(Closed) Working bees, what do you do with your furbabies?

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What kind of dog are you looking at getting?  Most dogs sleep the majority of the day, so I don’t know that it’s something you need to be overly concerned about.  It may be nice to see if you can hire someone to come and let the dog out and play for half hour or so in the middle of the day but I think that once they’re beyond the puppy stage, this isn’t super necessary.  If you take your dog for walks and interract in the mornings and after you’re home from work you should be fine.  I used to crate my dog all day because she was mischevious.  She’s gotten older and calmer now though and most days she’s out in the house while we’re gone.  No matter whether she’s in her crate our out in the house she sleeps most of the day away.


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I leave all 3 of my monsters at home, loose in the house, for hours on end.  No issues (for the most part).

I think it depends on the breed and age of the dog.  Puppies can’t hold it all day, and terrier types (among other breeds) have a lot more energy and need to be occupied to avoid being destructive.

I’d suggest crate training your dog at first until they have a chance to settle into their new home.  The crate does not have to be a punishment for your dog- it can be their own safe place to eat or sleep.

As for daycare, I have taken my dogs from time to time, and it was nice for a change of pace.  I think it was maybe $25 or $30 for the day for one dog.  Call and ask them what their rates are.  Usually they will want to meet the dog beforehand and assess their temperament and personality.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to bring my dogs to work, but there is no way I’d get any work done (not that I get much done playing on WB all day!!).  If that is an option I’d go for it.

Every dog is different, some might have separation anxiety and need to be either with their human all day or in a crate when alone, others enjoy the peace and quite of being left alone during the day.

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Wish I could bring my dog to work, but alas, it’s not allowed.

My dog stays home all day in our bedroom.  She used to bark her head off, and I unknowingly pissed off the neighbors.  But we managed to nip that in the bud very quickly with a citronella spray collar.

She has a “potty patch” which is a patch of anti-microbial astroturf on top of a tray, and that’s where she pees and poops if she can’t hold it.

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I agree with a lot of what Danelady said. Age and breed will pretty much be the deciding factors with what your options are. Do both of you have normal 9-5, M-F jobs?

My first dog was a 10 yo pit bull. I lived in a condo with a cement porch and he was able to roam ( in reality sleep) wherever he wanted.

My current 1 yo pitbulls MUST be kenneled or they will do hundreds of dollars of damage. Learned this the hard way their first few weeks home. I really hate kenneling them but it is a very very large kennel and they are in it together, and they are alone only 3 days/ week. They both love it and go in voluntarily and sometimes hang out there when they’re tired so my guilt isnt justified…When the weather gets nicer they will go outside in the backyard while we are gone. We also have a border collie and she is a gem who allowed to do and go wherever she pleases and doesnt destroy rooms like her brothers.

IF your current job lets you bring the dog to work, I say go for it! Do you have any neighbors you are close to? How bout friends in the area who work from home, homeschool, etc.?

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Our dog is trustworthy being loose in the house by herself so she just chill out at home and sleeps all day.

I’m pretty she she moves around between her bed, the couch, and in the sunshine by the window.

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My boys are both at home during the day. The one has roam of the living/dining room (little furniture in there) and the other is in a crate in the same room. Everytime we think we can let him out of the crate he eats something while we are home…

Are you getting a puppy or an older dog? We got both of ours at about 8 weeks old. They were in crates whenever we left the house (the one was crated until about 10 months old) and I came home at lunch to let them out. I went home daily for about 45mins, which gave me time to take them out to the bathroom, get a bite to eat at home while playing with them, then another bathroom break and back to the crate. I did this until the youngest was about a year old (he’s 1.5yrs now).

If you get a high energy dog, I’d consider doggy day care 1-2 days a week if you can afford it. I know around here is was about $30 a dog, so we never did it. I really wanted to, but I couldn’t see budgeting that.

I do bring my dogs into work if I have to go in after hours. Makes me feel a little safer and they love running around the office. Thankfully I have a dog friendly office and my boss is a dog lover.

