I keep it in a tiny window on the bottom of the screen.

It is *always* cold in here. Even in the summer, I always have to bring a sweater.

It really irks me when people blatantly violate the dress code. We have a fairly casual environment, and I can wear many things here that I wouldn’t be able to elsewhere. But still, no one is supposed to wear jeans or flip-flops or anything overly revealing, and I see people violate this every day.  Just because you’re wearing a skirt does not mean your $5 Old Navy flip-flops are work appropriate.

I also have a few very annoying co-workers, but the majority are lovely, so I won’t get into that.

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Oh my … I am so so so having one of these days to! Seriously! It may be that I just came back after a 10 day vacation … but it’s killing me! All of the things I was worried about having to face when I came back are here – right where I thought they would be! We recently hired a new lady … and she just DRIVES ME CRAZY! I know that sounds awful, but it’s true … sometimes she never shuts up … sometimes she just doesn’t do her job. She was hired from within so there is no reason for her not to know how to do her job. And I’m so sick of having to repeat myself 100000 times to get through to her how to do stuff. However, in my absense, it seems she’s become the office favorite … which is fine … for now … but so many things didn’t get done here without me and well, the sun does not shine out of her a$$!

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Well, this may offend some people, and I don’t mean to hate on smokers, but I used to work in an office where probably 50-60% of the employees smoked. So, they would always go up on the roof for smoke breaks. It was kind of a customer service heavy job, and we were always getting phone calls – if you leave your desk you turn your phone off so that incoming calls don’t get routed to you. So, whenever anyone left for a smoke break (and took 3-4 other people with them because they said “hey, I’m going up, you want to come?”), all of us who don’t smoke would answer a ton of calls. And I hated answering the phone.

Eventually, I just started going up to the roof on nice days to sit there for 5 minutes at a time.

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Kittyachi – I totally hear you!! I used to have a cubicle and people would come up to me all the time while I was eating and just start talking. Rude!! I’m in an office now and trust me it’s not much better – I close my door when I’m eating but I’ll just get a ‘knock’ warning and people walk right in. People walk in when I”m on the phone and just start talking to me too, even though my door is closed it’s so annoying!

I also get VERY annoyed when the other women (and some men) in my office comment on what I’m wearing and ask me if clothes are new. Trust me – I’m always dressed very conservative and modern, there’s nothing wrong with the way I dress. I just think it’s a rude question and kind of intrusive. I like to be able to wear new things without other people announcing them!


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LOL RoddyBride…that’s friggin’ hilarious!

I have a co-worker who whispers every phone call she gets.  Now, we’re all in cubicles, so I can understand the need to keep things as private as possibe…but I’m not kidding…EVERY phone call.  It makes me nervous lol.  Like she’s telling secrets or something.  And when ever she talks to us about someone else in the office, she also whispers.  It feels like we’re all doing something wrong!

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