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akshali2000 :  Sounds a lot like my last job.

The good: varied work (every has to be able to do a bit of everything). Friendly atmosphere. Direct line to the boss meant flexibility for hours e.g. picking up kids from school. No sexism or harassment though maybe I got lucky (i.e small companies can be really good, but I know some can be really bad).

The bad: Someone had to pick up the annoying things (e.g. IT support – fortunately that wasn’t me) or coffee supplies (that was me because I was fussiest). Wages weren’t great. And the biggest one: I could only get promoted so far.

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My first year with my company, there were 12-15 people. We’re now 26. I’ve been there over 2 years now. It’s definitely a different experience! My last company had 7000 people.

Good and bad is that you will likely wear a lot of hats. More good than bad, but ultimately things need to get done and it’s not always glamorous, especially when you’re the newest one.

Everyone is pretty close and gets along well, although I’m not friends-friends with anyone outside of work (which I prefer).

I think you can advance quite far, especially when your company is succeeding and growing and you along with it.

The hardest thing for me was lack of structure / career path. I had to work really hard to get feedback and a growth path, did a lot of thinking and planning introspectively and then continually had to push to get heard in that way. At a small company, everyone is really busy, but it’s really important to make time for employee growth as well.

Good luck with the new job!

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akshali2000 :  I work in a smaller office than I have, though not quite that small.  Everything is definitley amplified.  For example the people you like will feel like best friends.  The people you don’t like will totally annoy you all the time because you can’t avoid/get away from them.  Luckily I now work with all the ones I like 🙂

Also, if you are a sharer be very careful what you share.  It goes around the office in no time.  

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I’ve worked in large and small law firms. It seems larger = more perks but stuffier with tons of time wasting meetings, while smaller is more casual, congenial, and just more fun.

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I love working for a small company! We only employ about 25 people, most of whom are technicians who spend the day out in the field, not in the office. I only work with six other people in the office with me all day. 

The pros: Flexibility if I need to take time off, not much office drama or interpersonal issues, I get to juggle multiple tasks that change daily instead of getting bored with the same routine.

The cons: I feel guilty as heck when I go away on vacation. I know I’d feel like that anywhere but here I know I’m leaving them in the lurch since it’s not as if my work can just be dispersed among 10 other employees in my absence. I come back to a mountain of stuff to do after vacation. On a similar note, I worry about what would happen if I were to get very sick and had to take a lot of time off. We’ve had employees here and there over the years out for medical issues and it puts such a burden on the rest of the technicians. I don’t know the legal rules but since I work for a small company there are fewer governmental regulations protecting my job if I found myself in a sitatuion like that. Not to mention that I’d feel guilty if they held my position for me since, again, there isn’t anyone here to pick up the slack.

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In my office there is just me and one other person.

I kid you not…leave the room to fart! Also, neither of us really feel the need to be ‘buddy buddy’ with eachother, but we are always polite and make small talk…I think that is the best way 🙂

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Working in a small office can be hard. Like PP said, there are a lot of benefits that are out of the question. I don’t have flex time or any flexibility with working from home. I think it’s bc there are so many of us and they can restrict things easier. Also, when it comes to holidays and vacation, everything is more regulated and for me at least, I get way less vacation than my friends at large companies. We also always have IT issues and are constantly asking our boss for supplies, most of which I need asap so I just buy myself.

On the plus side, it’s nice because everyone knows everyone. I know so much about my coworkers that it is more like family than coworkers.

The biggest take away I would say is don’t hang out too much with coworkers. I know this sounds dumb, but we have a group of about 4 coworkers that constantly have drama and it’s because they don’t hang out with much people outside work. They do happy hours every Friday and hang out on the weekends. They even go on vacations together. I think it’s great to have friends at work and hang out with them sometimes, but things start to get messy when you spend too much time together.

Congrats on the new job and moving!!

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I work for a global corporation in a satellite office of 4 people including me.  During my interview I was told that the most important quality they were looking for was “the right fit.”  I really understand that now!  

Pros: getting to know my coworkers and boss really well, we’re like family.  Plenty of room for collaboration.  Open line to my boss anytime I want.  Less “corporate” bullshit to deal with.  Dress code is much more lax with us than at head office.

Cons:  it fell on me to manage the kitchen and cleaning supplies.  I do lots of ad hoc duties (some good, some annoying), no IT service (I am the most technically savvy and get to fix the printer/computers every time).  Only way to advance without a cross-country move is for someone to quit.

Overall I love my job and am happy with it for the next few years or so.

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