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Buzzing bee

That amount of pain means you didn’t do enough cool down stretching! I would personally take a break for a couple of days and focus on stretching out your muscles properly. If you are feeling better I would do a light workout on Wednesday and talk to your trainer on Thursday.

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Bumble bee
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Wait it out. If you are in pain, something is wrong that you should not be doing. Be honest with your trainer so you don’t cause further damage.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I agree with waiting it out.  If you were just a little sore, it might be okay to go in (as long as you aren’t exercising the same muscle groups).

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Sugar bee

Is it muscle soreness?

I always think it helps to do stretching and light work out and get them moving, but I definately don’t try and do any muscle building activity when they’re that sore.  It always though seems to make them less sore than if I just sat around. 

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Bumble bee
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I have been in that situation!  I could literally not walk.  Hahaha…with that said, I would go to the gym.  Don’t do much in terms of weight training, but for example, go on the treadmill for a while and walk/run.  It will loosen up your muscles and then you can have a really good stretch!  I wouldn’t push through the pain in a way that doesn’t allow your muscles to heal, but I would do something to help loosen up your legs!  You could always do some arm and core exercises if you wanted as well.  Good luck with the trainer – totally worth it but man do they kick your butt! 

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Bumble bee

I’d probably go to the gym, do an easy walk on the treadmill (maybe a light jog, but only intervals and don’t push too hard) for just 20-30 minutes, then spend the same amount of time doing lots of stretches afterwards. Then a hot shower and rub your legs lots. I don’t think you’d feel any worse after that, and you might feel better – that’s my usual rule for deciding whether to go 🙂

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Honey Beekeeper
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If it is muscle soreness, do a LIGHT work out. They used to run us to death in basketball…i’d walk bow legged the next day and wonder how in the world i’d ever make it through practice. But you know what? i always felt better afterwwards. Stretch out real good, go for a light workout, and stretch afterwards. Follow up with a hot shower. Resting is good sometimes, but it will also prolong the soreness. Doing a light workout will make you feel a million times better, loosen up the muscles, and help you heal faster. I have a very “no pain no gain” athlete’s sort of attitude, though, when it comes to sore muscles…lol

Also, um, an ice bath is helpful. There’s a reason track athletes do this. I used to ice the crap out of my shoulder, too. It’ll hurt for a bit, and be cold as hell, but it’ll also help you recover faster.

epsom salts also are nice if you go for a bath–they help a LOT. magnesium sulfate will get absorbed by your muscles and help flush out the lactic acid build up (which is causing your sore muscles) and is a known anti-inflammatory. It’s good stuff. i used to use it constantly during training.

and it sounds evil, but rubbing out the lactic acid will help you out a LOT. Sounds like a lot of work, but we have one of those vibrating gigantic massages with heat and I’ve made Darling Husband do my legs for me before….oh it helps so much. It hurts, but in a good hurt kind of way. Pushing that acid out of your muscles will make you feel way better tomorrow.

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Honey bee
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If you are just really sore (you’d be able to know if there was something wrong) than go work out. Don’t do lifting, but you need to keep them moving, then you need to do a LOT of stretching. Soreness, when you’re not used to activity means you are doing something good, but at your level it could be two things, either you’re not used to is so it seems like more or 2) you didn’t stretch good enough. You def. need to work through it, or you will ALWAYS be in a vicious cycle or being sore. 

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Honey bee
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I always find that when I’m sore it really helps to do a really light work out – like walking on the treadmill or elliptical. It’s a great way to stretch out your legs a little, and it always makes me feel better.

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Believe it or not, the best thing to do when you are sore is exercise those sore muscles. It sounds counter-productive, but in actuality it increases blood flow to the sore areas, which warms the muscle and reduces soreness. The WORST thing you can do is do nothing. This is coming from a personal trainer who deals with this sort of thing all the time. =)



Noelle McKenzie

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Helper bee
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sounds weird but drink a glass of pickle juice (if you can stand it) after a hard core work out. My trainer has told me this. The only reasn I can think of is that something about the salt makes you retain water which means your muscles don’t get as dehydrated and hurt… Anyway! Works for me… also works if you drink a glass before a night of drinking and another when you get home, followed by water… for a reduced hang over.

Strange, I know!

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Bumble bee
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you know what always works great for muscle soreness for me…swimming some light laps in the pool…it does wonders to loosen up the muscles and really gets that lactic acid flowing.

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This is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It’s onset is usually within 24-48 hours after any exercise that challenges you (i.e. it is beyond what you are conditioned for). And it is good, to a degree. You must challenge your body and go beyond its normal limits in order to get stronger, faster, build endurance etc. However, there is a limit. While it is okay to experience some soreness after working out, if you can barely walk, then you over did it! Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with not stretching, you simply did too much. One of the main risk factors for actual exercise related injuries is doing too much too soon! If you are already sore, you need to take a break! You need to keep moving, light walking, swimming, stretching, etc. Next time, take it a little easier. Yes, you must challenge yourself, but be smart about it, listen to your body. Challenge yourself little by little each week. And don’t let any personal trainer push you too far, ultimately it’s up to you what you do with your body! You can always hire a new trainer (they work for you)! I’m a doctor of physical therapy, and every week I have at least one new patient who comes in with a severe injury because of something their personal trainer tells them to do. Personal trainers only have to get a certification that can take as little as a couple of weeks, it doesn’t even require a college education. Don’t be afraid to let down your trainer, make sure they don’t let you down! Find a trainer with experience who listens to you, and is willing to help you exercise and progress safely and appropriately!

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