Work visit with baby – so embarrassed

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cassandra7 :  I work in a professional setting, with upper management present and we have had babies come in. Same thing at our corporate headquarters, I have friends that have brought their new babies in to work… it’s really not that big of a deal or uncommon.

I also wouldnt want to work for a company that was so anal that an employee couldn’t stop by with their child.

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I’ll preface this by saying that I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t like it when people bring their babies into work for visits. It’s pretty much inevitable they will get fussy and cry – when you’re a tiny baby and you’ve got 10 cooing strangers all up in your face that shit is overwhelming. If your coworkers have a close enough relationship with you that they give a shit about your baby, why don’t they go visit you some time?  If you absolutely *must* bring your baby in for a visit, do it over lunch hour or near the end of the day. Please for the love of god don’t bring your baby in for a visit mid-morning while everyone has shit to do. 

I’m sorry this didn’t go well and that you are disapointed and embarassed, but babies cry when they’re overwhelmed and that is exactly what you (and anyone who asked you to bring your baby in for a visit) ought to have expected.  It’s not worth being embarassed about after the fact – anyone who was annoyed at the time probably isn’t still thinking about it now. It’s done and over and there is no sense dwelling on it. It’s a lesson learned.

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sboom :  yeah, honestly i have 2 kids, and i absolutely loathe people bringing their kids to work. I had a male co-worker whose wife would come for the afternoon. She didn’t even work there! 

Op, it sounds like you handled it the best you could. Kids are unpredictable and everyone knows it. It’s not new information to anyone,  including people without kids. Don’t beat yourself up. 

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Congratulations on your baby! It’s hard when you have something built up in your mind and things don’t go accordingly. I can also see how you would hope that everyone would see how sweet and wonderful your baby is (and they seem to have been- that’s why people kept trying to hold her.)

Be gentle with yourself. All the parents in the office absolutely understood and the people who like and support you still support you. 

Also, this is nowhere near the worst way your daughter will horrify you! It will be a funny story you tell in coming years- like my mother telling how I had a diaper blowout on her beautiful dress when she took me home for the first time to meet her family. Or her telling about the massive tantrum I had in the grocery store when I was two. It’s all part of the “joys” of mothering! 

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“Further, in the professional settings I know, it is not an accepted practice for people to bring babies and interrupt the work.”

It is an accepted practice to bring a new baby into work once in every professional setting I know. I’m sure the OP would not have done so if it “was not an accepted practice” at her workplace. You did nothing wrong, OP.

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Don’t be embarassed at all. In my office (government situation- usually pretty quiet) all the ladies on mat leave stop in with their babies at some point and they usually cry/scream. We all expect it and it’s a non-issue: don’t even worry!

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I don’t mean to dismiss your worry but honestly I wouldn’t dwell on this, people expect babies to cry and it isn’t anything to be embarrassed of.

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Further, in the professional settings I know, it is not an accepted practice for people to bring babies and interrupt the worK”

Guess it’s just the ones you know then. It has been totally acceptable for a female employee on maternity leave to bring their baby in.

It is usually more of a excuse for the mom to get out and maintain contact with her company while she is off than it is about the baby.

cassandra7 :  

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Yeah I work in a corpoarate office for a large company….. EVERYBODY brings their baby in on Mat leave. Hell, a guys wife in our group had a baby and his boss demanded he bring the baby and toddler in haha. It’s really not a big deal… this isn’t a stuffy/lame office, people usually take a break from work when a baby comes in anyway! lol 

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I have a good story that might make you feel better, I’m a professor and have a new batch of students this year.  The department put on a dinner and I decided to bring my then 12 month old so my new coworkers and students could meet him.  All was going very well, he was running around laughing, enjoying everyone and then we started dinner.

He grabbed a huge piece of watermellon and it was too big and it caused him to gag and throw up everywhere. He was covered, the table and chair were covered and we didn’t have a change of clothes!  It went from cute baby to gross baby!  And we laugh about it.  Life happens, especially with a child!

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