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@SugerPlum:  Oh shittybang… Your situations su#* and I am sorry to hear that you have been treated so harshly in the aftermath. Sometimes screw-ups happen. Everyone makes mistakes! Trust me, this will blow over eventually… Your boss/supervisor will probably make you feel bad for a few weeks till the contract has been smoothed out though.

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Well I am wishing I get fired everyday honey!!!! Hahaa I hate my job!

Sounds like your management sucks at managing people. It’s horrible to work for people who are incompetent managers.

I am sorry!

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@SugerPlum:  Hey. Sounds like a really rough day. I think your super could have delt with it a bit better but you have to see if from their point of view too. I think maybe let the dust settle then apologise. After all, you made a mistake. Everyone made mistakes. But most mistakes can be put right, even if it is a pain in the ass to do so. Just try to put it behind you. I know you feel pretty hard done and your super sounded pretty rude but just try to ignore that. It isn’t much fun to be the person left to clean up someones mess. Keep your chin up 🙂

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@SugerPlum: Well I totally know what you mean, my boss (unfortunately the head of the company, a small firm) I think is a bad manager. Everyone hates working with him.

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@SugerPlum:  That suuuuuucks.


Speaking of bad days and bad managers: If it makes you feel any better – the beginning of this week I got put on 6 month probation by my Manager who claimed that I didn’t handle a pager call correctly and gave me warning letter outlining all the ways I sucked. When in fact I had handled it to the best of my knowledge, with no training or procedure guide to follow, and when I said maybe we need a guideline to avoid this is the future he said, that’s just more paperwork, you should just know. And then kept me on the pager. Uhhhhh….?

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@SugerPlum:  I think the reaction you received was very out of line.  I have an employee here that I supervise who has been here about a year.  There are still plenty of things she encounters that are new to her.  I go out of my way to address any errors she makes APPROPRIATELY.  There is no need to berate her about something that is already done!  I will bring a mistake to her attention, and let her know what WE need to do to fix it.  If she is a part of the ‘fixing’ process, I think it helps her understand better why it was a mistake in the first place.

I personally think your supervisor’s reaction was akin to scolding a child for a solid hour for spilling a glass of milk. It accomplishes nothing but making you feel bad.

She should have addressed a list of situations that might occur while she was on leave with you, with instructions on how to handle them.  If something came up that was not addressed with you, she should have told you to leave it for her, or bring it to a higher up.  If she didn’t prep you properly, it’s not YOUR fault.

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@SugerPlum:  I think the supervisor is completely within her right to make you realize how big of a deal it was. I don’t think there is any reason to be rude, but she certainly doesn’t need to apologize. Depending on the company and if there is any legal liability for them now, they could have fired you so I think you got a better deal here really.

If I were you, I would try and smooth things over with her. I would approach her and say, I’ve thought about what you said and I do want to take accountability for my mistake. Is there anything I can do to ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future? You have to work for this woman (at least for now), so it’s not really a matter of pride at this point.

I do manage people and this is not how I would have approached it, but not everyone who is promoted to manager level deserves it.

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From the other side of things, there is nothing worse than going on vacation, thinking everything went great and coming into work all rested and relaxed….and then being met by a shitstorm.  It’s one thing when you’ve got a new employee, you anticipate that something’s gone wrong, and you’re mentally prepared.  When it’s a normally reliable and good employee, it feels like a betrayal of trust.  You trust that your employees will manage to just keep things going the way they have been, not get excessively creative, burn the building down or any other major snafus.  And when that trust is broken, it reflects badly on everyone, particularly your manager.  Obviously, she could have handled the situation much better.  However, she has nothing to apologize for.  You screwed up, it was bad enough that you could have been fired, and she had to fix your mistake all while looking like the idiot that allowed this to happen under her watch. 

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@SugerPlum:  Do we have the same Boss??!! Seriously, i think we do! My boss has done something similar to me, after I was told to do something by one partner while my boss was on vacation. He came back, raised hell to me for 20 minutes despite the fact that when he leaves the other guy is boss so I really didn’t do anything wrong. He just has such a great way with words & tone they can make you feel like the world biggest incompetent idiot (probably since he’s a lawyer)- He’s nearly left me in tears after an episode like that (as well as the bookeeper). I’ve been working for him for nearly 5 yeras now, before that he went through 5 assistants in less than a year. I guess I’m the only one that can deal with it =( But I totally understand wishing you were fired instead just to get it over with. He actually paid unemployment for all 5 assistants that quit because he said he doesn’t want to fight with them over it & they must really need it if they are filing. My only advice is to treat yourself to something awesome to take your mind off the whole issue- drinks after work, a pedicure, pickup a new book, take a hike….

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@SugerPlum:  Anonymously put a copy of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People on her desk. Seriously. The first chapter would be super applicable to her.

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@MariContrary:  Obviously, she could have handled the situation much better.  However, she has nothing to apologize for.  You screwed up, it was bad enough that you could have been fired, and she had to fix your mistake all while looking like the idiot that allowed this to happen under her watch. 

I completely agree. OP you have to take this on the chin. If the vendor didn’t cancel the contract, your company would have been financially liable for YOUR error. If it was so bad that you could have been fired, thank your lucky stars that they worked with you and you still managed to keep your job in this economy.  


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My former producer was my best friend’s Mother-In-Law and when I tell you this woman would belittle, berate…she was a manic depressive terror. 65 years old, rheumy, and b!tchy. I think when you work under tension and pressure and fear of messing up you make more mistakes than you would if you didn’t. A forced error. I shudder to think about how she made me feel after I made my first mistake after two and half years of being her talent, producing for her, assisting her and being treated poorly. It was like I couldn’t do sh!t right after that because I was too scared lol

I never spoke up for myself..I was so intimidated by the institution (relic) she was at our workplace (senior VP, 40 year industry veteran) and in the community (local pastor), and even in my personal life she was my best friend’s husband’s mother…and I was and still am pretty young. Too many excuses on my part but I know now I’ll never be in an abusive relationship like that again.F*ck horrible bosses for real.

My advice would be to let it blow over and double back on the situation in a week or so. Request a meeting and sincerely apologize for your error but let her know that her resolution style didn’t sit very well with you. Give some suggestions for better ways to handle you and tell her you work best when corrected more constructively and without so much anger. Even though I know it wouldn’t have done me any good because my boss was just a psycho, I still wish I’d had the balls to have such a simple conversation. Instead I literally switched careers last year and I regret it.

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