Dogs sleep almost the entire day. We’ve got a camera on our dogs so we can monitor them when we go out. This was a lifesaver for me when we first started leaving our one dog out. I was always worried he’d eat something. I check on them throughout the day and they are both typically sleeping. Sometimes I see the crated one just standing there for a few mins, but he circles around and goes right back to sleep pretty quickly. The days I work from home they sleep all day as well.

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The days my hubby and I both work, they are home alone for around 9-10 hours. They most likely sleep when we are gone. It would be good if once in a while if you drop your dog off at the daycare so he/she can be socialized and work off some energy. Also, hiring a dog walker to come mid-day can also be an idea. Good luck!

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I think if you live in an apartment with out a backyard that they can run around in during the day then either get a cat, or a small dog that doesn’t need to run around (apart from its daily walk in the evening)

I really think bigger higher maintenance dogs should be for people that live in suburbia and who have a big yard they can play in the day, I really dont see kennelling or locking a big dog up in a house as being fair, infact I think its cruel. If you can afford day care great, but it is a dog not a child, perhaps if your only solution is day care or taking it to work, you are not at a point in your life where you should have a dog.

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First, remember that dogs don’t mind being crated. Humans perceive a crate as a “cage”, where a dog sees the crate as its “den” or “bedroom”. My dogs will go in their crates to sleep even when I’m home, they know that is their own personal space.

Doggy day care is fun for the dog, but adds up quick. When I only had 1 dog, I would take her to doggy day care once a week, it was $20 for the day. I would do it on a weekly basis, not every day. It also makes it more of a treat for the dog if it’s not every day.

I currently have 3 dogs, they are kenneled when I’m gone. 2 of them could be fine loose in the house, but the 3rd marks and has to wear a belly-band inside. Also, mine don’t always get along, I don’t want to come home to bleeding/injured dogs.

Once you’re determined your dog is trustworthy to be unsupervised (you know it won’t chew on the furniture, or worse chew on electrical cords and electicute itself), then slowly introduce it to the idea of being loose alone in the house. Start with short times, such as when you run a 15-30 minute errand. Then let it be loose when you go out to dinner. Then eventually let the dog be out when you go to work.

Also keep in mind if you get another dog in the future, depending on the circumstances, you may have to crate the dogs again. So don’t get rid of the crate even if you’re letting the dog be loose while you’re gone.

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My dog usually stays home by himself once a week. The other days I drop him off at my parents house. My parents aren’t usually home during the day but they have a dog so it gives them some canine companionship. Other days I bring him to the office with me and he hangs out and sleeps. Days he goes to the office he usually naps a lot when we get home. I think a doggie daycare is a great idea. If my pooch was better around puppies and younger more playful dogs I would definitely consider it. I think the daycares in my area are anywhere form $15-25/day. A Girlfriend of mine pays someone to come in the day and walk her dog for $10/day and she spends about 45 minutes-hour with him, not a bad deal for some one-on-one time. Just make sure if you bring your pup to a daycare you get him the kennel cough vaccine.


I also suggest crating, I haven’t used a crate in many years but my dog liked it when I first got him, he did think it was his own little “house”. We started off with a crate, once he was really good, we got a big baby gate (Frontgate has some good looking ones) and had him in the kicthen only and left his crate open for him to use. Once he was fine with that he got free reign of the house and has had free reign for about 8 years now. Knock on wood, we only had ONE issue with him chewing soemthing in all these years, it was the blinds during a really bad thunderstorm. If you don’t use the crate as a punishment and kind of act happy when you put him in there, maybe even give him a  treat, he won’t mind it at all. Like other posters my dog often used his for sleeping when we were home for the first few years. If you get the appropriate sized crate they won’t do their business in there while you’re gone.

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@abbyful:  Best advice I could give! She said it all.

I foster dogs (on foster #4 at the moment), and I’ve kept all dogs crated throughout the day. All 4 have been fine and have loved it. We do have a dog walker, which is the perk of fostering… we get it for free. For our smaller dogs (one of ours was a pug), we could see going without a walker and leaving them crated all days. But some of the medium sized dogs need that energy release and stretch.

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