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  • poll: At the most difficult part of your pregnancy, were you
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    very busy at work, feeling terrible, being busy helped : (3 votes)
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    very busy at work, feeling terrible, being busy made it worse : (8 votes)
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    I’m only 20 weeks, so I can’t speak to the third trimester, but my first trimester was easier than most. I had nausea, some vomiting, but I was able to figure out ways to deal with it. My work is on the steady to busy side, but still only about 8-9 hour days. Being busy helped, except on the really bad days when I had to stop to vomit (which I’m awful at). Being in the second trimester, the pregnancy doesn’t really effect work. I hear in the third trimester, energy levels go down significantly.

    Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Are you the type to get sick off birth control pills? Did your mom get very sick?  Those are two signs you may be hit with worse morning sickness. How do you handle not feeling great, do you prefer to distract yourself or indulge yourself?

    Personally, I would wait until you are at the research stage, so hopefully, by the time the baby is here, you have more time to spend with him/her (because you would have graduated and found work).

    Best of luck!

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    I worked for almost a week past my due date.  The only thing that was REALLY hard was being on my feet.  My poor ankles (eh-hem, lack thereof) looked like a can of refirgerator biscuits that popped in my shoes.  I also had a really hard time sleeping so I was tired but still working full time.  I draw blood from pediatric patients and process samples at my location.  It’s not exactly physical work, but it isn’t sedentary either.

    By the time my due date came and went, I was pretty much a fire-breathing she beast.  People knew to kind of steer clear haha!

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    I’m 37 weeks and feeling great! I plan to work till my water breaks! It helps that I mostly work a desk job and my coworkers have been very accommodating. 

    Working between weeks 9-14 were difficult because I had really bad all-day morning sickness. I got a perscription for Zofran, which helped because I didn’t ever throw up at work, but I was nauseous and pretty tired, but I powered through. Since then, everything has been just peachy. 

    I used to travel quite a bit and I haven’t since around week 26, which has been hard (I loved getting out of the office), but everyone is very understanding and has been picking up my slack. I think it’s only fair, because the reason I traveled so much in the past is because most of my coworkers had families and I could jump on a plane at a moments notice, so this is just payback.

    Overall, I think it’s your attitude which contributes the most to your working environment. If you approach each day with a positive attitude, you can make it through a lot more than if you dread going to work each day, pregnant or not.


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    i sit at a desk all day so being pregnant and working has not been the bad. 

    In all honesty, the worse part are the people that I work with, and how not understanding they are that I am pregnant so yes, I am going to have a ton of doc appts, and no I cannot work a 14 hour day like I did last year to get a certain project done. I get dirty looks from one chick in particular, and I know it will only get worse once the kid comes (my DH’s job does not allow him to do the picking up/dropping off from daycare, or taking LO to doc appts so it will be all me, and this woman will not like that). 

    Ok sorry, end rant. Overall I have had a relative easy pregnancy, I just get achy by the end of the day at this point

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    I am 30 weeks, work full time and have felt awesome through the entire pregnancy. I was really lucky mind you, no MS or anything of that sort. I plan on working up until 5 days before my due date and have scheduled my maternity leave at that point (39weeks).

    Just take each day as it comes when it happens and you will figure it all out, there are lots of ways to cope with some of the “side effects” of pregnancy which should still allow you to work etc no problem. 🙂

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    So I am only 7 weeks bit it’s 10 am and I have yet to be productive.  I am still trying to get enough juice and crackers in me to feel functional.  I am definitely worried about keeping my productivity levels up! 

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    I am a paramedic and 30 weeks pregnant. I’m still working on an ambulance for 24 hour shifts 2 days a week with no issues. I got the ok to work up until a week before my due date then I will go on maternity leave

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    I was fine until 22 weeks.

    The fun part of pregnancy, is how unpredictable it is.

    I was diagnosed with hydroneprosis (my uterus was blocking my kidney) and it was VERY painful. I have a desk job, but couldn’t even do that. My doctor put me off work for the rest of my pregnancy 🙁

    Typically, most people can work and keep decently busy thier whole pregnancy..but then there’s also people like me who get thrown curveballs!

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    I had severe nausea and vomiting throughout my entire pregnancy and worked full time as a lawyer until 38 weeks. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was doable! 

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    I’m just getting out of the first tri, but had nausea/vomiting/dizziness/lightheadedness/headaches which came and went. My work was really good about letting me have FMLA during those days which I could use short term disability. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy are less eventful =) I personally couldn’t concentrate when I was feeling yuck.

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    I am 30 weeks pregnant and work in customer service and stand for about 8 hours a day. When I come home, my back hurts so bad that I can hardly walk. I am also anemic now, so I get dizzy spells. If we didn’t need the money, I would have stopped working a long time ago.

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    The worst I felt was probably around 8-12 weeks, I was consistently tired and nauseated, had to be on my feet a lot which made me very lightheaded, and I was not a happy camper.  Even at that, I was still able to function, push through when things were critical, and continue to do my job.  I slept 8-9 hours a night (it became hard to stay up past 7 sometimes, and I get up at 5).  But I got through.

    Now in the second trimester, I still sleep plenty because it makes me feel better.  My energy levels are improved, and I’m not nauseated.  I do get lightheaded, so I’ve been aggressive about eating/drinking before I’m going to be standing for a while, and I wear ventilating/cooling clothes whenever possible.  It’s also easier now because everyone knows, so people are always offering to get me a stool or some water, whereas when I was trying to hide it in the first trimester, I suffered in silence.

    Everyone’s different, but you just have to push through.  There was never a question of me continuing to work, and I don’t think anyone feels my performance has really suffered.

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    We’re planning to start TTC while im in my masters program. For me it seems I will have more flexibility during school/work than with a full time 9-5 position. My mom worked up to the day she had me and I plan to do the same. I handle stress very well so I’m not too worried about it.

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    I am only 16 weeks. I powered through the morning sickness while at work and now I feel fantastic! My Mother-In-Law worked until noon the day my Darling Husband was born at 3:30. I REALLY hope I can do the same!!!

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